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Divine Masculine coming online

Dear Men. Once you finally meet and Awakened Woman You cannot speak to her with the same Condescending words you used on Females in the past. She won't yell. argue , entertain your ego,or tolerate your negative energy like your ex's once did. She will just dismiss your ass and Find a Soulful man who's more on her cosmic level.. ✨ ❤️ ✨ An Awakened Woman is a warrior of the heart. She will never settle for a man who cannot reveal his soul. She knows that unless his heart is on display demonstrating his true self, that what he offers is just an illusion to get what he wants. Only when a man has done the inner work does her soul recognize him. Only when a man has learned to listen to his heart can he hear her calling to him. She knows that a man, who understands who he is and has learned to go within to deal with his ego and his character, is also a man who can provide her with the depth of love that she is looking for. It is only a man who knows how to walk with her in the secret garden of her soul that has the key to unlock the reservoir of love that she longs to pour out upon him. And because she is a warrior of the heart, she will never settle for anything less. An Awakened Woman Walks Confidently In the Knowledge of Who She Is She knows that a wellspring of love resides within her. And that her soul garden is a sacred place, not meant to be trampled upon by another who is not familiar with the ways of the heart. And so, she patiently awaits the arrival of a man who is not afraid of her femininity, a man who is comfortable in his own masculinity but who also has the gentleness and understanding to unlock the gateway to her soul A man called to love her and be the custodian of her tender heart.✨💖✨ Love waits. Lust wants. Love can’t wait to give what is true and honorable. Lust can’t wait to take. Love mends. Lust hurts. Love is secure. Lust is Selfish. Lust ends. Love lasts.. Creator and Author. Mike Harrigan. I Am. You Are. We Are. Oneness. Global Consciousness.. 🔥🕎🔯🕉️ 🔥 💎 ❤️💚💙💜❤️ 💎 ♀️☯️♂️ 💞♏♌💞 ❤️ 🌟 🌎🌍🌏🌟 ❤️


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