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December 2022 Energy Update Epic Change, Continued Revelations, & Quantum Creation

Everyone & Everything Is Changing:

Time Travel, Heart Led Faith, Conscious Breathing, & Sovereignty Rising Will Empower Your New Experiences A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler


Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through Pure Divine White Light and the Golden White Frequencies of the Unity Star. It Is Time in Humanity’s Ascension Process for New, Prana Filled, Source Filled, and Light Filled Frequencies to fill this Grand Rebirth. It Is Time in Humanity’s Ascension Process for the Filters of Distortions and Serpentine Deceptions to be removed, and for the Truth to Stand and Shine Eternally in the Hearts of All on this planet. It IS Time for the Christ Consciousness through All Time to reach the Hearts, the Energy Fields, the Soul Sight, and the Higher Light of every human being and every sentient being on this planet. Simply put, we can say today in this December 2022 Energy Update and Transmission that IT IS TIME. And many of you are ready. Many of you have been candle holders, light holders, way showers, Truth Tellers, and Instruments of Divine Messages, Gnosis, and Heart Connectedness for a long, long time. And we have said previously that it has been a long, long time until NOW. And right here, and right now, you find yourself in a very unique portal of NOW . . . on the planet, in your bodies, and in your personal daily lives.

For everything and everyone in this NOW moment in Divine Creation is changing. Everything and everyone is metamorphosizing into their Unique Soul Light, Soul Sight, and Soul Signature again. This is a Time of Extraordinary Change, and you are the brave epic souls who came to anchor this New Level of Light and Christ Consciousness Embodiment in.

So as we begin our conversation and connection today, let us together take a Deep Divine Breath In. And as we breathe consciously in this way, let us ask Mother/Father God to fill our lungs, our cells, our minutest of particles with Faith the size of a mustard seed that holds within it the Light of this Living Universe, the Light of Divine Creation, and the Light of Connecting with the Heart of God that makes the impossible possible. Let us breathe in unison right now this Sacred Heart Intention of Connecting much more Deeply, much more Divinely, and much more Soulfully now as the World goes through profound shifts and as all sentient life is given a new Lens of Life and a new Orientation to Life on Planet Earth. For that is what is happening. The old lens of life and the paradigm of life on planet earth is dying. It is crumbling. And it is decaying and dematerializing before your very eyes. Many who have not awakened their Conscious Breathing and this ability to access Prana Filled Breath may have a tendency to look back at what is failing, what is falling, and what is fading from this world, like Lot’s wife in the Bible story who was instructed to not look back. Many want to take a good long look at what is breaking down, and stay there in the rubble of the ruins and the discomfort, . . . lamenting, . . . mourning, . . . and grieving the loss of the world that they just had and that they believed wholeheartedly in to be their Source, their Savior, and their Way of Life, simply because they are unpracticed in Quantum Time Travel and embracing the Conscious Breathing and Spiritual Expansion required to see much more broadly, much more Truthfully, and much more freely and fluidly at this time.

And yet, All will learn to Consciously and Deeply Breathe Divine Prana in this way as part of the Path and the Way forward. For Divine Breathing in Partnership with Source, with Gaia, and with this Living Sentient Universe is essential to transcend the crumbling of the old ways and the old world, and to rise into the new. Here you are at the cusp of December 2022. Your world is not the same as it was in January of this year. Nor in any other year that history can report on, and that historians can recall. You are in a brand new Quantum Creation in All Time and Space. You are creating it right now with other awakened souls . . . those here on planet Earth and those assisting her Divinely Timed Emancipation from the Depths of the Serpentine Shadows that she has been in for a long, long time.

Mother Earth knows that she has arrived after a long, long journey to NOW. And what is NOW? For her and for you? It is Living and Breathing Vibrationally such that you remember yourself as Conscious and Quantum Creators in every moment. Every breath is a creation. Yet every Quantum and Conscious Breath is a Divine Creation. And there is a world of difference between the two. The ego as we have shared before long ago became a captured servant of the Serpent. The ego does not quantumly breathe. The ego does not quantumly connect with God. The Serpent of this decaying 3D illusion and world would not allow it. That is why it chose this slice of the human design to bend it to its will. And that is why it chose this slice of the human mind to bend it to its propaganda and control mechanisms. And this has been so for such a long, long time that the ego might think it is the control center within you that keeps you safe, that avoids fear and pain, and that fulfills its pleasure seeking intentions and goals for your best benefit, but that is all part of the multilayered, multidimensional illusion-making the Serpent has ultimately conducted. It is the Heart that connects with God. It is the Heart that connects with Gaia, your Divine Mother and Sacred Starship in physical form. It is only the Heart that knows how to Breathe Divine Prana and fulfill your Soul’s Multidimensional Visions of your Purpose, your Mission, and your Joys, Gifts, and Talents for this life and thus for this incarnation.

During this Time of Immense Quantum Change and Continued Revelations, the ego is being stripped of its false power. The serpent is also being stripped of its false power. Revelations thus far have been rolling out in steady streams for those who have been empowering their Sacred Heart Centers and their intentions of embodying Union with Source and All That Is once more. These people have been seeing Truth, they have been seeing and feeling God in their lives for a long, long time, and they have been grounding in Faith and Light in ways that transcend words to transcend this Shift of Worlds right now, in your lives as you know them.

And it is those people, those awakening souls, that we will continue to speak to now going forward . . . for the Energy of Awakening Souls is going to be the only pathway forward for one and all of you. And this is why our messages are Universal. Because we know and we see this Timeline that you are living and breathing right now today, listening to this message, involves more Ascension Flight Training . . . where you learn that your Wings are your Breath. That is your Fuel for every Creation in your new life. And that is the Power of your Every Feeling and Every Sensory Experience, if you will consciously choose to align with the Godheart within you, that is ready to leap worlds. The ego cannot take you where you now must rise and go. Only the Heart can be your escort.

You know the old adage, you must feel to heal. Well it is time to take this a step further to say that you must Breathe to Ascend. You must Consciously Breathe to Create. And you must Divinely Breathe in Partnership with Source to envision right now the new Light and the new Life you are experiencing on Planet Earth, as the old movie, theatre, and games of the 3D serpent’s mind control continue to erode, fail, crumble, and fall away.

Do you remember our conversations about precipices? Do you remember our example of a human being that was being chased by an army? Only to reach a cliff? Overlooking a ravine? Do you remember or can you tap into that now . . . the feeling of such a soul who has defected from the Serpent’s Eden with the Serpent’s Army chasing them to the edge of that illusory reality? That soul may still be feeling that they do not yet have the skills to quantum leap or levitate themselves to the other side, to successfully escape the Serpent’s minions and the Serpent’s armies chasing you down. Yet, the question that weary soul traveler may not ask themselves, in that moment is . . . do you have the skills to return to the decaying, crumbling, and soon to be 100% eliminated world of 3D illusion? The obvious answer is No. That weary soul traveler in this scenario feels deeply the spiritual quagmire that all souls face on the Journey Home. They don’t have the skills for either world. They cannot turn back to a world they have outgrown and that their soul vision knows is the vibration of death, darkness, and certain destruction. And yet they feel unprepared to step into a world that they do not know through their mind mapping and lifetimes of familiarity with the Serpent’s games and Serpent’s Terrain.

This is the Invitation to Quantumly Create. This is the Time you are living in Now. Where you each MUST begin to grow and cultivate the skills to create with new visions, new fertilizer, new intention, new unified Breath with Source, and new Faith-filled alignment with your Inner Sanctuary of Divine Sovereignty . . . that in many lifetimes prior to the Serpent’s 3D Matrix many of you got embroiled and ensnared in . . . was as easy as Conscious Breathing. We are talking about Time Travel dear ones. We are talking about Quantum Creation dear ones. We are talking about accessing more of your Divine Codes of Living the Godspark you have and hold within. Until now, your ego has tamped down those abilities, fearing and knowing that if it were to empower them, that could be the ego’s end. And the ego does not like those odds or those probabilities. And this is the alliance the ego holds with the Serpent. It is an agreement, sealed long ago during many of your greatest traumas here in this world, where maintaining union with Source in this realm at this level of which are speaking was a fate equal to death. And this is how many succumbed to giving their power over from their All Knowing, God-Aligned Heart Center to the fractured and spliced ego mind . . . that would in turn respond to the calls of the Serpent to follow its narratives and games and tricks, in order to survive. That was basic boot camp learning in the Serpent’s Eden for many of you, so very long ago.

And as long as you complied, you could have limited power to create your lives, while the Serpent ultimately had complete editorial control over your personal and collective experiences. You had the perception of freedom, and the assurance of a greater chance of survival in this lower 3D realm, as long as you accepted the contract with the Serpent in its entirety. After countless lifetimes lived in this realm, how many remember their contracts with the serpent? A very small minority. And of those, how many are engaging The Journey Home to clear that Ultimate Contract with the Serpent? Mostly ~ only those weary soul travelers who are the Hero’s of their Soul’s Journey, awakening to the darkness of the games the Serpent requires and the eternal tether that the Serpent binds any soul to in this realm, through those very ancient agreements. That Awakening Hero and that Awakening Soul Traveler is YOU. Only now . . . the Serpent’s Totalitarian Control and Tyranny is crumbling. It is still threatening one and all of you to remain in its lair, to remain in under its spells, and to yield to its commands of your ego to stay. To remain.

But what Source/God/Creator is making clearer and clearer to the increasing numbers of awakening souls, is that there is no Serpent’s Eden to “return to.” There is nothing to turn back to. There is nothing to tangibly accept and contract with, because the whole LOT of it is disintegrating. While many of you may watch or listen to a message like this, and say, where is the evidence? Where is the proof that anything is happening? And we would say to you, where isn’t there evidence . . . if you know how to look through your Heart Vision and not your Captured Ego Vision and Lenses of the world around you?

Where is the Freedom in the Stifling Protocols demanded in the most recent few years? Where is the Sovereignty in making individual soul choices for your bodies, your embodiments, and your lives? Where is the Wealth that transcends all Time and Space, that is your Divine Birthright? Where is the Sacredness of All Life, when animals must die en masse every day for humans to live? Where is the clarity and joy of the Human Spirit to Quantumly Create without fear of other’s judgement, condemnation, or ridicule, even with something as simple as self expression on social media? Where is THAT FREEDOM? To be YOU, unbridled and untethered, by the Serpent’s Eden?

That Freedom only surfaces, grows, and develops when you seek Truth, when you Quantumly Quest for the Light of God’s Presence in your Heart ~ activated as Clear Soul Sight once more, and when you embrace Living your Gifts as a Sovereign Soul and Divine Expression of the One True Creator!

You have to leave the old world for the mists of your New Sacred Sovereignty to begin to flutter in. You must begin to accept that the old, crumbling, decaying world that Sarah needed to see didn’t bring her any life force, but in contrast, it created the opposite. It TOOK her life. We are not saying . . . as you move forward in your journey . . . to not look at the REVELATIONS of the past . . . for they are part of the fuel for the journey ahead of you . . . that recognizes how out of the contrasts of what WAS created . . . something newer, far better, and expansively liberating is just ahead. The only reason the Journey Home is so wearying right now . . . is your collective and personal resonance with what is dying. If my job dematerializes, what will I do? How will I make money for instance? If I get sick and there are no hospitals, or doctors, how will I get well? If currencies from the old world fail and fall away, how will I purchase and access what I need? If my family members reject me or disown me, who will love me, comfort me, and keep me safe and give me a sense of community and a feeling of family? If everything crumbles that comes from the Serpent, how will humanity live, how will we exist, and how will be move forward? We invite you to witness the questions that arise in the Soul Traveler’s mind, without turning to them and giving them power as a contract with the 3D serpent to run your life, or we might say, to RUIN your life.

God’s Light and Life Force is in the Eternal Now. When we say, its been a long, long journey to Now . . . we mean that it is has been a long, long journey to God. To Union. To 5D. To Unity Consciousness led by the Unity Star (the Star of Bethlehem) again.

Your Power? Your Gifts? Your Instrument? Is encoded and empowered by your Eternal Connection with Source. You can create anything. Be anything. Do anything. As long as lives, thrives, and manifests within the Sacred Law of One. We are inviting you in the month of December 2022 as more Divine Revelations come from Source and these Ascensionary Times . . . to witness their Truth . . . and then to continue looking within. Feel where you see your Heart residing. Sentiently sense where your heart lights up when you feel something, or think something, or remember something about you and your timeless Now. Add that into your big picture visions, where you are living with your Divine Wings extended and you no longer see yourself through the lens of a trapped and tethered God soul and spirit presence stuck in the Serpent’s eden that it made appear to be real. And to all there is.

The Serpent can only create through magic tricks and spells. It has NO real power. It never had any to begin with. It can only manifest through you if you let it. And it can only manifest in you if your ego joins with it. Letting the Heart lead requires faith. It requires a willingness to do the inner emotional and vibrational work to Trust Source above all else. That means above your job, your income, your relationships, your addictions, your attachments, your _____________ fill in the blank!

When Source is within your Center, and your Conscious Breathing is what fills your cells every day, even when you are not thinking about it, you can find your Inner Quantum Oasis and create your way out of anything that is less than the Divine Life and Sacred Alignment that you know your 5D Spirit Soul Counterpart is ALREADY Living in your 5D lifetime. It is THAT level of Sacred Union that is inviting more and more people as they awaken to the koolaid they have been drinking ad infinitum because “SIMON SAYS SO” or more accurately because “THE SERPENT SAYS SO.”

You are your own infinite Creator. And this time period is about learning quickly and quantumly the responsibility and the freedom that accompanies such Creative Power in a Living Conscious Universe again.

December 2022 is shining a light on the Depths of the Darkness that the Serpent’s Underworld manifested while everyone else was busy trying to be compliant and complicit to the Serpent’s Demands of Soulful Acquiescence and nearly Complete Mind Control. More and more will be summoned to wake up because the Truth pouring through the Illusions will be too sobering not to. Floods of many kinds will continue to pour forth, undeniably so, to reach the sleepiest within the Human Collective, and to help them to snap out of the Propaganda Mind Controlled Coma they have been existing in.

December 2022 also shines a light on those willing to dream and see bigger than their biggest visions for themselves and for this brave New 5D Earth than they have previously imagined. December calls for grounding, conscious breathing, sacred witnessing, firm focus on what you are creating, and the allowance of awareness of all that MUST crumble for the New to Ultimately and Holistically Birth.

What or Who has the power to orchestrate this level of Planetary Change?

Divine Source/God/Creator.

All will believe as more and more Revelations reveal themselves.

The Great Awakening Is Happening.

Ascension Is Happening.

Many of your are part of the First Wavers.

You are the Great Grounding Instruments, who knew they would know Light beyond any darkness.

You are the Great Alchemists, witnessing the Fire blow through many of your lives ~ incinerating anything that was not real and True in the first place.

You are the Epic Avatars who came to this planet at this time knowing you would face Fire and Great Darkness, and at the same time, usher and seed plant in The Living Light.

And you are the Dreamers and Artisans who vision, build, and make manifest the Glory of God’s Divine New 5D+ Earth Experience, free from any and all enslavement programs Now and in all directions of time.

If you are discouraged, remember to go back to the basics. And consciously breathe.

If you are weary, remember the basics as well and return to your Conscious Breathing.

Prana is restorative in a way that cannot be language in words. But that can be felt to be known.

This month, you will be called to BREATHE IN PRANA like never before.

This month, you will be summoned to see the REVELATIONS pouring forth, and simultaneously to DREAM THE NEW.

The old is crumbling and falling apart more and more by the day.

Nothing will remain of the Serpent’s eden. Nothing.

And nothing can stop the Unity that is emerging and unfolding all around the globe.

God is the Ultimate Baker, Conductor, and Restorer in All Time. Trust your connections with your Divine Maker. Source knows you better than you presently know yourself. In time, you will remember your God Self and God Essence too.

In the meantime, make choices and take actions that support you to Consciously Breathe when the toxic serpent’s air and koolaid are being exposed and removed.

And mostly, continue to invite Source/God/Creator to create with you, in every conscious breath you take.

Really feel that Living Divine Prana filling your lungs, your wounds, your cells, and your dreams. Prana is here to fill the ALLNESS of you. And to restore you to your organic Divine Shine from the time BEFORE the serpent’s capture of this Grand Earth Star and Planet.

As you breathe Prana with Faith and Strength Within, God is meeting you there.

God is resetting your life. And God is also leading new dreams. Perhaps bigger or better ones than you previously had for yourself.

Feel the Light of Source opening and expanding you from within, supporting you to seek your Full Sovereign Nature, and to turn away from the temptations of the serpent to turn back.

This 3D Earth Experiment is over. The Crumbling you see is well after the fact.

Dream your new life, relationships, service contributions, talents, gifts, and overall life flow and abundance more than you look back at the 3D world.

And in very near time, you will inhabit your 5D life, living all that you visioned, and the 3D game and matrix will be a distant memory for it was never a True reality in the first place.

You are coming Home to God’s Real Garden of Eden. And the imposter, the scam artist, the great deceiver also known here as the Serpent or as Lucifer, is being exposed and eliminated and dematerialized from ever impacting this 5D+ Earth ever again.

Now that is something to celebrate as we toast the New Quantum Year of 2023 just around the corner!

For now, we will say Cheers to that! And we say blessings and much love to each one of you, as you ride more of these stormy waves, and simultaneously vibrationally join your Higher 5D Life ~ in the Real Garden of Eden ~ which is God’s Timeline ~ already in progress.

Welcome Home To YOU!

You Are Loved, dear ones. You ARE Love. All Our Love.


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