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December 2022 Ascension Energies Update

By: Samantha Orthlieb


December 2022’s theme: Flowing with All That Is December’s Keywords: Cosmic Wisdom, Inspirational Guidance Hello Awakened Soul,

We are one month away from completing the Year of Cataclysm, and the acceleration of awakening on the planet is increasing! The old earth paradigm is in the throes of ending and the glimmer of the New Earth paradigm is taking root. Those who are sensitive souls feel this shift viscerally on a physical level, and I cannot say enough how important it is in this next few months to stay centered in yourself, stop needing any sense of control, and allow the waves of collective change to wash over you. December’s energies ask us to focus on receiving, allowing, and accepting. This month affords you the opportunity to be at peace with who you are, to harmonize your masculine and feminine into wholeness, to meld with your vulnerability, and no longer see the need to conform to societal ideals that have no true resonance with your heart. So allow cosmic wisdom to trickle down and seep into your spiritual self, gracing you with the illumination that may be eluding you. You are being encouraged to hone your intuition to allow you to find the right situations and relationships that harmonize well with you for the next stage of your growth, and that support you going forward to manifest your highest potential and well-being on all levels.

This is called “Being in the Flow of All That Is”, and requires relaxing and fluidity, allowing versus overthinking/strategizing or having to do it all on your own. A deep, symbiotic relationship between your soul and Spirit is the next step in your evolution. This is the way of living going forward to attract the abundance that each of us needs! No more separation, or duality for you! No more lack or fear. So now just allow and notice where your attention is drawn to. Does this resonate with your heart and feel authentic? If not, do not try to adapt, fit in, control or manipulate to achieve what you want. That is the key! Remember: If you need support at this time to navigate your next steps and hone your inner compass, I am here to help!

In service and divine liberation,



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