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Dear Men...

Dear Men. . .

When you enter an Awakened Woman for your own pleasure and to fulfil your desires remember something - Inside that woman is a long line of women. There may be a long line of pain and sorrow buried deep within her womb.

When you enter the gateway to her inner temple you open up the earth within her.

Be prepared for what comes up. She will show you all the places where your desires are distorted.

She will show you the pain she has went through and all the pain of her anscestors.

She is Goddess and she creates life.

She takes darkness and turns it into light.

She shows you the way of the heart and the many facets of your own soul that need to be healed.

She will teach that little boy what his mama never taught him for she embodies the earth, the wind, the stars and the sea.

She is Gaia embodied inside of her.

She is the Phoenix rising you up from the dark ashes of your desires.

She will turn your base metal to gold and transform your life on every level.

Respect her, Cherish her and thank her for she has been sent to save you.

Even if that saving looks painful you must take the medicine and own it all. All that is you is also in her and she can show you the way to a better day.

What she needs from you?

Respect, bravery and strength.

When she is tired she needs you to give her rest, when she is sad she needs you to hold her space and keep her close and when she is frightened she needs you to keep her safe.

That is all she asks. In return she will give you the world like you've never seen it before.

So remember when you enter the temple of her love that it will transform everything in your world. Choose the temple wisely for you may never know what lies beneath when you just look through the eyes of desire.

Look through the eyes of the heart, the soul and the universe.

Magic is waiting for you but only the brave get to go there and stay. Can you stand up and be counted. Can you leave the desires of the little boy behind and take up the shield of the warrior man?

The choice is yours the Goddess is ready.

Creator and Author.✍️

Mike Harrigan.

I Am.

You Are.

We Are.


Global Consciousness..

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