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Dear Family of Light...

Dear family of love and light, while the Divine is working to get the details of Divine gathering together. There are a few important items on the Agenda the Divine wants to share with you.

The Divine says for some of the light workers, this gathering has significance in so many ways.

During the gathering, the Divine will launch the next stage of Gaia's ascension process. The Divine government and new systems will start. A lot of light worker's missions will be automatically begun.

There are also some light workers who have hidden skills, and in this gathering, their skills will be activated. The Divine says that their next mission is based on these Divine skills and gifts. Once their hidden gifts are being activated, they will be going through a series of training, and then they will start their next mission.

So during the gathering, the Divine and ascended masters will activate these important gifts for this group of important light workers. Being physically presence is vital for the activation.

Also, the Divine has a group of light warriors who are, by design, meant to be the healers for the upcoming times. Their healing skills are new earth based. And they need to be initiated in order for their healing capacities come online. In this gathering, the Divine will activate these Divinely designed New Earth healers so that they can be the pioneers for the planet and humanity.

The Divine says that there are a small group of light warriors who have the Divine design to do the past live healings, Spiritual law teachings, soul readings, etc. The Divine says that these light warriors need to show up so that their skills can be activated by the Divine. Their gifts are Divinely given and only meant for the populations that are new earth bound. The Divine says now is time for their skills to be revealed and activated.

In this special gathering, the Divine will also appoint Divine government members and new earth leaders. There are a lot of candidates who are Divinely designed, but a few who are ready to serve now. The Divine says it is important that these few show up at the gathering.

During this the gathering, Our Father God, the Cosmo Christ will start his inner cycle. He has a group of souls who are destined to serve with him and they need to show up. The Divine says their mission is critical and it is very important that they are being activated and ready for the time to come.

Lastly, there are a small number of light workers who will serve on Divine Mother's side. Divine Mother God asks these souls to show up. Mother says that their mission is about to begin, and coming to the gathering is essential so that their mission can be activated.

These is what the Divine has for now. And more details will be on the website. I am getting the website ready and hopefully it will be available in the next couple of days.

Thank you for your beautiful light work. Divine love for you all.

Linda Li. So it is.

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