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Creator Writings ~~~~ Return to Peace 2.04.201

Too often you let the war within take over the flow of the Universe. Head/heart, logical/illogical, right/wrong, good/evil, close/distant, love/hate…none of this really matters. When the war is over, the Universe is still waiting, as calm and quiet as it has ever been, for your return to peace.

~ Creator


All of Creation Is watching Earth and witnessing its Ascension Process.

They are ready, ready for this Planet to be Declared a Light Only Zone. All of Humanity are called upon now to Step Up in fulfillment of their Divine Soul Contract. The dark has been cleared, fully defeated and New Earth, Nova Terra, is ready to begin. This requires each Being to fully clear the remaining density within their bodies, to awaken to full remembrance of their Galactic Truth, their Soul Essence, their Divine Blueprint. This is not a Drill, in Real Time, Present Moment of Now Mother of All Creation has ascended and she is Our Divine Director, Our Eternal Mother. She hired you for this role and She is here to guide you. Mother has the entire Galactic Federation of Light and all the Angels with Her in all moments. She also has Her guide/ambassador Robin Williams and Master St. Germain by Her side.

There is no session like this available on the planet, or in all of Creation. ‘5D Full Disclosure’ is a Non-Profit Charity, Heartfully Associated with the “World Blessing Church Trust” for the Benefit of Mother Earth Share Our Messages with Love and Gratitude…....

Crew 5D Spiritual Healing Team: Feel Blocked, Drained, Fatigued, Restless, Nausea, Achy, Ready to Give Up? We Can Help! We are preparing everyone for a Full Planetary Ascension and provide you with the tools and techniques to assist you Home into The Light. The First Contact Ground Crew Team Will Help to Get You Ready for Ascension which is Underway. New Spiritual Sessions have now been created for an Entire Family, including the Crystal Children; Group Family Healing & Therapy. We have just began these and they are incredible. Highly recommend for any families struggling together in these times of intense changes. Email: for more information or to schedule an emergency spiritual session. We can Assist You into Awakening into 5D Reality, where your experience is one of Constant Joy, Wholeness of Being, Whole Health, Balanced, Happy and Abundant.

If you wish to participate, collaborate or coordinate with us on projects or services that are similar to the mission of Ascension for Mother Earth & Humanity, contact us. It is an Honour to connect with those of the Heart, in Unity Consciousness. Love Always, Mother & Father of all Creation & The First Contact Ground Crew Team.

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