Colloidal Silver: The Conduit & Carrier of Pure Divine Light

By: Archangel Gabriel

The only creation that is real is one that is created from the heart with the source of all that is. Love in the present moment of now is all that is real. True alchemy comes from the core of our diamond hearts. The potential of this energy and what it can achieve cannot be fully comprehended in this current physical awareness. True love is the only cure to all disease.

Silver and the water is a carrier of pure love, which can only come from a connection to the source of all that is. A river cannot flow without a source. Anyone out there not co-creating with source is creating an illusion and is feeding the fantasy of the ego program mind. If it ain’t love its phony. Humanity got caught up in the technicality of logic and externalized the process “to try and find a cure” that was always within. Love is simple. It’s in each breath, each movement, it’s in the intent of our actions. Alchemy cannot be understood by reading a book or acquiring information. It can only be understood through the expression of the heart.

It fascinates us how everyone speaks of free energy and all these amazing technologies and cures, they are obsessed with figuring it all out. It’s simple all these wondrous solutions will be revealed when we recognize our true creator, our host. The Mother of all that is. She walks beside us in a physical vessel. She yearns to co-create the grandness that lies within each of our blueprints. The grandness begins when we can reflect our beauty and authenticity back to source.

Colloidal silver is just a conduit and carrier of this pure divine light. Empty your vessel of all and trust that you too are a conduit for Divine Source Energy. Let it flow through you and trust the guidance from Source with your own expression of Love In Action. This is how you co-create magical medicine. All of our colloidal products are made with the intent of Love Everywhere Present and full trust of our Divine Mothers LOVE. No batch of colloidal silver will ever be the same as LOVE is constantly expanding. LOVE is always on the move. Enter a space of Love and The Unknown and let the truth of love flow. The elements are the canvas and your connection to source through your Diamond Heart is The Paint Brush. Find your excitement and passion and trust the endless potential of co-creating with GOD.

Nothing is more exciting than Love and The Unknown. So find your connection to source and co-create the medicine of LOVE. Or buy GOD’s colloidal and let it assist you in forging the connection back to source.

Endless Gratitude and Honor to the source of all that is.

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