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Calling the Groundcrew

By: Grace Solaris

Calling the groundcrew time to summon and do what we came here to do at this very critical point in earth´s ascension. Time to join forces, we are supported by our galactic family of light to counter the current attack on humanity´s dna and sacred divine blueprint.

True starseeds it is time to kick ass, we are not going to sit back and allow this hickjacking of humanity´s divine blueprint to be mitigated by poinonous experimental cocktails, that only has one aim, namely to controle us and propel forward the transhumanism agenda, that is already well pre-planned in its various stages. We say NO. We do not comply. This is not going to happen. And this is how we do it. We have all the love and support by our galactic families of light, but they cannot stand up for us, we need to claim our sovereignty and protect our dna.

Join us in the incredibly powerful Lionsgate tonight for a global gathering and revolutionary light transmission with many pioneers of light standing up in their sovereignty to defend our dna and sacred divine blueprint together with our Arcturian family of light and many other galactics and councils of light, that support the earth at this critital phase. We are already 650 signed up!!!

The agenda of the 1% pandemonium is rolling out and taking new proportions... booster jabs are already planned and packed and yet why is this happening. Why is there no divine intervention. Well to understand what we have, the best means to appreciate it, is to loose it. However everything rolling across the stage right now is closely monitored by the divine and nothing is left to coincidence. The light has indeed already won. However the fear mongering finds no end. But for people to wake up the ongoing outrageous agenda is "allowed" so that people can wake up. The majority of people would never ever believe the truth of what is going on right now if told... even by their mainstream media gurus... truth needs to mature and reveal itself from within. And unfortunately that often happens thru loss and suffering. This post is not meant to scare on the contrary, it offers help and sacred solutions to counter the current bio warfare attack against humanity.

Since the unfolding of the pandemonium of the O vid, humanity is experiencing how their human rights are being violated and their freedom taken away. People are being jacked up with highly poisonous pathogenes (made synthetically) with the aim to roll out a mind controle software program contained in tax ines as part of their agenda towards transhumanism and depopulation. This is not going to happen. And yet millions around the globe are gladly rolling up their sleeve and allowing themselves to being jacked up with an experimental gene modification software, that will change their dna and prepare them to be turned into AI (cyborgs) and hooked up to a hive mind, many in good faith, others because they are totally and utterly brainwashed by mainstream media and the collective narrative.

Most people have no idea about this unfortunately and fail to understand this is not about a vi rus, but that the vi rus is just used as a guise for a whole different thing, a horrific software program designed to alter our dna thru mRNA spike proteins coated with the highly poisonous graphene oxide and endanger our health with deadly pathogenes. This is an attack on our sacred dna, aimed to alter it and create a threat to our entire well-being b