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By: Ramona Lappin


WOW can you feel these SUPER SKY HIGH FREQUENCIES, Multidimensional Crystalline Light and Plasma Waves? The field looks and FEELS so pure and high vibrational, very crystalline as much Clarity returns, so does Remembering!

Since Monday I see Earth full of iridesent rainbow plasma liquid light and since Tuesday a beautiful Diamond White Platinum portal assisting the Purification of all dimensional planes and Realities.



Now the question is, how far will we take it?!!

I've been spending the past four days, like many of us do in their own unique way, assisting in bringing in these most powerful Activations, Healings and Clearings of our Human, the Planetary Lightbody, Blueprints and Multidimensional StarGate Architecture. I have to say I really enjoyed surfing these beautiful and powerful quantum waves, deepening into a beautiful merge with my Higher Identities and Source.

The Crystalline Core of Earth is fully activated and radiating in a most beautiful liquid white golden iridesent pastel rainbow plasma light. Fully gleaming in her brilliance and so are many Starseeds as our Sacred Krystal Hearts also fully open and awaken! I see many of us now sparkling in beautiful Diamond White Platinum Crystalline Light and Blue Diamond Hearts, sparkling and swirling around with faint plasma rainbow colours. The StarGates within and without are wide open as


The True King's, Queens, Priest's and Priestesses of ancient times now return and regain their Crowns and Sceptres, Magic Wands, Power and God's full Protection. But in order to regain more Power we also have to take more response-ability and accountability for all of our co-creations, it's a fail-safe mechanism! We are being anointed by our True Parents, Mother Father God, and now reclaim our Divine Birthright of Abundance, Liberty and Freedom! We are turning into the Beautiful Diamond Solar Plasma Rainbow Light-beings and our true Eternal Nature again! Ready for this Collective Quantum Leap in Consciousness to manifest fully now. As all is ready....

This Perfect Storm of the past days has been a beautiful uplifting expansive experience for some and for others had more a Purification and Healing focus. Wherever you are at on your journey right now and whatever you are experiencing, just know you are truly where you are meant to be, all-ways. These energies are no joke, they cut through any remaining shit, energetic blocks and density that is required. This process is truly self correcting and it takes as long as it takes.

Know that ALL is healing and shifting at quantum speed now but you still have to allow and support this! This is what we're here for. Having a daily spiritual hygiene routine of clearing your body and taking good care of all it's levels is a must, especially as our bodies are transforming at God speed now. Your body is your temple and retuning to its Eternal Nature, your job is to support this with much self care, just like you would tending to a growing child!

We are completing a Collective Quantum Leap in Consciousness and all is about to shift in a massive way and many of us can FEEL this and KNOW THIS to be so! As all remaining doubts, fears, veils, limiting programming, beliefs and illusions clear that have been preventing this from coming true thus far. FULL CLARITY RETURNS at last, as the fog lifts! As our memories return. I will share more about the immensity of all that I see unfolding in a separate sharing, or this will get too long, as there are so many layers to all of this.

Many that have taken part in the previous Remote Quantum Energy Group Healing Sessions, have told me that they find them very supportive at this time especially, so I will continue to offer them for now, to all willing Souls. They are intended to support these powerful Activations being made available, ease and accelerate the Ascension process of Purification, Healing and Re-birth. As we do this as a group we also help to further anchor these and make more more accessible for ALL in the Collective field!

I am being guided to offer the next REMOTE GROUP QUANTUM ENERGY HEALING ACTIVATION for this SUNDAY the 7th of November at 9pm UK/ BST/ 5am Perth, Australia/ 4pm CST/ 2pm PDT!

Please also double check your local time because of the recent daylight saving time shifts! I'll also create and event later today and add this here for those that would like to receive a reminder.



-Activation of Diamond Plasma Rainbow Lightbody to the highest degree appropriate for each - Activation of Aurora Plasma Body to support Multidimensional travel and Merkaba Activation, the individual is no longer affected by and oversteps the frequency net (this is a collective Activation so we are bringing this in for ALL willing Hearts through the soul groups/ tribes we are connected with, acting as The One on behalf of ALL in alignment with Free and Divine Will) "This Aurora Body protects the Gold Monad Body and aligns the entire “organism” energy field to the system within the Aurora Hosted Ascension Networks." Source & more info: - Purification, Balancing, Harmonizing, Healing and Upgrade of the whole morphogenetic field to the Highest Divine Blueprint, supporting the merge of your Multidimensional Self/ Higher identities and God Source - Clearing of any remaining damage to the Multidimensional DNA - Divine Template of 144 Golden Strands & subharmonics (clearing any remaining reversals, lower codings, black goo, AI signals etc) - Removal of any remaining density, blocks, miasma, interference patterns, limited programming/ beliefs, fears, doubt and whatever else may be interfering the individuals and Collective Ascension process - Letting go of any remaining regrets and resentments with insight into the soul lessons shown with ease and grace to help activate the higher Timeline Realities - Full dissolution of any and all remaining attachments to false and past Timelines, aligning with the Golden/ One True Organic Ascension Timeline/ Realities. Shifting from facing the past to the future, firmly rooted in the Zero Point Field, in NO-TIME. - Merging with and reclaiming our Multidimensional Aspects and clearing any remaining soul fragments, aspects, attachments etc that are no longer in alignment/ not ours - Activation and re-essembly of Multidimensional DNA coding, retrieving our Multidimensional aspects to support the walk-in integration/ higher DNA Activation/ Soul braiding and merge, helping activate dormant psychic and extrasensory gifts and abilities, Manifestations etc. - Correction of Lightbody and Kundalini damage (such as insert, implants, membranes, AI materials, damage to the auric field etc.) - Purification of Elemental Body - Making sure false naval is removed and silver cord is re-connected from Source through crown and pineal, reconnecting with the naval all the way down to base/ root chakra and 15D chakra body Template corrections More info: - Activation of the Tri-wave current and Three Fold Flame, within our and the Planetary Crystalline Heart centres and whole morphogenetic field



This is available for everyone and is BASED ON the idea that those that can, consider making a DONATION, as a way to express your gratitude for what I am facilitating and as a form of energetic exchange, so balance can be maintained. These healings are based on donation so that everyone can take part, not just those that can afford it. They are deeply appreciated, support the continuation of my work and mission, as this is what I do to support my living.

You can make a donation via PayPal to: Or


At the time of the Healing just open up with the intention to receive and go into a relaxed state if possible. You can listen to some relaxing music or go into meditation as the healing tends to work deepest if we are in a relaxed state. Yet it is not necessary. Also if you are busy at that time you can set the intention to receive this at a later point in time. These healings truly are quantum and most potent within the 48 hrs of going 'live' and most powerful at the time of the Activation itself. The Healing Activation will last for an hour but I recommend staying in a relaxed state for a few more minutes and take it easy afterwards as well as drink plenty of water to support the Purification process.

This is a beautiful track I've been listening to these oast two days that makes me travel Multidimensionally very easily, as well as helped remove blocks and bring more clarity:

The Activation is already online and you may feel it starting to work as soon as you 'sign up'. The Activation will continue to integrate and work through your bodies for 48 hrs after it finishes, but truly the effects continue to unfold long after as we receive these very powerful, Multidimensional upgrades and data packages, that continue to unlock over time, very similar to how I see Lightlanguage works. It's truly Quantum and affects all of our incarnations and Higher Identities.

Results and experiences vary depending on the individual and ones Blueprint and how much has already been healed, also in order not to overload the System. Some people have lucid and visual experience, others may feel the energy or colours working through their system, others just a relaxed or calm feeling and some may fall asleep. It's all depends and all is perfect.

We are being supported by our Higher Self Identities, God Source, our many benevolent Galactic brothers and sisters (our own higher, Multidimensional aspects) that will especially assist in the reassembly of our Multidimensional DNA, the Aurora Host Family, Mother's Blue and Aqua Ray as well as many other Elders, Ancient Ones and beings of Light in alignment with the Law of One. I always consecrate the container and Healing space in the highest Purity and Light!

These Activations are very powerful, so please do check with your Higher Self whether this is in alignment with your highest good at this time. Generally, everyone receives what is appropriate for them at the time. You can also make an intention with what you personally would like to receive Healing and support with before the Activation.

I am very much looking forward to this beautiful co-creation yet again and to see what we can make possible when we believe in ourselves and be the action that makes the change happen on behalf of ALL! Let's elevate our and the Collective Consciousness and Frequency, to the next level of density and activate ALL NEW MULTIDIMENSIONAL REALITIES!! YEEEHHAAAA!!

Eternal Love & Blessings, Ramona


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