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ASCENSION-101: The Galactic Federation of Light


′′ The New Earth is here: blue mountains, healthy lakes, virgin nature, all that's here.

The kingdom of heaven already exists on Earth, you just need to put on new glasses and look at the Earth with renewed eyes, with the eyes of love. Spin 180 degrees and look back at all this beauty, because the New Earth is here now and came to stay.

It happens this way because many Light Workers have worked hard spreading light and love, creating a new network, where only these wonderful elements can flow. Everything old has burned and the new is one step away from emerge.

Light has supplanted darkness, and those who do not tolerate light, those who pretend to live in darkness, go through a difficult time.

However, you must remember that before you go down to Earth, we all chose what we wanted to work on during the incarnation. Everyone walks different distances in soul journey, through times, because we have different lessons to learn in this life. That's why don't judge anyone and accept things as they come. Everyone has the right to exist and their own responsibility for their lives.

Don't wait too long before you go out and spread light in even bigger circles on Earth, like rings in water, over lakes, seas, forests, meadows and mountains. Imagine the new paradise on Earth is here now. What you've been waiting for so long. It's already here.

It's just a matter of becoming aware enough to be able to see with these new glasses, which literally means rising to new frequencies. Only then, you see beyond the veils of illusion, the true essence.

Put on your new glasses! Do it now! What are you waiting for? The time has come. You've waited long enough Now it's finally here: the moment of Earth's ascent, to a new dimension, a new reality, in short, a new era of time.

It's here now: the new time on Earth

Get out of hiding! Show yourself as the brilliant person you are. Let your light shine brightly and so you'll allow others to shine too. Don't hide in the dark valleys! It's no longer the time for that. That time has passed, now it's time to go out into the world and show her your unique beauty.

You know there's only one like you, and you can do a great job, both small and large. No one is worth more than the other, only who has value is taking responsibility. When you take at least one step into the service of light, you will have contributed to the beautiful and excellent development of our Mother Earth.

Many galaxies and civilizations are monitoring the Earth right now, with numerous representatives here, supporting this ascension.

Although we must admit that not everyone comes in peace. There are those who want to take control of the Earth at any cost, we won't deny it.

But light has triumphed over dark forces, although those dark people still hide in the corners and recesses, hiding in the depths of underground cameras, well below the surface and afraid of being seen.

However, when light penetrates the crust inside the Earth, there is no longer cavities to hide. Then light will force them to surface where they will be illuminated by spotlights and responsible for the damage they have done to people for so long.

And its not just about them. Even among some who are allegedly servants of the light, a dark agenda is hidden: soon to be illuminated with powerful limelight. Many of you don't really know what you've accomplished. You don't know, but eventually you'll find out.

But before that happens, we choose everyone who walks the path of light to see with the new glasses, Fifth Dimension glasses.

We focus on what we want, and those who want to focus too, we give them energy. We give birth to the New Earth with our thoughts and attention, and so it lorks more and more.

Who are we?

We come from the galaxy realms, far from the Earth. But we have ships in orbit, watching what's happening. We are very aware of what you call the struggle between light and darkness, although we don't see it as a struggle. We see it more as a development.

And now comes an opportunity for the Earth to be released from control systems and agenda of those in power and have no compassion for other people, or for any living being, or Mother Earth.

His time is up. You should know that. Let them splash a little further down there, on their underground cameras or in their beautiful homes. Soon, very soon, he will cease his talk and they will be taken to where they best fit in.

You don't have to do anything, just let go of all the thoughts of things that are not good for this world. Focus only on the good, that's where the energy should go.

We from the Galactic Kingdoms thank you for the fantastic work you have done so far. We thank you from the bottom of our heart and now we want you to calm down, you go into meditation and quietly for a little while each day, according to your ability.

Don't push yourself! Meditation shouldn't be an effort.

Focus inwardly on your heart and let love grow and spread to the people around you.

We see people full of love in their hearts. They are the ones who will populate the Earth now.

We have guards here and they make sure everything happens in divine order. They have an overview of everything and communicate with us in the galaxy realms. We give them instructions on how to act.

It's up to our guards to take responsibility for bringing darkness people to justice, not to you ordinary people.

Therefore, this is not your mission. Yours is much bigger than that, so let it go and have full confidence that we, the Guardians of Light on Earth, will handle it in the best way possible: for the sake of all human beings.

Peace be upon you ′′

Message channeled by Berit von Scheven.

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