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Archangel Michael - Prosperity and Abundance

Channelled by: Vania Rodriguez

The abundance is there for everyone. It is the key to opening the cabinet that has to be conquered. You have a share of a lot of gold. As you walk in an enlightened, disciplined, and ascending way, more coins will fall into your hands, and more prosperity will appear. And the more you are happy with all this prosperity, the more you look at your neighbor, the more you are grateful for all these gold coins, and the more coins will fall. Because you are earning it, you are walking the right path to prosperity.

God never created the world for you to be in need, but you need to open your minds and stop making yourself a victim. Nobody is a victim of anything; you reap what you sow or have sown. It's as simple as that. So look at your walks. Is there balance in your walk? Balance in every way: balance of thoughts, words, and spiritual posture. Is there such a thing? If there is, you are undoubtedly full of prosperity because if there isn't, there is something there that is not in balance. And so you grow, you go learning the lessons.

Many people need to go through challenging situations financially; why? To correct something that is making a significant drain on their prosperity. Because that's the thing; if there is a lack of control, the coins fall, but the drain is too big, so everything that comes in, goes out, and goes out fast. So the lesson to be learned is to close this drain. And how do you close the drain? With gratitude and with the magic word: Balance. Always balance. Many want to have wealth and spend more than they earn. Where is the balance? There is none. Then you have nothing to complain about. A significant drain will open in front of you so that you look with great courage at the wrong path you are taking. And when you learn the lesson, what happens? The drain closes, and then all the falling coins remain in your life; your life thrives, and your life only improves.

Many believe that we give help and that we often change destinies. I will tell you this: The journey of each of you is up to you. Each step taken with consciousness, with balance, attracts what? Prosperity, abundance, and not only the abundance of money; it is the abundance of joy, health, plenty on the table, and many good moments. Because you are emanating that, you are saying to the universe, "I am grateful for everything, and I am happy, I am very grateful!" And you keep feeling more and more grateful. And then the universe opens those doors, and abundance happens more and more.

Where do we fit into that? Nowhere. At no point do we find a way to open or close the door. No. Because we would not be fair, we would have to do that; if we open the door for one, we would have to open the door of prosperity for all. So we don't do that. Don't see someone's prosperity as our help because it's not; you attract prosperity. There is only one thing we do, this I can't deny, we call attention to it, as you say, we scold. Oh, we do that a lot. And we try to put everything that we think is necessary for the person to learn. This we do.

We are the Masters of each soul. So it is up to us to put the lessons in front of you. Because we know that if that lesson is learned, that soul evolves and prospers. So we put the lesson ahead, and if the soul doesn't understand, we put it again; if the soul doesn't learn, we put it ahead again; it may be that it never realizes. But, on the other hand, it may also be that it understands, and by itself, it will have earned the right to more prosperity. So it is not we who open the doors to prosperity; it is you with your attitudes, thoughts, and ways of being in every way.

Now, what is of utmost importance: Do not judge the one who is growing, prospering, and showing joy for his prosperity. It's not his fault if you don't have balance. So he will be living in poverty because you have no balance? Don't confuse all I am saying with those who have been robbing you since the beginning. This is different. The masses driving this planet, driving you into poverty, is another matter; that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about a brother.

Then many will say, "Why is he flaunting his abundance?" And then I ask you why he has to hide his abundance? He is not stealing. He is not doing anything terrible against anyone. On the contrary, so why should he conceal his abundance? He can live in abundance and help many. And it will be up to him to conduct his own abundance in the right way, without selfishness, trying to do something for the Whole. And many don't spread what they do, many do it, and nobody knows about it. But before the universe, they are fulfilling their role; they have a comfortable life, help others, and help their neighbor. And they also don't need to show it because it's not worth it. They do it from the heart, not to be observed.

So it is not up to you to judge under any circumstances. It is not for you to judge those who are prospering or evolving. So be careful with judgments because this also weighs negatively on that scale for your prosperity. So, my brothers, we will repeat: look at your own path, stop looking at the way of others, and worry about your life. What are you doing with your life? Forget about the others; it is their problem. It doesn't matter if he is prospering or doing what he is doing. Take care of your inner self, and take care of your evolution.

This is an important subject that you need to start analyzing every word said here very calmly. GESARA-NESARA is coming. Many will receive a lot, and others will receive nothing. And what will be the difference? Each one's walk. So you will look at those who will receive a lot and say, "Oh, they are the darlings of the Beings of Light." Be careful with your judgments because everyone will receive what they are entitled to within their walk. Justice will be done on the planet. Those who today are hungry because of their governments will receive it; they are hungry, not because of their own decision, but because someone higher up defined it.

When this is not the case, many will receive it, and many will not. And then how will you behave, be angry, and be revolted, because you have received nothing? Be careful because your humility and mea culpa may be so deep that you may win a gift. Now your anger might take away what little you still have. So I would say that everything is being put into balance. Each of you is being analyzed and monitored, and each of you will get what is fair to you. Now, the drains still exist. So those who earn a lot and don't know how to cultivate what they have achieved, the drain will open, and it will all go away the same way it came.

Now, if you know how to do it if you know how to build with all that you earn, it only increases. So, you should understand that each one has prosperity planted, and that will be planted along the path. So don't judge anyone. Don't open your mouth to talk about anyone. Even those that you know have earned dishonestly, what is the use of you judging them? The judgment will be made on

themselves; they will have their own judgment. So, you don't need to judge him. So take care of your prosperity, and forget about the others. Forget what the other is doing with his life. And be careful with judgments. Each one of you gets what you sow. You plant, you reap; you grow, you will reap. So, remember, we don't open prosperity to anyone. You will receive what is rightfully yours, what was stolen from you, what was taken from you throughout many lives.

And if you receive nothing, it will be up to you to analyze whether your soul was not one of those who took from others. Nothing is definitive; just understand there is a lesson, and you can reverse it without rebelling. The abundance continues in the universe, available to all. So know how to keep your lives and minds balanced, and under no circumstances judge a brother. Don't open your mouth to judge anyone. At this moment, it is the worst thing you can do.

Channelled by: Vania Rodriguez


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