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April 2023 Energy Report

By: Jennifer Hoffman


March supposedly comes ‘in like a lion and out like a lamb’ but this March came in like lion and out like a tornado. The energy movements in the last few days of March, along with some X- and M-class solar flares, shook things up and re-distributed some of the darker, denser energies, creating a lot of dis-integration and chaos. Both are aspects of the descension phase of the ascension cycle and chaos is a by product of dis-integration. We will see more of this in April as we enter a month whose theme is Rebirth into Freedom and we choose between energetic sovereignty and the continuation of karma timelines.

April is an 11 month, the number of the initiate, and it will be our only 11 month in 2023. This brings heightened spiritual awareness and knowledge, usually in the form of lessons and challenges, and new potentials for healing, learning, growth, and transformation. An 11 month is both a call to acknowledge our journey and a call to action, to prepare for new potentials. These can be very challenging months and months where we quickly and easily manifest the changes we need to allow new potentials to occur. They can also be months where we learn to turn challenges into blessings and to learn how to let go of what no longer serves us, resonates with us, is relative to our new path, and restricts our ascension process.

The darkness and density are giving way to the light – not without a fight, but they are retreating significantly. Don’t be fooled by what may appear to be the dark winning out – it is not. It’s safe to say that when we notice the darkness it’s because it has been displaced by light and it has to be out in the open as it can no longer hide, it has no place left to hide. The only people holding the dark energies are those who have chosen unintegrated, un-ascended 3D.

When 3D was more dense and there was no 5D energy to start dis-integrating the density we did not notice that the density was there. We could not, it was completely integrated within 3D. But that is no longer the case and it is because of our 3D/5D ascension integration process that we are now able to see the density in all of its forms and they are out in force right now. Remember the energy gaps between the dark and the light, between pure, ‘unenlightened’ density and the 5D energies and light are why we are noticing so much darkness, perversion, and sheer lunacy right now.

We are in the down cycle or descension aspect of this ascension journey which is a difficult place to be because this is where we do all of the inner work, the tough work that has to be done to prepare for the next ascending cycle where we rise and expand our energy. But descension leads to transcension and the 4D bridge, which leads to ascension and that is how we achieve new levels of ascension integration. Cycles are part of the process and we go through them all the time. Are you starting to be able to recognize your ascension cycles now?

The descension process of the ascension cycle reminds me of the tv show ‘extreme home makeover’ where a family is chosen for a complete home remodel. The family goes away for a week and they return to a fully remodeled, often brand new home. What we don’t see in that process is the thousands of people who work 24×7 to tear down and rebuild and then fully re-decorate that home. We just see the beautiful, finished product and while they do show small glimpses of the tear down work being done, it is just enough to add a dose of theatrics – the biggest part of the dirty work is done behind the scenes. Sound familiar?

So if you are struggling with the energies from March and into April, remember that the finished product is in the process of being remodeled and that what no one sees is the ‘home work’, the inner work that must done to expand our outer glow and shine our light brightly. And a side note here – as soon as we finish with one remodel we spend a few minutes enjoying our work and then we start another remodeling process. Ascension is a continuously evolving and rising spiral of energetic expansion.

April’s theme is Re-Birth into Freedom which is fitting since this is the month we celebrate Easter, formerly the pagan celebration of fertility, and the rebirth of nature that happens in the spring. Where I live spring arrives early so all of the early spring plants, like tulips, lilacs, and daffodils, are blooming now and my garden is sprouting all kinds of new plants. I make it a point to plant perennials for that reason, as I love going out into the garden every day to see what else is coming up.

Our re-birth is not about being ‘born again’, it is choosing a new level of intention, experience, a new frequency and vibration, and a new ascension path. Part of that re-birth can include a new soul mission and it is time for us to consider that now. Our old soul mission of healing karma has come to an end, we have had enough experience with our karmic cycles and partners to choose – is this the path we want to continue on or are we ready for something different?

Freedom is not the state of being free, it is the state of being sovereign, with full control and mastery over our energy. We are not freeing ourselves from something that we believe has held us back in the past – although our karmic groups and cycles certainly did that. This is forward facing freedom, where we are not moving away from what we do not want, we are moving towards something new, different, evolved, and at a different energetic frequency and vibration. There is a far different energy dynamic involved when we are running away from something versus moving towards something new. One is purely based on trying to avoid the past. The other is based on creating a new path using the past as a stepping stone.

We can no longer afford to stand still, look back, to wait for those who we feel should be choosing the path of light and giving them our energetic support to make that choice. Everyone is energetically sovereign, even those people we think are making really bad choices. Rebirth means we are no longer on the karmic path with them and freedom means we can let them make their choices while we go in a different direction. No guilt, no shame, no regrets, and no blame.

This means we release our karmic cycles, missions, purpose, and all of the guilt, shame, and beliefs that we have failed in our mission. We did not fail. Our soul mission was never to populate the ascension path, it was two-fold – to experience our karmic cycle one more time to give our karmic partners a choice we have given them for lifetimes and for us to release ourselves from this burden once we realized that we are not responsible for others’ choices or their outcomes.

In April we have the end of the Alpha Omega portal which began on February 20 with the new moon at 1 Pisces. We had a second new moon at 1 Aries on march 20 and we have a third new moon on April 20 at 29 Aries which is also an eclipse. The previous Alpha Omega Portal was in July and August of 2021 and was in Aquarius. This one is in Aries and we have had an Aries Alpha Omega Portal only 3 times in the last 1000 years.

An Alpha Omega portal, a concept I created and have been writing about for 10+ years, is a unique and focused concentration of a sign’s energy which brings about significant learning and completion because all of the sign’s energy is concentrated in a 30 day period. They are rare and very potent. And we have had an active Alpha Omega Portal since February. If you remember from the December 2022 Energy report, we had an Alpha Omega portal that month that was slightly different but very auspicious as we had a new moon at 1 Pisces and Jupiter at 29 Pisces, what an ending to a year that had the highly spiritual Jupiter and Neptune conjunction in Pisces but that also ended a tough energy cycle that started in late 2019.

Now with this April 20 new moon eclipse we have a lot of activity with Saturn, which just entered Pisces and Pluto, which just entered Aquarius and they are both close enough to the new moon to be activated by it. All of us who are Aries (that’s me!) remember how Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 has been a thorn in our side, (this applies to Libra too) and has been the source of a lot of lessons and learning so it’s not over yet but it is calling us to remain vigilant and in control of our light and our reality.

Pluto’s previous entry into Aquarius, in 1778, began the ‘Age of Enlightenment’ and we saw huge advances in music, science, the arts, and in the law. Many of the legal and economic principles we use today were conceived in that period. And that was also the beginning of the Revolutionary War in the US as well as the global takedown of the monarchies, the concept of people being ‘subject’ to the whims of the nobility, and the birth of the concept of self-sovereignty.

Today we continue with our journey of sovereignty but now it’s energetic. This is the concept that we are masters of our energy which includes our 4 energy bodies – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and our energy field. When I talk about energetic sovereignty I refer to the congruence of our energy frequency and vibration, achieving divine harmony, that is the ultimate purpose of our soul mission. It is probably the most confusing and misunderstood aspect of our soul mission. And one that many ‘spiritual teachers’ use to their advantage and misuse to confuse people and oversell their ‘solutions.

We tend to seek energetic congruence by healing others but it is only achieved when we refocus our energy inward, becoming more self-aware, more self-focused, and more discerning about our energy flows that we achieve congruence.

April’s full moon on the 5th is a powerhouse of energy, activating Uranus for transformation and Chiron for healing our soul wounds. We are really going to be pushed towards ending our karmic cycles this month and it is necessary, since we cannot move forward with these energy anchors dragging us back into the whirlpool of the past while we are trying to step into a different future.

Mercury has a retrograde cycle this month starting on April 21 at 15 Taurus and ending on May 14. The usual Mercury retrograde warnings apply – watch your communications, leave extra travel time in case of delays, watch where you put your things. And this one is particularly interesting because the retro starts at a conjunction with Uranus and Venus, which is in Gemini. This means Mercury and Venus are in each other’s signs, called mutual reception, which makes their energies strong in both signs. You may also want to make sure you watch your money with this Mercury retro, avoid scams, shady deals, and financial conflicts with family members.

And on the 20th we have the end of this long Alpha Omega portal with the eclipse at 29.50 Aries, the very last seconds of this sign and it’s our release into bold new pathways, harnessing the pioneering, bold, fear-free, courageous energy of the Aries warrior heart to champion our new potentials.

It’s definitely a power month and with everything that is going on in the world right now, we could use it. It is very important to stay grounded, centered, and balanced right now, to stay focused on your ascension path and to consider that it may just be time for some energetic house cleaning, just in time for spring, to allow new potentials and possibilities replace your past timelines and karmic cycles. If you’re ready, the energy of April will support you and you may finally, after lifetimes of living with the energy echoes of your karmic past, be ready for a re-birth into freedom, energetic sovereignty, and divine harmony.

Have a wonderful month.


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