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April 2022 Ascension Energies Update

By: Samantha Orthlieb


April 2022’s theme: Shine YOUR Light

April’s Keywords: Spiritual Integrity, Finding Balance, New Beginnings

Awakened Soul,

Do you notice more and more that old paradigm values are not able to sustain themselves? That the cracks are showing in our dysfunctional, fragile, and broken culture, and continue to reveal the oozy, infected parts in this Year of Cataclysm? Certain behaviours and actions that were once condoned, dismissed or tolerated are being brought to light, out of the shadows, to be seen, softened, felt, and healed. Illusion and that which is not sustainable are being exposed and falling apart. What once dazzled us has lost its significant luster. I mentioned in January that one of the main archetypes we need to embody this year, to release the narcissistic slant in the world and bring about deep transformative change, is the Spiritual Warrior. The Spiritual Warrior archetype is about “walking our talk” and living our life from a place of divinely aligned choices, actions, and thoughts. It is about releasing the ego’s need to be right/win and compete with others, and instead replace this with humbleness, service to/with others and co-creation. It is a shift away from a wounded masculine dominant society to a society that embraces the Divine Feminine and co-creative values of love, compassion, community, and tolerance. By embracing the Spiritual Warrior archetype we hold ourselves accountable and ensure our actions are in alignment with our values. It is only when we are true to ourselves that we are truly in our authentic and balanced power. By being this Beacon of Light we then attract what our soul’s growth truly needs, including abundance and healthy relationships that are in alignment with the True Self. As the Ascension process continues we embody more wavelength and less particles, more quantum and less carbon-based. We become more of a TUNING FORK for this new way of being human. So much so that when something does not align with us, we will feel it acutely within our body and our nervous system, and it will either resonate or not. The brain no longer has a say, it becomes all about the sensation of vibration!

This is how we align with the cosmos and with our earth, this is how we leave the paradigm of separation behind and once again be One With All. Everything in this new reality is connected, interwoven, and has togetherness. Plants and the rest of Mother Earth’s creatures know this and are already aligned. Humans are not, we have forgotten this connection, and this is the cause of all suffering. SO…what old reality can no longer sustain its vibration in you? If you are not feeling and using your intuition this way in your life, after this massive spiritual upgrade in April & May you most certainly will be. And if you already are, you will attune 20x more in the next 6 weeks. In April we move to the most important Soul Expansion in the collective consciousness and ourselves! This month’s energies will set the stage for remarkable growth for the next 12 months and bring us to our knees…in the most positive, uplifting and freeing way. It’s time to Shine Your Vibrational Light!

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