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9~9~ Portal Update


Welcome to a truly divine master piece of portal energies! Can you feel the tingling in your body? The increasing energies, pushing us to the edges of what we thought we are, and who we are about to become.

Within the numbers of this portal day are many codes and we feel hints of what we are to expect and can already pick up on. The day and month is both 9 creating the portal, master number 99 is standing firm, in accomplished truth, carrying baskets filled with full harvest. The harvest this portal brings to us, is a co-creation of our signed soul contract plus our own choice of frequencies, we are creating in consciously or unconsciously in every present MOMent.

This indicates that lessons on deeper karmic cycles come full circle, depending of our state of consciousness “things have to pop off” sometimes, to SHOW us whole truth, and it is heal-some! It might feel uncomfortable, but with the energies of completion this portal is holding, we must look at ourselves and let go of any attachment and frequency that is not serving love to complete the lesson.

This purge is part of the ascension process, a deep clearing, so we are simultaneously able to RECEIVE the same amount and more HIGH energies, of what we allow to be let go of. It is always equal energy exchange, meaning with your change in frequency, focus, integrity and honor of your divine higher self, you are making room within your consciousness and vessel for NEW, which allows you to receive equal energy back. TRUST and know that your co-creating partners ARE LOVE and in the unknown. Many surprises can come out of thin air, blessings in abundance, yet always a match to our frequency and level of surrender.

Master number 99 asks us to stay positive, in highest vibrations of gratitude and love and be open to receive the abundant harvest.

This very special ascension year, has of course another surprise of love coming in with this portal. The year is 2022 = 6, we are in a year of divine feminine energy. And also the total of this portal day (9+9+2+2+2)=6!

We can feel that these two numbers, connect in a very sacred unifying way, and assist us with the energies of master number 66 within the present and increasing 99-portal energies. Master number 66 is vibrating in the VISION of pure unconditional Love, the ‘no-matter-what’!

Number 6 is carrying a pregnant belly of Love, the energies of birth/rebirth and also deep waves of EGO death. It is a portal of pure creator energies, in which we can choose to completely re-new and open up for a grand divine initiation!

Master Number 66 is encouraging us to shift in perspective and allow these abundantly love filled energies to change our internal realm, re-choice and take accountability, transforming into visions of grander solutions, through surrender to Love we initiate the fire of true passion within.

Together as ONE, this September portal is loaded with frequencies from the master energy number 9966.

Which pushes us out of the birthing tunnel, out into the light, under going a process in which our own beast shows. EGO traits in lower frequency loops are shown clearly to come into awareness and be transformed by the in streaming divine initiation energies, for us to make higher choices. A more profound and quick transformation into a quantum leap of evolution is now possible in this window of the ascension process, where timelines come FULL CIRCLE and can be merged with the highest ascension timeline through forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love.

Truth is always, what is highest in the present moment of now, stay open for NEW awareness, higher light codes and undeniable truths, felt by your soul, in your heart.

The mind will be blown by these high frequencies!

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