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6/6 Portal: The New Galactic Human

By: Aurora

6/6 Portal: The New Galactic Human

Beginning on May 25th, 2024, we began the Light Body Integration Process. This is an essential process to understand as we move through the Summer, as we are upgrading and integrating with the new Human vehicle. The process that is occurring right now is preparing the First Wavers and all who are ready, to begin activating/integrating their Light Body + the Quantum Operating System. If we think of the human body as the technology, and the operating system as the software, both of these need to be in harmony for the new Galactic Humans to emerge.

This process is being supported by two major planetary transits right now: Jupiter in Gemini (new operating system), Pluto in Aquarius (new vehicle). The 144,000 are being called right now to focus on this process as this is preparing us for the Fall when Pluto will shift back into the 29th Degree of Capricorn which will be the final collapse of the old vehicle/old systems. The old human vehicle, the carbon based vessel, was stuck in density and fight or flight. Our bodies would experience pain, illness, disease, aging and decay. This was due to the fact that the carbon based vessel with its limited DNA, could only function based on the old operating system, the EGO programmed mind. Imagine that you have been operating at less than 5% of your full capacity. Mother Earth herself was also enslaved into this system and she had become limited in her own capacity, as we experience destruction and decay of our planet. Now, the 144,000 along with Mother Earth will be the FIRST to anchor in the new blueprints and templates which create the foundation for the New Earth.

We are also reaching the apex of the Solar Maximum, and this is ahead of schedule. We have experienced unprecedented Solar Flares, Geomagnetic storms, volatile Earth Weather, etc. All of this is a product of the Light Body process that is going on, and this will intensify throughout the Summer. Each of our Light Bodies are unique in their blueprint and structure so there is no “one size fits all” guidance for how to best integrate and maintain our light body. You may suddenly feel that certain foods, environments, routines or practices no longer resonate with you or are no longer working as they used to. Remember we are moving into a very divinely intelligent body system, so getting in tune with your body and your guidance will be essential for this.

I have been getting many reports from around the world of people experiencing intense symptoms or those around them suddenly experiencing pain, illness and disease. I want to give you a multi-dimensional perspective on this. For those of you who have been doing this inner work and healing for quite some time, the symptoms you are experiencing are simply showing you where something is no longer working for you. Identify when these symptoms are present: is it around a particular person, place or environment? Are these symptoms getting worse at certain times based on your thoughts or emotions? These are clues in showing you where things are no longer aligning for you new vehicle and adjustments must be made.

For those who are witnessing those around them having serious or chronic health issues, if they have not been doing the inner work, making changes, and getting in tune with their spiritual selves, this is likely the culmination of years or decades of programming, wounding, conditioning and dysfunction that is now manifesting itself physically in order to bring it to their awareness. We are entering a period where no external forms of healing are going to work unless someone is doing the inner work. There are no more bandaids, we must rip the bandaids off and get to the root. We must allow everyone their journey in coming back to themselves and finding themselves, so keeping a balance of support for others while also protecting our energy field will be important.

The new operating system is based on heart technology, which is the true 5D technology. The old operating system is based on mind technology which is 3D technology. So many are awaiting 5D tech, medbeds, galactic intervention, etc. WE ARE THE 5D TECHNOLOGY and only when we come to realize and accept this, will we be able to innovate, create and receive higher galactic technologies. Our new vessels, the Galactic Human vessels running on the Quantum Operating System, will be able to self-heal, regenerate, manifest, and create on a level we cannot comprehend. We must move out of the mind and into the heart, as the old operating system becomes null and void and will cease to function. We are already witnessing this in the collective, as many are having mental/spiritual breakdowns, glitching out, and experiencing the failing of their physical bodies.


Today we have the New Moon in Gemini on the 6/6 Portal! Every year on the 6/6 Portal we enter through a passageway of inner union, balanced harmonics, and harmony. It is through this gateway that we begin to come into synergy with both our inner masculine/feminine energies, as well as all aspects of ourselves.

This New Moon is beautifully optimistic and fun-loving, as we have a parade of planets that will be aligning in the skies today. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are all in Gemini, helping us to download our new operating system! Remember that this month is all about heart opening and expansion of Self. As this occurs, we set our intention for new aspects of ourselves to come into embodiment, new experiences, and new wisdoms.

This month is all about the NEW and learning to navigate it, while we prepare for the Summer of Love! That is what my angels keep calling it... the summer of love. Where many of us will, for the first time, come to fall in love with ourselves again. Realizing the true God nature within us, and also falling in love with our lives again, our passions and our joy. Many of you may also be coming into divine unions this summer.


For all those who can hear the call to be the front runners for this operation, the Galactics are calling for us to come together and activate these new blueprints for ourselves, all of Humanity and Mother Earth.

For our First Wavers, you have been preparing your physical vessel for quite some time as well as activating your Light Body. We are now ready to fully integrate this Light Body as the new Human Vehicle along with its new Operating System. This opens us up to be able to fully anchor and embody the entire Higher Self essence, while also granting us rapid healing abilities, and bringing all of our multi-dimensional gifts and skills online.

This month the Galactics have guided for all those around the world who are ready to fully activate + integrate their Light Bodies to join us for a very special seminar. I was shown a vision of Mother Earth fully integrating her Light Body, and all of the 144,000 doing so as well, coming into true Oneness and opening up for the full manifestation of New Earth. We are establishing the new network, the Quantum Operating System, which will represent the new foundation for all of Humanity to step into as the old paradigm reaches a rapid collapse.

The Divine Mother and the Galactics have been preparing for this mass Light Body Integration and they are EXCITED. They gave me the clear message that this was to be completed on the Summer Solstice, June 21st, which heralds the one day of the year where we have access to the most Light. In a beautiful synchronicity, we also have a Full Moon in Capricorn that day, aligning with our full release of the old systems and structures.

This Seminar will be a 3 Part Seminar, as it was shown to me that we will be going through the 3 protocols for the Light Body. All who participate in this Seminar may also feel guided to help facilitate others through this process.

Part 1 (June 12th): We will discuss the process of clearing the Light Body, including all 10 auric rays. For the First Wavers, we have already completed this protocol, but its important for us to go through this information so that it may be shared with others, and you may wish to repeat the clearing protocol if you feel guided to throughout the rest of this year. We will also be doing a live, guided clearing for the Light Body to prepare it for the full activation.

~We will be discussing clearing protocols that can be done regularly + for those who are just beginning their process

Part 2 (June 15th): We will discuss the process of Activating the Light Body, including all 10 auric rays. For the First Wavers, many of you have been doing activations in preparing for these energies, but we will be going through all of the activation protocols so that we can bring all 10 rays fully online for this process. We will also be doing a live, guided activation for the Light Body to prepare it for full integration.

~We will be discussing the new operating system and how it functions

Part 3 (June 21st): On the Solstice, we will be discuss the final protocol, which is the Light Body Integration. We will go through all of the guided tools and techniques from the Galactics on how to fully integrate the Light Body and its new operating system. We will then be doing a live, guided integration for all participants, with the intent to also assist in Mother Earth’s Light Body integration on that day.

~We will be discussing how to maintain your quantum health + wellness and maintain the integrity of the light body

For those that cannot attend live, every seminar will be recorded along with the live, guided clearings, activations and integrations. Each participant will also receive the Light Body Activation Guide which details all the information regarding the Crystalline Process, the Light Body Rays, the 3 Protocols, as well as Light Body maintenance.

For those who wish to join us in this Light Body Activation Seminar, please RSVP below

Love you all



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