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2023: The Accelerated Crystalline Process

By: Archeia Aurora

2023 is the year of the Water Rabbit, thus bringing us a very YIN year that will require receptivity, flow, allowance + rest. In contrast to 2022, the year of the Water Tiger, which was very much a YANG year. This year, forcing anything will have an immediate boomerang effect, as we are being called to fully embrace the more feminine way of life. Less output for a greater input, flowing abundance, + effortless energy movement.

In March of 2023, we will have an intense paradigm shift as Saturn exits Aquarius + moves into Pisces on March 7th, and Pluto exits Capricorn + enters Aquarius on March 23rd. From my intuitive messages from Source as well as my understanding of the cosmos, this year will show a stark contrast between LIFE + DEATH. Life, is embodying Source energy + being a conduit vessel for life force energy. Death, is decaying consciousness + a vessel filled with density (lower emotions) + toxins. The way we view health + wellness will take a complete 180 this year, as the ancient holistic ways of living shall return, as well as new 5D modalities of technology + healing.

I urge everyone to take very good care of their vessels + energy systems in the coming months, as what we are witnessing with mass deaths + illness is jus the tip of the iceberg. All unhealed energy must surface for healing. Here is a more in depth look at the physical transformations both Saturn + Pluto are bringing to us this year, as our crystalline process accelerates.

Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, rules over the following body systems:

-Muscles, bones, tendons of the lower legs


-Circulatory System

-Oxygenation of the blood + body

-Electrical + Nervous system

Saturn has been transiting Aquarius since 2020. As Saturn is the ruler of embodiment + the actual physical + practical ways that we ground and stabilize our higher selves into the body, it has been putting strain on these areas. Wherever Saturn transits, he creates stress, tension, or challenges. This is necessary for us in order to bring our focus on where we need to buckle down + really do the work. Through his tour of Aquarius, we have been feeling the pressure to take care of our nervous systems + many may have felt the burnout of their nervous system + circulatory system.

Pluto + Saturn have similar archetypes but they express much differently. Both are intense and provide initiations + challenges, but Saturn tends to bring these to us in levels and stages. We receive the test + then the lesson. If we fail to learn the lesson + pass the test, we will then receive a bigger lesson + test. However, if we pass, Saturn rewards us. He provides the fruits of our labor. Pluto on the other hand, tends to deliver sudden deaths + rebirths. We don’t always have fair warning because Pluto is not interested in us learning any lessons per se, he is interested in destroying whatever is destroying us…even if our EGO’s don’t want to let it go. We are always grateful afterwards for the rebirth, but it can be a jarring process.

Since Pluto has been transiting Capricorn since 2008, this increased sudden deaths + rebirths around our sense of sovereignty + responsibility. Whenever we refuse to let go of what is decaying, toxic + old, Pluto will rip the rug right out from under us. Capricorn rules over bones, teeth, + skin, so many may have been dealing with broken bones, teeth issues + skin issues since 2008. This is a sign that there is energy that we are holding onto, refusing to release. As Pluto is touring through the final critical degrees of Capricorn between now and the end of March, use caution in these areas and move slowly + steadily to avoid injuries or infections.

Once Pluto enters Aquarius, he will stay there for around 2.5 months before backtracking into Capricorn again for the remainder of the year. However, his initial move into Aquarius will bring sudden + intense collapses. I cannot help but see the correlation between the trend of “died suddenly” and Saturn’s tour of Aquarius and Pluto hitting the critical degrees of Capricorn. Saturn has been trying to each us the lessons of Aquarius since 2020 + whether we have learned them or not will be made clear once Pluto rolls into town. If you have not been taking care of your nervous system + vessel, Pluto may deliver “sudden” ailments.

For nervous system healing, utilizing cold showers, conscious breath work, stretching + incorporating minerals into your wellness will greatly benefit us all. In preparation for Saturn’s exit of Aquarius + Pluto’s entrance I would like to share some excerpts from the book “Body Astrology” by Claire Gallagher: “Anything that cramps, swings, jumps, or flows backward is Uraniun. Anything that is depressed, deficient, pressurized, or retained is Saturnian. Authentic flow is a massive concept that touches everything from relationships to style and career choice. But in health context, authentic flow refers to the unique pattens of your physical energy and mental attention. If your nourishment practices go against your authentic flow, it’s only a matter of time before you rebel against them or begin to feel unwell.” Per Claire, the following can be Aquarian conditions that effect us when we are out of flow: -Anemia -Cardiovascular conditions -Dehydration -Depression -Extremely variable energy levels -Injury or pain to the lower legs -Low blood pressure -Spasms or cramps -Nervous system overwhelm -Poor circulation -Poor eyesight -Sinus headaches -Social anxiety

As Saturn exits Aquarius to make room for Pluto, he will enter Pisces, where Neptune (its ruling planet) has been transiting since 2011. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, has been emphasizing Pisces’ themes since 2011. Pisces rules all energy, seen + unseen. This connects us to the spiritual realm + intuition, but also highlights our unseen energy within our bodies, resulting in sudden or mysterious illnesses or symptoms. As Saturn enters Pisces, these themes will now be put under pressure + focus. Our health + wellness, intertwined with our Spiritual wellness, will become the focus of this year.

Pisces rules over the following body systems: -The Feet -Lymphatic system -Immune System -Blood -Small Intestine -Energetic body

Humanity will now have to realize that “wellness” is not just a physical thing, it’s an emotional, energetic + spiritual thing as well. This likely will also trigger further disclosure regarding the toxins + poisons we have been ingesting.

Another excerpt from Claire Gallagher: “The most common Pisces imbalances begin when physical or spiritual resources expand, seep, or leak beyond the see container of the body. Over time, this breaks down the integrity of the body and we can feel overstretched, weakened and vulnerable. A primary part of healing…[I]s preparing self-trust and clearing the line of communication with the body. It will often get swept away by a very extreme approach, waking up a few months later totally drained, or take a directionless approach that’s too diluted to deliver the benefits it’s seeking. Seeing, validating, and living within your own energetic flow are immensely important for every sign. When the body’s natural flow is rejected, this is when Pisces may find itself self-sabotaging its health efforts or engaging in escapist behavior.” As per Claire, some Pisces conditions that can occur are: -Autoimmune diseases -Bloating/diarrhea or food reactions -Blood-borne, vector-borne, and water borne illnesses -Chronic fatigue -Feet problems -Immune system deficiency -Mysterious illnesses -Poor circulation -Sleep disturbances The goal of this ascension process is not to ascend out of the body, nor to ignore the body in search of spiritual “enlightenment”. It is, in fact, to ground your soul essence fully INTO the body + become one with your vessel. Using water therapy + healing this year can have wonderful effects such as salt baths, as well as increasing our water intake + adding minerals. By listening + getting in tune with our bodies we will also go through phases and changes of what foods we consume as well as our daily flow. The body is divinely intelligent + by listening to its nudges and direction, we become in flow with the ONE. This year, and especially in the coming months, focusing on our presence, attunement, flow + authenticity will be greatly important. Wherever we are living outside of our natural flow or forcing ourselves to go against our authentic nature, we will see the pushback. Focus on your inner connection to source + cultivating as much life force energy=joy as possible.


If you are looking to co-create your destiny in 2023, create a synergistic relationship with the Planets, uncover your divine blueprint, + finding your authentic flow-book a Quantum Astrology Session with me:


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