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12:12 Induction into Office of the Christ

By: Lauren C. Gorgo


We are heading into another changing week as we exit both Scorpio season on 11/22 and eclipse season on the 11/23 Sagittarius new moon. This new moon is a beautiful new beginning for our rebirth cycle that is guiding us all to trust in the wisdom that we gleaned thru the eclipses as the scenery shifts and we are thrust into new life experiences.

A slew of planets moved from Scorpio into Sagittarius mid-month and Jupiter, the ruler of the new moon, also stations direct on the same day which means we may need to temper a balance with these forces that could feel like being shot out of a cannon after 8 floaty weeks inside the portal…since the 9/25 Libra new moon…without any real footing. The good news is that we will finally be able to get some traction to integrate (anchor-apply-implement) the eclipse potentials now that we are no longer being hurled thru space.

And with Mars still retrograde, beginning this new lunar cycle in a feminine-first way will be an absolute requirement for those at the fore. No more head choices⇾ woulda, coulda, shoulda’s, and what-ifs…this is a time to open to the greater level of awareness beckoning us all to ground our Aquarian Age visions with the support of our Cosmic Soul.