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The living library of consciousness is a collection of guides, writings & documentation to guide Humanity on their awakening & ascension journey.  All documents in this library represent the whole truth, as we know it, & are to be shared freely with all. 

Ascension Road Map

The Ascension Road Map is the perfect starting place to navigating our Light Center & beginning your awakening journey! 

Image by Aaron Burden

Ascension Glossary

The Ascension Glossary is a quick guide to understanding 5D words & lingo often used to describe experiences and events of the awakening journey. 

Image by Sincerely Media

Insight of the Awakening

The Insights of  Awakening  is a quick guide to the foundational principles of awakening. These principles create the solid foundation for transformation & anchoring in the Higher Self.

Image by Greg Rakozy

Ascension Guide

The Ascension Guide is your go-to guide to beginning your journey! This includes a brief description of the story of Creation, understanding the chakras, the EGO, & tools and techniques for transformation.

Image by Jr Korpa

The EGO Workbook

The EGO Workbook is an in depth workbook that goes through every EGO programming to give a greater understanding of the programming & how to transform it. 

Image by Milad Fakurian

EGO Death Ceremony Guide

The EGO Death Ceremony Guide gives you a step-by-step understanding of how to utilize this ceremony in your dissolving & transformation of the EGO

Image by Chris Rhoads

Divine Traits Guide

The Divine Traits Guide  is an in depth guide on each of the Divine Traits of Source and how to anchor them into your being.

Image by Casey Horner

The Ascension Program

The Ascension Program is an in depth breakdown of understanding where to begin on your journey. This guide breaks up the journey into 4 stages including physical, emotion, mental & spiritual healing.

Image by Samuel Berner

Ceremony Guide

The Ceremony Guide is a quick guide to understanding how to do ceremonies using the different elements as well as the highest & best times to do ceremonies such as New/Full Moons, Equinoxes and Solstices.

Image by Francesco Gallarotti

Grief Guide

The Grief Guide  is a wonderful tool for those transforming & healing grief of any kind, as it leads you through the 7 stages of grief and transformation.

Image by Jun

Healing the Inner Child

The Healing Inner Child Guide is a quick guide to understanding how to heal our inner child and anchor in the true divine traits of child-like wonder, trust & imagination.

Image by Senjuti Kundu

Self-Love Day Plan

The Self-Love Day Plan  is your go-to guide in beginning your journey of self-love & spiritual disciplines! This guide gives you all the basics as well as a 30-day spiritual discipline plan.

Image by Content Pixie

The Ascension Manual

The Ascension Manual, aka the Ascension Book, is a full, in depth document that provides the true history of creation, understanding energy, 5D technology, 144,000, Universal Laws, etc.

Image by Jaredd Craig

The Tree of Life Book

The Tree of Life Book  is a comprehensive, channeled book which delivers all of the wisdom and knowledge of the Universe & Prime Source Creator.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

5D Healing Guide

The 5D Healing Guide is a guide to healing & transforming all pain, illness and diseases from a metaphysical and energetic perspective by understanding the chakra imbalances + their related symptoms.

Image by Elia Pellegrini

Self-Healing Guide

The Self-Healing Guide is a quick guide to understanding how our bodies work on a bio-chemical level, as well as how to maintain our vitality & health using holistic healing.

Image by Toa Heftiba

Energy Mastery Guide

The Energy Mastery Guide is a quick guide to understanding the fundamentals of energy, how energy works, & how to master your own energy system.

Image by Riccardo Annandale

Meditation Guide

The Meditation Guide is a quick guide to understanding the art of meditation and its different practical applications and techniques.

Image by Jared Rice

How to Connect with Your Angels

The How to Connect with Your Angels guide,  is a quick guide to learning how to tap in and connect with your angels & Higher Self to receive divine information and guidance.

Image by James Handley

The 7 Chakras

The 7 Chakras Guide is a quick guide to understanding the energetic requirements for each chakra & how to work with each chakra for healing & strengthening. 

Image by Sharon Pittaway

Co-Operation Manual

The Co-Operation Manual is an in depth manual which provides the foundation & principles necessary to transition our world of "business" into co-operations & service to Humanity.

Image by krakenimages

Givers Gathering Guide

The Givers Gathering Guide is a quick guide to understanding how to build co-operative & 5D based communities, as well as the foundation principles for living in harmony with others.

Image by Valiant Made

Dragon Energies

The Dragon Energies Guide is a quick guide to understanding the different dragon collectives & their energy. By connecting with the Dragons we are blessed with powerful energies of transmutation & inspiration.

Image by Til Man

Super-EGO Guide

The Super EGO Guide  is a manual to understanding the basis of Super EGO, Narcissism, & gaslighting. By understanding these energies we can transform them, protect against them,  & take our power back.

Image by Gaspar Uhas

Basics of Astrology

The Basics of Astrology is a quick guide to understanding astrology & how the energies of the signs, planets & houses interact.

Image by Nastya Dulhiier

Intro Guide to Plasma Technology

The Intro Guide to Plasma Technology is a quick guide to understanding Plasma, GANS, & the basis of 5D Tech, as well as how to create your own 5D tech.

Image by Michael Dziedzic

Awakening 101 Course

The Awakening 101 Course is a start course for those on the awakening path, and covers 10 lessons on energy, transformation, healing karmic patterns, & more.

Image by Jeremy Thomas

Balanced Harmonics Guide

The Balanced Harmonics Guide is a quick reference to healing masculine/feminine wounding, balancing the energies within, understanding equal energy exchange & the flow 

of BEing & DOing

Image by Дмитрий Хрусталев-Григорьев

Victim to Victor

The Victim to Victor guide is a quick guide to healing victim consciousness, learning the art of forgiveness, & extending compassion to those who have hurt us.

Image by Julia Caesar

Vibrational Scale Map

The Vibrational Scale Ascension Map provides the scale of vibrational frequencies that we must move through, master, and anchor. Each level has its own challenges & we provide tools and techniques to mastering each level. 

Image by Reid Zura

Crystalline Process Guide

The Crystalline Process Guide is a guide to understanding the Crystalline Process which includes clearing the physical, emotional + mental bodies of all addictions, co-dependencies, toxins, + woundings to make way for the process of integration and Higher Self embodiment. The crystalline process is the transformation of our vessels through higher integration of Light. 

Image by Emily Bernal

Pearl Sequence Guide

The Pearl Sequence Guide is a simple guide to understanding the Pearl Sequence in your Gene Key Profile which are the keys to unlocking prosperity. The Gene Keys are a brilliant work by Richard Rudd who has given Humanity the keys to unlocking their purpose within the DNA. His work has assisted so many in coming to deeper understandings of themselves + consciousness. We highly recommend purchasing Richard Rudd's books to fully learn the art of the work. 

Image by Susan Wilkinson

Rainbow Flame Meditation

This Rainbow Flame Meditation is a guided meditation practice that can be used daily or whenever guided, to help clear the physical, emotional, mental bodies as well as the auric field and energy bodies. 

By utilizing all of the colors of the rainbow, we bring in all forms of color healing to keep us clear, centered and aligned.

Image by Sean Sinclair

144,000 Activation Guide

This guide is a training manual for those of the 144,000 who are working on their Higher Self Embodiment. 

This guide trains you on how to invoke your own Etheric Surgeries + Angel Chip Activations which assist with both parts of the Higher Self Embodiment process: clearing + purging of all density, toxins and negative implants as well as activating the dormant God DNA and Higher Self aspects.

Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski

Light Body Activation Guide

This guide is a training manual for those the clearing, activation and integration of the Light Body. 

The Light Body is the quantum vehicle that our new vessel will use to navigate the new Heart-Based Operating System and the New Earth. Through this integration, we move through the Crystalline Process and Higher Self embodiment.

Image by Evie S.

Mission Ascension Guide

This Mission Ascension Project Guide shares some of the roles that we are all playing in the Divine Plan, and brief guidance for each of those roles. 

No matter where we are on the journey, we are all a part of the Divine Plan, and by utilizing our gifts and skills in unity, we can complete this Ascension together as one! 

Image by Daniele Levis Pelusi
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