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cosmic astrology Workshop 

Join us for a Cosmic Astrology Workshop beginning on December 4th, 2022! This will be a 7-part Workshop on learning how to intuitively tap into the planets, how to read your Birth Chart + Synastry, understanding the Signs + Houses, as well as mapping the Cosmic Astrology of 2023! 

Astrology is an art form that provides us insight into the cosmic energies that are guiding and shaping our Ascension process. The more we come to understand the interconnectedness of this Universe, the more Oneness we will anchor in.

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Welcome to your 5D Light Center! We are a multi-dimensional platform that offers everything from free resources, to educational videos, sessions, workshops & more!

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About Us

We are dedicated to the evolution of humanity into the higher frequencies of love & unity. Our greatest vision is for all of humanity to return to their natural state of joy & creativity.  Pure 5D heart based consciousness.

Based on Universal law and and Right Action, this community is open to all who wish to learn and evolve in a higher consciousness paradigm. We seek to provide a learning environment for all that allows for divine intelligence, peace, creativity, art, music, unity, unconditional love, intuition, & inspiration. 

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At the very dawn of religion, god was a woman. do you remember?

- Merlin Stone
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