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Welcome to your 5D Light Center! We are a multi-dimensional platform that offers everything from free resources, to educational videos, sessions, workshops & more!

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About Us

We are dedicated to the evolution of humanity into the higher frequencies of love & unity. Our greatest vision is for all of humanity to return to their natural state of joy & creativity.  Pure 5D heart based consciousness.

Based on Universal law and and Right Action, this community is open to all who wish to learn and evolve in a higher consciousness paradigm. We seek to provide a learning environment for all that allows for divine intelligence, peace, creativity, art, music, unity, unconditional love, intuition, & inspiration. 

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"Thus, at the very edge of death, we will return to the beginning. That is, at the end of the world (where we must surely be!) we will return to the goddess, the great mother of all life, as her magic children. in a round world, the only way for human beings to survive the end is to return to the beginning. thus, we complete a circle; but on a spiral, we revolve to a larger circle. Now? is the time to make again sacred our experience."

- Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor
Image by David Peters