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Zoom Live + Recording

Etheric Surgery Training Seminar

This Seminar is a training seminar for each participant to learn how to invoke their own Etheric Surgeries, as well as guide and facilitate others through the process

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Etheric Surgery Training Seminar
Etheric Surgery Training Seminar

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11. 5. 2024 16:00 – 17:30 EST

Zoom Live + Recording


O události

The Etheric Surgeries + Angel Chip Activations represent the balanced harmonics of the Ascension Process. The Surgery is designed to clear out, purge, heal and restore our etheric/energetic bodies so that we are able to raise our frequency, assist with our EGO Death work, and to be able to embody more of the Higher Self. The Angel Chip Activations are the process of activating and embodying our Higher Self Essence, and they assist us with aligning with our purpose, divine missions, and God Selves.

These two protocols and processes are essential for the Ascension and the Higher Self embodiment. The Galactics and the Divine Mother are asking for all who are guided to join these training seminars so that you can continue your Higher Self embodiment work and be able to guide those newly awakened through this process as well. Each of the Seminars will be recorded and will also include our new “144,000 Activation Guide” which will give you in-depth instructions and protocols for the Surgery + Activations.

This training will allow you to invoke and utilize the Etheric Surgery protocols at any time, as well as guide others through the process when needed. The training will entail the following:

~Background info on Etheric Surgeries

~Etheric Surgery Protocols + Procedures

~Chip/Implant Dissolvement

~5D Technology utilized

~Follow Up/Healing recommendations

Each participant will also receive the new 144,000 Activation Guide which details all of these procedures, protocols and information so it can be referenced and utilized at any moment. The guide will also list additional resources that can be used to assist in this process.

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