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Zoom Live + Recordings

Crystalline Process Seminar

A seminar on the Crystalline Process + healing the lower chakras

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Crystalline Process Seminar
Crystalline Process Seminar

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11. 6. 2023 16:00 – 17:00 EDT

Zoom Live + Recordings


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The Crystalline Process occurs in two parts: the burning off, transmuting + transforming of density, toxins, wounds, programmings, EGO thoughts, lower emotions, parasites (physical + energetic), etc. This is required in order to have a purified vessel so that we can enter phase two-the anchoring + embodiment process. Phase two entails being able to absorb, integrate and embody as much Light=Consciousness as possible, anchoring in the Divine Traits, + embodying our Higher Self Essence.

This process occurs in stages and is not linear ! It is an organic process that happens as all of Humanity is undergoing this clearing + DNA activation. However, the more we actively and consciously participate in this process, the easier the transition and the more we assist with Humanity’s healing as well. As these structures are the densest aspects of our physical body, they will need extra love, care + assistance through the Crystalline Process.

The focus of this seminar will be to heal the Root Chakra (physical body), Sacral Chakra (emotional body), + Solar Plexus (mental body), as these are the most damaged chakras/bodies we have. To clear out these chakras, release wounding/programming, and to incorporate tools + techniques to self-heal these bodies. 

The Seminar will be in 3 parts:

Part 1 of the Seminar will focus on the Crystalline Process of the Root Chakra: breaking addictions, releasing fight or flight, regulating the nervous system, + clearing the physical body of toxins + parasites. (June 11th) 

Part 2 of the Seminar will focus on the Crystalline Process of the Sacral Chakra: transforming lower desires, activating life force energy, reclaiming our creative spark, + healing wounds/traumas. (June 13th)

Part 3 of the Seminar will focus on the Crystalline Process of the Solar Plexus: transforming EGO wants, reclaiming empowerment, healing the gut/brain connection, + activating our divine inspiration. (June 15th)


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