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5D Technology Workshop 

Join us for a 5D Technology Workshop Beginning on October 25th, 2022 ! Learn how to connect with heart based technology & how our consciousness is the future of technology. We will explore innovative ideas and solutions as well as how our intent + action creates our environments.

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Welcome to your 5D Light Center! We are a multi-dimensional platform that offers everything from free resources, to educational videos, sessions, workshops & more!

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About Us

We are dedicated to the evolution of humanity into the higher frequencies of love & unity. Our greatest vision is for all of humanity to return to their natural state of joy & creativity.  Pure 5D heart based consciousness.

Based on Universal law and and Right Action, this community is open to all who wish to learn and evolve in a higher consciousness paradigm. We seek to provide a learning environment for all that allows for divine intelligence, peace, creativity, art, music, unity, unconditional love, intuition, & inspiration. 

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At the very dawn of religion, god was a woman. do you remember?

- Merlin Stone
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