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We are now offering new & expanded sessions to assist with higher levels of embodiment, healing & discovering your soul's purpose.

Our new session packages include Galactic Blueprint Session Package, Divine Union Package & our most popular Kit & Kaboodle Package ! 

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We are a multi-dimensional platform that provides you with everything you are going to need on your ascension journey.

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About Us

We are dedicated to the evolution of humanity into the higher frequencies of love & unity. Our greatest vision is for all of humanity to return to their natural state of joy & creativity.  Pure 5D heart based consciousness.

Based on Universal law and and Right Action, this community is open to all who wish to learn and evolve in a higher consciousness paradigm. We seek to provide a learning environment for all that allows for divine intelligence, peace, creativity, art, music, unity, unconditional love, intuition, & inspiration. 

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At the very dawn of religion, god was a woman. do you remember?

- Merlin Stone
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The Future of Healing has Arrived

At school we were taught about 3 states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. In truth their are actually four states of matter: solid, liquid, gas and GANS(Gas At a Nano State) In truth, all matter is formed from energy and frequency. Plasma is the magnetic and gravitational field that forms all matter. The Aura and Taurus fields that surround all beings, plants, and even man made objects, influence the physical make up of all matter.

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