Workshops and Subscriptions

  • Crystal School Wkshp

    A full introductory workshop to Crystal Schools
    Valid for 7 weeks
    • 8 Full Workshops & Recordings
    • Free Crystal School Guide
    • How to transition children to higher consciousness learning
    • Connect with other Crystal School parents
    • Learn how to share conscious topics with children
    • What the Crystal Schools are all about
    • Online meetup with other Crystal School children (optional)
    • Learn the importance of nature / basic life skills for kids
    • Growth for both parents and children
    • 8 Recording Workshops
    • Sample Crystal School curriculum
  • 13D Plasma Workshop

    A beginners course to Plasma, GANS, Energy Fields & more
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • 4 Live Interactive Workshops + Recordings
    • In Depth Lessons on Plasma, GANS, & 5D Technology
    • How-To Workshops on making GANS, Nano, Plasma, & Generators
    • Lessons on working with Plasma Generators for healing
    • Full Instructional Guide on 5D Technology
    • Discount Coupon for purchasing Plasma Generator Pyramids
  • Awakening Workshop

    A beginners workshop to the awakening process
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • An Exploration To Activate Your Higher Self 3-Part Series
    • Workshop 1: Your Map~ Energy And Your Inner Portals
    • Workshop 2: Dissolving Early Patternings And Dysfunction
    • Workshop 3: Higher Self Activation Through Creativity
  • Best Value

    Love Surprises

    Every month
    A monthly gift box filled with love surprises & new products
    • A Gift Box filled with a variety of love gifts and products
    • New or unique products, samples, & custom gifts for you
    • Each monthly gift box will be unique & special
    • Will be based on astrology, and monthly energies
    • Products that will assist with inner healing and joy
  • 369 Manifestation

    A Workshop for All to Consciously Manifest Their Dreams
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • 4 Live Workshops + Recordings
    • Activity Guides to Unlocking Your Passion
    • Tools & Techniques for Consciously Manifesting
    • Identifying & Dissolving Limited Belief Systems
    • Self-Discovery & Unlocking Our Passions
    • Divine Disciplines to Making Our Dreams a Reality