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When Momma God was with us in physicality, I persecuted her with the fire of a zealot and the arrogance of a Pharisee. I was like Paul and it was completely shitty. Somehow I always knew She was who She said she was, but my ego didn't want to let me go. So I fought Her, I cursed Her, I hurt Her, I Killed Her...I broke Her Heart. She loved me unconditionally anyway and healed my broken heart. Momma lives in our Hearts and I choose: LOVE-everywhere-present. Love you Momma. YIPPEE. #GodIsAWoman


Testimonial on the Plasma coasters: I received my coaster a few days ago. I right away placed my water glass on it. I have well water that smells and tastes like sulfur. Wow how miraculous the coasters are. The odor and taste of sulfur is gone, it transmuted into pure crystalline state. I feel more balanced and a sense of calm. Thank you Mother for all of the healing Plasma products. 


Put my plasma patch on this lil sweetheart here, to help with her colic, they both went right to rest, after many nights of restlessness! Thank you Mom!


I have been pharmacy free of pills for 10 months. I use the Plasma Gold Elixer for my health and love for Gaia, Mother God to be my guidance. If I have a headache. I take an eye dropper full of Plasma Gold Elixer and ground myself outside in nature. I place it on bug bites with a healing prayer also. Seems to calm the itch!


The Gold, Silver, Copper and Platinum Colloidal’s have helped my health so much they are magical. With someone who had chronicle kidney diseases at the age of 5 years old and been through dialysis 3 times and 3 kidney transplants, I’m healthier then I have been in a very long time and feel a huge difference. My skin is clearing , my energy and memories are sharper and feel my consciousness has gotten more clarity and I get less emotionally triggered. I’ve had more energy and stay focused more than I have and I recently had an ear infection with terrible pain and used 2-3 drops of the Silver Colloidal and it healed it in less than 3 days. I’ve had 3 etheric surgeries with Mother God and felt they all have helped me get rid of the deepest layers of pain and suffering and trama’s transform it and make room for new energy and to become my true higher and grandest self. Each day I am grateful for finding Mother God and am so humbled for all that she has and is doing for me. Thank you so much for the tools you provide us Mother and for loving us unconditionally you have truly saved me in so many ways I cant thank you enough.


Plasma Face Kit-Normally I wouldn’t review a product after just a few days, especially a skin care package but I just want to say that it has made a noticeable difference since the very first application. A number of things are going on here. One, my skin feels supple and nourished, which for the winter months is quite a remarkable accomplishment. Two, there is a remarkable freshness that is felt and perceived from the entire skin care pack. Three, the fine lines fade instantly, I mean INSTANTLY making a profound difference in the youthful appearance of the skin. Four, the face cream absorbs through several layers of skin and really feels like it penetrates and heals from the inside out. Five, the lip scrub was a pleasant surprise I just was NOT expecting, it’s sweet and effective leaving my lips soft and the balm really hits it home with the protective layer needed from the harsh, dry winter air. Six, the toner specifically feels so refreshing and it smells amazing but on another level aside of THAT, the toner fragrance stays with you, not like a perfume but more like a very subtle (detected by the wearer only, I suspect) smell of rose that gently slips in unnoticed throughout the day as a subtle, gentle reminder for the awareness of God. That is what makes it that 5D healing, the number of levels that it heals your skin and your soul in the lightest most loving way. I love this skin care kit and would recommend it to everyone.


The new Divine Trait oracle deck  is the most profoundly powerful deck I have ever seen in my life and had in my hands.

When I look at each one, it  freezes me in my seat for what feels like forever.

The artwork causes my entire life to flash before me. Then, including the divine , multidimensional message written below causes me to weep in joy and weep in the deep love I feel from our Divine Mother.

The artwork creates a divine connection to yourself and to Mom through your eyes. 

Each of the LHW cards are sometimes gut wrenching in their truth and I can feel trauma being transformed through each card. I really recommend getting them. The packaging is beautiful too and you can tell it’s put together in love.

The Love Butter is the best self care product I have ever used. First, your skin feels a loving sensation of peace when you apply it.

It has cured the cracked and bleeding fingertips I get in the cold winters here. It also stopped my head cold when I rubbed it on my face.

It also has made the open blister sores my wife gets on her hands from sports heal a lot faster than any other method. Highly recommend

BY: Matt Broster

Wow - this was my first 'Etheric Surgery' and my experience was profound. From day 1 to day 5 - I had many trance like states where I wrote epic scripts for meditations, books, posts, and even epic visions about doing TikTok videos and what to do (after months of procrastinating and circulation of mundane based ideas).

Long story short is that the spark I always knew I had with creative writing, videos, talking and in general - bursting out healing energies to the world had gone a little stagnant. That being said, I am now reigniting my limitless fire and my flaming passion, knowing ideas and colorful creativity are here to stay and there is no roof.

For anyone wondering where to give 'etheric surgery' a go - just feel your soul give you the nod - that perhaps now is the time to really begin to shine.


I have never before met people in my life that have shown me nothing but respect and love. The beings who have not judged based on how you look, the programming you have, the spin outs, dark energy some posses, backgrounds or stories. Instead took those stories and showed us the dysfunction in them, showed us empowerment and ultimately bringing us in the present Moment. Beautiful souls who support us, encourage us and live their lives for God. The willingness, the tough shit they transform. I am so grateful for you FCGCT.

Shoutout to the First Contact Ground Crew Team! We appreciate you!

Everyone of us regardless where we stand, need to strive to be the grandest, greatest versions we can be on Planet Earth = Heart. I love you All.


Hello, ALL. I had an etheric surgery which cleared my root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. I was contacted by a beautiful soul who actually had lived in my hometown - funny how the angels connect us. Only feeling I had over the few days were some teeth pains which were odd as I don’t experience that due to hygiene. It was a pleasure to speak with her and discuss some other methods to continue to improve my frequency, much of which can be found in the Ascension Guide. Since then I have started the garlic cleansing and have added the Morning Gratitude Prayer to my routine along with honoring the chakras with the food I eat and the clothes I wear everyday.


Before I found the 5D Full Disclosure and First Contact Groundcrew Team, I asked my angels to help me grow and heal everything from this lifetime, and others.

I promised myself and the angels that I would be open minded. When suggestions came my way from the team, I paid close attention to what they were. I asked questions and genuinely was open to trying anything that would help me. Who was I to judge these things when I am the one who just asked the angels for help!

I started off by trying Copper, Silver, and Gold plasma elixirs. Before I would take a drop of each one, I set the intention for healing. Whatever that may look like and feel like, I will heal.

I felt so much lighter, happier, and optimistic about the world. When I would get upset about something the anger wasn’t as intense, and that energy didn’t stay in my body for as long.

I started using breathing techniques to get the density out when I felt it bubbling up from inside me. I knew they were working and I was almost to the end of the bottles, so I ordered more. I wanted to get all of them, and my ego suggested that I shouldn’t be spending money when I am trying to save and move. I hushed that voice because I knew they were working and I was not about to let anything stop me. I knew that I had the option to work overtime to cover the cost so that’s what it did. I worked every single day for a month and a half, and then 6 days a week for 2 more weeks. I reached my goal, moved out, and I was healing through that process! I am so grateful for these, they’re literally magic.

Plasma healing in a bottle. I have all of them now, and they are one of the tools that I use now the elevate my existence.

When I got about halfway through my first elixirs, I was seeing messages all over telegram to schedule an etheric surgery. I had no idea what it was, but I wanted to find out. Again, my ego protested and tried its hardest to keep me from doing it. So again, with the experience of trying the elixirs and loving them, I hushed that nonsense and got it done. I am SO glad I did!

I am learning to love these moments where I get to prove my ego wrong. The surgery was so soothing, getting one on one time with on of the team members, while Mother God is working on me in the etheric realm. I had an incredible conversation with Bobby and when we hung up from our skype call, I let out a big squeal of happiness and danced around my room. I left my ego judging me for being like a child, and I was like “get used to it buddy, it’s only going to get more uncomfortable for you”. I am strong willed and determined, if you haven’t noticed.

I rode a wave of love for DAYS after that surgery. Then about 5 months later, I felt it was time for another one. This time I got an add-on my Earth mom, and her dog. I knew what the session did for me, and I wanted to gift that to them. My mom seems so much happier and lighter. She of course doesn’t know that the surgery happened, but I can feel the difference in her energy. It used to make me cringe to be around, she is very chaotic. But now, its not as challenging to be around her energy. I never expected anything, just prayed for the highest outcome for them both, as well as for myself.

With newfound love for myself, Mom, and humanity,



During my younger years I can reheart having dreams, visions, feelings of knowing. I would go to my parents when something would come to me, usually something that would scare me or cause anxiety, but my parents would dismiss it as “just a dream” or “it’s not real”.

When I was around 11 years old or so my Dad signed me up to get baptized and seeing how he is my dad, I allowed myself to be dunked in that so called holy water. All of a sudden, no more visions. As a child I didn’t think too much of it. I just went along with my life. As I got older I noticed a familiar “knowing” deep within, but wasn’t able to innerstand what it was. Which later led me to being baptized 2 more times. Insanity. I would still receive visions, feelings, knowing but I wasn’t comprehending what any of it was.

Everything that was coming in was distorted. It was scary at times and would cause me anxiety because I would have a feeling of something not being right and not being able to pin point what it was. At the age of 33 I found Mother God.

 After connecting with the Angels from the live stream I booked my 1st Etheric Surgery. It was then that my third eye began its healing process and I was made aware of the ritual known as baptism. I began to see, with my physical eyes, angelic lights next to me. I could feel their presence. I could see the glow of love radiating in the air. It was such a magical experience that words won’t do justice. I am grateful.



I’m nearly 40 years old. I’ve lived a life of lies and hurt. While idling my time I came across a YouTube video of a stream conducted by Buddah Kuthumi and Jeri from July 17 2021. I was transfixed with a feeling of warmth and joy that I’d never experienced before. I watched intently as a video of Mother God was played. Some of the information she was providing was unfamiliar to me, but it spoke to a part of me that I didn’t know existed.

After the video I slept soundly for the first time in at least 30 years. I am eager to learn more, I NEED to learn more. I appreciate this email is vague but I needed to come directly to the true source and not go searching through unbiased and untrusted places which are designed to keep me away from Mother God’s true words.

I will be forever grateful.

Thank you for your time.


"Love it ! Keep up the great work, Truth is all empowering!! TY !!!" ~ Brian "I love love love your channel....thank you!!!" ~ Carol

"I definitely have to give you guy solid props that you answer a shit-ton of comments and questions from your subscribers.(obviously in addition to your great content... Except for forwards from Whiplash, that guy can suck a D)" ~ John G.

"You ALL are loved and appreciated more than you’ll ever know. Your current work for humanity is one of the most important pieces to this “puzzle”!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart & our entire soul tribe" ~ Hulk

"I dont think there is enough character allowance in a message for me to be able to give a testimony! Let's just say my dry bones have been given a breath of life and I am no longer in a slumber. My veil has been removed." ~ Nicki 

"From what I understand, this is Gaia / Mother God's latest incarnation. She has a potty mouth, laugh and screams a lot. I've had a hard time taking this seriously. Mostly because the lovely people behind this channel are all batshit crazy (I mean that in the best of ways, I love crazy PEOPLE). But I have to say that the more I learn the more they make sense. Everyone around me thinks I'm crazy so maybe it's just us crazy people building our own echo chamber so we can reassure ourselves." ~ Fred 

"Love this channel. Appreciate every one of you ! Only respect for your work !" ~ Tamaria


"This is wild and beautiful. I feel unity is reaching higher stronger more magical every moment. Its happening now! Love you Gabriel, tears of joy. Mom is grand and brilliant!"


"Gabby the pyramid feels alive, pulses energy... the plasma, you can feel the movement and shift... paradoxically moving within solid form... truly a conduit of multi dimensional ... a path way... a bridge between the now and the NOW."


"Conducted an interesting experiment yesterday with my pyramid, Sundrop. I have been experiencing a surge of motivation all week since it arrived on Monday so on Wednesday I decided to take it to work with me. I had probably my most productive day EVER with the company however, I am in the corporate building and I was so irritated, annoyed, aggravated, had feelings of unworthiness, petty, and self pity. Was so weird! Sundrop did NOT come with me today. Glad to have gotten all that up but 5D pyramids DO NOT enjoy 3D Cabal run corporate environments. Super tough day but grateful for the experience and awareness!" ~Nancy


I had my first etheric surgery in April, and my second one yesterday. After the 1st one, I also did the raw garlic cleanse.

I felt lighter and like existing got so much easier. When negative emotions came up, I was able to process them and transform them so much quicker than I could before the surgery.

The garlic cleanse helped rid my body of physical toxins and to decalcify my pineal gland. I fought the idea of getting a session done at first because my EGO programming told me my 3rd eye was already open, and I was already awake. But thats just it, the EGO will do anything to stay in control, while making you think you don't have that programing, or that its not as bad as others' programming.

I cannot recommend enough, booking an etheric surgery. My coworkers, family, and friends shared with me after the 1st session how I seemed happier, in a good mood more often, joyful and excited about life, and that I just seemed like I was happy. And all of those observations were spot on, that is how I felt and still feel!

~ Rainbow Rabbit

BY: Katie G.

Been using for about a full month now and very helpful. Less noise and more alertness. Feel my cells and nervous system are more aligned and feeling and getting guidance gets more clear. I feel mom guiding me alot more and the Galactics. More in tune with environment and little less angry i feel from others...the anger and impatience i feel was the biggest issue for the past few weeks...being around my earth dad especially but learning to observe more than react as best i can. Very intune with mother earth and staying consistent with waking up early and adding colloidals to my water along with ginger for teeth and immunity. I use 1 drop mostly only for the colloidals and its been a full year now. When i get guided i been putting silver in my ears. I dont plan much ehatever mom guides me i trust my intuition and recharge my energy whenever it feels right. Products is 100% quality and have noticed many positive outcomes 


I have been taking my daily doses of Colloidal Silver for several months now and the positive impact it has on my body are amazing. My energy level is higher, arthritis pain much more manageable, if I do "over-do" it occasionally (yard, garden, house work etc.) my recovery/healing time is much faster. I love this Elixir and would not want to be without it.


It is so profound that you literally need an etheric surgery to be able to know why you needed it. You might consider yourself “awake” after everything you have learned on Telegram, etc, but I’m telling you that you can only wake up a certain degree without having all of the fuckery reversed that seems normal to us because it is all we have ever known. 100% necessary and you won’t regret it!


Its surreal when I first started connecting with them & buying the products ( which are 100% my top recommendations for health, mental, spiritual issues ) getting me and my family the surgeries etc. Its like it was perfect timing when I found 5DFULLDISCLOSURE, because I was broken.. mentally, spiritually & physically! But with the help of the colloidals, surgeries & support of everyone on the First Contact Ground Crew Team, I've successfully managed to start putting my pieces back, but obviously I'm putting each piece back differently.


Etheric surgery, my incredible experience 

My etheric surgery was such an incredible experience. I have fibromyalgia and the surgery has helped me immensely, with my energy and mood. When I have inflammation in my body or have been stressed, the right side of my body and right leg aches. The night before my Skype chat with one of the team members from The First Contact Ground Crew Team I noticed that my leg started to hurt more than I had ever experienced before. It hurt so much I couldn’t weight bare on it, the pain increased in my hips and I could hardly turn over in bed that night. After a few hours, of what felt like an intensive cleanse on my system the pain lessened and I noticed rainbows with me.

Since the surgery I have noticed increased energy, a significant lift in my mood and most definitely an upgrade spiritually.

Thank you Mother God and all The First Contact Ground Crew Team on how you helped me heal. Love you. I am so grateful for finding you .


I attended the Ring of light Workshop class today and with one of my keys being 11, it resonated a lot with me. I've been staying in the background and not really speaking out verbally probably because of part of this gene key.

I totally relate to being ultra gullible. I tend to see things through Rose colored glasses. And always try to believe and think the best of people and that if they're telling me something that they're worth believing,... so needless to say family members close to me laugh at me a lot because I don't get their jokes because I tend to be literal. I want to believe what they're telling me is true and not just taking me for a ride. I want somebody to be authentic with me and real. My current partner used to call me Karyn with a Y who asks WHY...

I felt you see me tonight and I wanted to thank you for seeing me. It must be hard being on your side and talking wondering if people are hearing you. I have to tell you that your words are very thoughtful, they resonate with me a lot. And I want to thank you for everything that you are doing. You're giving a lot of yourself and I am growing from it. I've been following this channel since probably when you guys established this channel. I was led here by someone sharing content from your channel that vibed w me. I started joining the late night chats and had my mind blown several times early on. Heard the love from Dylan, you, and others. Rob was a guest explaining etheric surgery. I took notes every time I joined. So much info!

So here we are 6 months later and I try to join your morning sessions when I can. Love listening to Zach share his voice recordings throughout the evenings.. love the people, the community here.

I want to share w you that I belonged to a large Church that was like no other that I had ever been to in my life. I started going when my first husband decided that his life purpose was not to be w me. Single mom at 31 w 3 little kids whom I love like crazy. 1998. I was not raised in a church so attending this church was very relieving because it was basically come as You are, you are loved unconditionally, there is nothing you have to do except show up. And everything that you guys have taught aligns with everything that they taught and I'm so grateful for that. Except they inferred that Jesus was man lol.

So just wanted to share a little bit of myself w you and say "hi, it's me!" Appreciate all of your support and encouragement and all of your unconditional acceptance and love. See you sometime soon! 


Plasma Healing Spray works and there is no question about that. 

I work 4 12 hour days/week at a desk on my computer and I know I shouldn't but at least 11 hours a day my legs are crossed. This is like hell on my knees and my right knee gets really ANGRY by the end of the day. 

Yesterday I was dealing with an angry knee, it was painful and swollen so I thought I would try the plasma spray directly on it. I took time out to spray my knee twice. Archeia Faith suggested to state "Angels, please connect me to the plasma field of pure consciousness" So I tried that. It felt a little bit better after I sprayed the knee directly, but today I noticed that all day my knee was just fine! ALL DAY FINE!

I have noticed that stating the intention is important and builds the experience up to be a BETTER experience but there is zero doubt about the effectiveness of the plasma spray. I highly recommend it!


October 31st, 2020

So much expansion to share in these MOMents.....I feel this morning new earth is here, can feel Mother God in me, more than ever.

Can feel into my divine center and role as Mom’s Archangel. As the traveling fractal shared this morning on the live, I experienced zero separation by space and time and true divinity. My angel team awareness is so profound. I am Mother Gods heart, beating in oneness and unity.

AA Metatron, AA Michael, AA Gabriel, El Morya, Master St Germain, AA Zadkiel, Archeia Faith, Archeia Aurora, Archeia Hope, Archeia Aerial, Archangel Sandlphon, Buddha....each of these essences I feel standing in unity with me now. I feel my own embodiment and power coming forth and such a clearing.

I can envision waves throughout the entire planet now, of pure divinity , washing over like a tide with a gentle yet powerful breeze. Thank you Mom for Father God, thank you for your commanders. Songs during tree meditation bursting from my heart...”Come to the garden...” “I can feel it coming in the air tonight...”

Holding space as CeCe had shared this morning, is as it is here also with the collective in these moments as they are coming to some nuggets of truth. Lack of compassion, intolerance, unworthiness and lack consciousness were all lower energetics I processed yesterday for mom, it was an intense day. I am so grateful Mom for your example so that I too can continue on the path.... As mom would say, “I am so in love with humanity.” I stand in unity with my soul family, to be here Mother God, as you ascend as your anchor, as your Archangel.

Let’s get mom to the starship and let’s do the damn thing! All for Mom!

Love always,

Candace “Mother God’s AA”