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Welcome to our Projects Page! These are all projects and collaborations that have been co-created with other lovers & givers in service to Humanity. Our goal is to create all the foundations that every being will need to assist them on their awakening journey. 


Return To Innocence Project

This project is an open platform to bring disclosure, awareness & healing to those who have been abused, trafficking, or neglected. Healing our trauma and our inner child will help heal the planet & the collective. As we return to innocence we return to our God Self. 

Our first workshop will be held on 11/30 & will be open to all who RSVP. 

Earth Star Network 

Our Earth Star Network will be launched on 12/12 & will be a Galactic Yellow Pages! We are seeking to put together a database of beings who are in service to humanity & aligned with 5D, but supporting their unique skills, businesses, and services. If you would like to be included in this database, please email us!