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You are the movie maker!

By Ramona Lappin

You are the movie maker!

Once we truly and fully understand that our DNA is acting as the film strip to our realities, which are in truth projected out from inside of us, we would no longer complain about the state of the outside world. We would understand that the Key to changing them lies within ourselves, not outside of us such as in the hands of any politician, lawmaker or proclaimed hero. Each one of us is our own Hero in this crazy story we call life. Whatever triggers and tickles us that is observed and experienced, is truly an opportunity for us to unravel further layers of false programming and coding from inside of our DNA and Template, the hologram, our Consciousness.

Whatever we hold judgement or resistance against shows us where we are holding a false perception of reality. The Collective unconscious is currently unravelling itself from a mass psychosis it's been under. Psychosis is described as: "Psychosis is a condition that affects the way your brain processes information. It causes you to lose touch with reality. You might see, hear, or believe things that aren't real. Psychosis is a symptom, not an illness."

So when I say that we're suffering from a mass psychosis what I mean is is that our realities have been inverted/ reversed and we are not seeing them as they actually are. Plus of course it's a hologram and they truly aren't real in the sense that they are a projection of the One Consciousness. What we'd call the 3&4D layer of reality is the least real of all the ones that follow, those we'd call the higher ones. The higher we go in dimensions the more 'real' it gets, yet all remains to be a projection and reflection of consciousness. It's all imagination. All a projection. Source is the only true reality as I perceive it and have been shown. Now of course that doesn't belittle our experiences but it allows us a 'way out'!!

Because everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, IS CONSCIOUSNESS, it's consciousness that has been inverted/ reversed. Our realities are a result of this. So we have to go back to the origin and source of the inversion/ reversal in order to resolve it. Or another/ better way to explain it is that Consciousness has/ was split. Now it is merging again and healing it's psychosis of seeing everything 'upside down' or 'inside out'. By that I refer to the inversion/ reversal of the Consciousness that believed the outside was affecting the inside. Where the Truth is that it is the inside, our Consciousness, that projects the realities into the 'outside'.

An example of the inversion/ reversal of consciousness would be that people, systems, governments etc. are the reason for our experienced misery, creating corruption and injustice f.e.. Where people or governments do something to us or are here to help and rescue us. Or f.e. when we blame people for creating a negative atmosphere/ energy such as someone feeling depressed or angry, which we then may perceive as someone outside of us affecting our well-being, when in close proximity or contact. Isn't that all of part of us giving our power away? Of blaming something outside of us for how we are feeling instead of us mastering our own experience, sovereign self and energetic field? Now that doesn't mean we don't hold people accountable for their actions and behaviours, including ourselves, when we are guided to do so. It's important that we do not allow others to disrespect, violate or abuse us in any way, shape or form, but we know we can hold our own and that another person's behaviour ultimately doesn't hold power over us. Unless of course we allow it and it's triggering an unresolved, unhealed aspect of us. When we have a strong sovereign energetic field, another person's evergy will not be able to affect us. Nothing outside of us will be able to affect us unless we allow it. When we are in the 'higher frequency' of the two in the room f.e. we would lift the 'lower' one up, neutralize or cancel it out. We always have the choice to chose our own reactions and actions to whatever arises in our simulation.

This psychosis I'm speaking of is what has brought on/ gave birth to/ created the reversals of our realities which is a reflection of our Consciousness, as said. It made us point outside of self for the reasons of us feeling miserable, for our suffering and unhappiness. We either blame the world or at the other end of the inversion, we blame ourselves. In order to re-reverse it all, we are to turn everything back on the self instead of the other way around. But instead of blaming everything that has happened to us on something outside of us, or the Self, we question what it has to teach us! It is about us transcending blame, shame and guilt all together. Every trigger is showing us where we are still requiring to integrate another aspect of us, of the One, of God Source. We cannot come to Divine Union Within without it. We cannot deny, judge, suppress or demonize any one aspect we come across if we wish to unify all within the self.

Let's take for example the following themes that had many of us triggered over this past year and let's ask ourselves what it is truly reflecting back at us, as an unresolved aspect of us and The One:

- Masks: Where am I still hiding my true self? Where am I pretending to be something/ someone I am not? Where can I not 'face something'? What societal mask/s am I wearing? What am I hiding behind my mask? Where am I masking my true feelings and identity? Who or what can I not look at/ face (within self and/ or others)?

- Censorship: Where are we not allowing others to speak their truth or are telling them that their beliefs are nonesense? Where do we block people/ cancel friendshind because we don't agree with what they say? Where do we cut people off when they speak? Where are we allowing others to ridicule and silence us or gaslight our realities or are doing this to others? Where are we afraid to speak our truth?

- Control: Where in our life's are we being controlling? Where do we control others? Where are we letting others control us?

Etc etc...

When we understand that us changing within the self that which we find fault with or triggers us, that's when we find the key to our transformation and that of our realities. Sometimes it's an old aspect of us that is being reflected back to us and we are judging it, or it is something unfamiliar to us that we can not understand. It's for us to lose or rather transcend that judgement as whatever we judge will keep popping up in our reality and trigger us until we do. You can apply that to everything. All is offering us an opportunity to integrate more of Source as we understand that all is/ are a reflection, an aspect, a fractal of Source, of The One Consciousness. As once we become truly One with it all, understanding all as an aspect of us and of God, in true reverence for all life everywhere, do we get to change it all. As long as we still judge, resist or condem any part of us, we will not come to peace with it and ultimately within ourselves, we will keep having it come up in our experiences and realities until it has all been resolved/ integrated. We can't release, exorcise or clear these parts and aspects until we become One with them. All is a reflection of the One Consciousness that requires integration. Again, the saying "whatever you resist persists" is a core truth. Just like when someone keeps ending up in abusive relationships until they heal the cause of what keeps attracting them to the same type of people and experiences. It comes back to unresolved traumas we are holding in our Templates that require healing. Things keep coming around until the root cause has been identified and then healed/ resolved.

So when we can truly start to see and feel everything as an invitation to our own and the Collective healing and atONEment with all of creation, we would start seeing all of our triggers and these very good bad actors as Blessings. We would understand that they are our invitation to healing ourselves and all of Creation. When we let go of all the blame, shame, guilt, pride, envy, jealousy, anger, all the victim and victimizer programming, we are left with an opportunity to heal all these collective wounds within The One Self/ ourselves, where we integrate all these aspects. When we find true forgiveness for ourselves and all others we ultimately SET us ALL FREE! It's actually even beyond forgiveness as we see the perfection behind all of creation and how all of this works, everyone playing their part. All can be resolved within the One Consciousness. That's why we like talking to the Self. It's very therapeutic as many of us know Where we hold all accountable and responsible within the Self without blaming and shaming. When we have stopped blaming ourselves and all others for where we are at and understand that everything just is as it is (acausal) so we could all learn our soul lessons, that's when the movie changes. Because as long as we blame anyone we keep looping the old stories. Sometimes we get to play the victim and sometimes the victimizer, and so we keep on playing these various roles, until NOW, where WE RESOLVE IT ALL!! The actual 'culprit' is the One Consciousness which we are all part of. So we are also all part of the solution/ resolution. Now as it merges again as One, we all merge as One Collective Consciousness, all heals. The whole brain state is a reflection of that. No more split brain. This again will be reflected by a unified Humanity and the new tri-UNITY Grids fully coming online. It's all inner-connected!

It's ultimately the judgement that keeps these old realities in place that are now dissolving and resolving itself as well as make the really good bad actors 'disappear'. Ultimately we came up with them all by projecting our own shadows at the outside. We created monsters and entities in our minds to have something to blame outside of us. We have created them from our own negative thought forms and beliefs that were left unresolved and so they kept building, us feeding these creatures with our negative energy and they took on form.

So how do we uncreate them? By understanding they are part of us, of The One, made up with our minds, way back in 'time'. Now we get to dissolve them with that same power of the mind, together with the wisdom of our hearts. With our thoughts and beliefs that are now rapidly changing back to their harmonious 'original' form. All these 'bad' characters and actors are but a reflection of the Collective Unconscious, of the deepest darkest thoughts, beliefs and creations that we creates as One. Only when we take on full responsibility and accountability for our creations, but not from a place of guilt or shame, do we get to CREATE ALL NEW REALITIES! That's the Zero Point Field of Neutrality in the timeless QUANTUM NOW where we get to change it all. That's how powerful we are. But with Power comes responsibility No more blaming anything outside of us, nor ourselves. Part of this is of course our own healing process but in the end healing doesn't so much happen 'over time' but through a shift in perspective and Consciousness. When we come to FULL FORGIVENESS and resolution within, which becomes our own inner peace, then the whole movie changes, which is a holographic quantum projection, projected from inside of our DNA, remember!? ALL A REFLECTION of the Collective Consciousness. All mirrors, all reflecting something back to us. Owning this returns our power back to us!

Whatever we resist and judge persists and all matter is but made of thought as thoughts create things. So the next time you watch or hear something that makes you feel disempowered, ask yourself, what is this telling me? What aspect here still wants to be integrated, loved, embraced and accepted? So we keep going within and resolve all our remaining judgement and whatever is beneath our triggers, all our wounds, that's how we 'heal' ourselves along with the hologram. The power has been inside of us all along, but we forgot who we were. We kept blaming others and ourselves instead of understanding that the solution lies in going deep within and unravelling it all from there. No more pointing fingers although we have to hold others and self responsible and accountable, it just comes from a very different energetic that transcends the victim and victimizer programming. Now it's important we own all the feelings that come up so in order to get to no judgement for example we judge as well as observe the one judging. We don't judge the judger either. This is where it gets fun, if we allow it. We have to release it all energetically too so what I'm saying is that ultimately we keep releasing it mindfully and keep coming back to Neutrality, balancing all out until we no longer judge because now we innerstand how all of this works. We can mindfully and playfully let all the judgement come up and out and have a judgement rant whilst also being the neutral observer of it, whilst understanding why the thing we are judging is the way it is. Integrating all Polarities through the Zero Point Field. That is what collapses the polarised bi-wave pattern, old architecture/ Grid System and reversals, within and without.

Enabling and making excuses for ourselves or others for 'bad behaviour' is also part of the problem, just the opposite of blame. Same is for us letting others project their unresolved shadow aspects onto us and taking them on as our own, feeling guilty and responsible for another person's bad behavior, which only happens when we don't know ourselves fully and are insecure. We also don't project our own unresolved traumas at others in a bid not to have to take responsibility for them and access's the underlying pain. It's definitely a bit of a mine field to figure out what's what. The solution to it all is to truly 'Know Thyself'. That way you won't take on projections and they won't bother you and you will hold yourself and others responsible for their actions if they cause harm. Also, as all is about frequency resonance, if something wouldn't require resolution/ healing/ integration then it most likely wouldn't come up in our reality in the first place. When we have to stand our ground in a situation, we do so from a peaceful, loving, forgiving, understanding and open Heart. A love that understands when it needs to be firm, when tough love is necessary, when it is to be soft and gentle. It's not naive and has firm boundaries. That's Divine Love.

We are to keep remembering now for good, that all is an inside out reflection, all held in our DNA, Template and Consciousness, and that we have the power to change it all! That's what BEing THE CHANGE means truly. We held the power all along my dears, it's just that we kept forgetting and kept giving it away. Now the 'spells' are wearing off, we now truly start to awaken from the Collective Dream Spell. The ending of time as we know it. The end of Karma and Collective debt. Forgiveness of all that has come before, all karmic dept, is DEBT FORGIVENESS. All is inner-linked. It is Quantum.

What I see happening is a HUGE collective clearing and exorcism along with a simultaneous soul retrieval and integration of our Higher Self aspects, which allows us to remember and embody our true nature again. It allows us to truly connect and become One, with one another, with God Source. We will keep remembering that God is inside of us, we are One with it and never seperate. It is a beautiful sight to behold and we're all doing this together as One! What is being projected at us especially from the media is all 'smoke and mirrors' and is not reflecting the true 'state of affairs'. Much is happening behind the veil which is rapidly lifting. As we collectively awaken, the truth is being revealed, it's simultaneous. ALL IS INNER-CONNECTED!! It's Quantum. It's all projected from inside of us and that's where WE GET TO unravel, unveil, reveal, resolve and HEAL IT ALL! It's all an inside job. That's our power right there!!

When we truly, fully understand that the production of the movie (which we call reality) is happening inside of us, we would spend more time and focus on the production and less on watching the actual movie. We are also the script writers, the actors and camera team. Time to come up with a whole new script and plotline.

"Everything in the Universe is within you. Ask all from yourself!" - Rumi

Eternal Love & Blessings, all-ways, Ramona


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