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You are the movie maker!

By Ramona Lappin

You are the movie maker!

Once we truly and fully understand that our DNA is acting as the film strip to our realities, which are in truth projected out from inside of us, we would no longer complain about the state of the outside world. We would understand that the Key to changing them lies within ourselves, not outside of us such as in the hands of any politician, lawmaker or proclaimed hero. Each one of us is our own Hero in this crazy story we call life. Whatever triggers and tickles us that is observed and experienced, is truly an opportunity for us to unravel further layers of false programming and coding from inside of our DNA and Template, the hologram, our Consciousness.

Whatever we hold judgement or resistance against shows us where we are holding a false perception of reality. The Collective unconscious is currently unravelling itself from a mass psychosis it's been under. Psychosis is described as: "Psychosis is a condition that affects the way your brain processes information. It causes you to lose touch with reality. You might see, hear, or believe things that aren't real. Psychosis is a symptom, not an illness."

So when I say that we're suffering from a mass psychosis what I mean is is that our realities have been inverted/ reversed and we are not seeing them as they actually are. Plus of course it's a hologram and they truly aren't real in the sense that they are a projection of the One Consciousness. What we'd call the 3&4D layer of reality is the least real of all the ones that follow, those we'd call the higher ones. The higher we go in dimensions the more 'real' it gets, yet all remains to be a projection and reflection of consciousness. It's all imagination. All a projection. Source is the only true reality as I perceive it and have been shown. Now of course that doesn't belittle our experiences but it allows us a 'way out'!!

Because everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, IS CONSCIOUSNESS, it's consciousness that has been inverted/ reversed. Our realities are a result of this. So we have to go back to the origin and source of the inversion/ reversal in order to resolve it. Or another/ better way to explain it is that Consciousness has/ was split. Now it is merging again and healing it's psychosis of seeing everything 'upside down' or 'inside out'. By that I refer to the inversion/ reversal of the Consciousness that believed the outside was affecting the inside. Where the Truth is that it is the inside, our Consciousness, tha