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Where We Gather Is Our Hearts All Together

Thank you FCGT for every today you shine and rise and it is always a wonderful today with you all.. and when and where we gather is our hearts all together all ways love and loving so unconditionally so unknowable.

True reality.

The realest light and love described Live from beat of the heart our organic whole pure real and true Divine Mother Creator.. One love equal one heart one planet one world joyfully filled with awe inspiring wonders of five dimensions in this very present of now Shumann Popping non stoppin never a quitter. Love didn’t come here with a code based out of the simple herstory that’s rare to be a part of where heaven is now. Thank you for showing up as Love for all of humanity. And my self.

Being and doing are a constant flow of meditative mastership alongside our closest meaningful higher self togetherness in balanced harmonics oneness energy. I give many thanks for Mom and the Galactic A Team All Angels Archeia Archangels inner earth beings the sun the bees and forgiving of the moon and the tender reeds who are the meek inheriting the earth. The roses that grow through concrete. The Shift from everyone and everything happening with all who choose love in with all those of the highest. Hallelujah our blessings go out to all of us who show up for love. And when the choice is made simply There’s nothing less or more to focus on. There’s nothing to worry about when you choose love. Finally, I testify that for 3 years coming this December knowing of our Creator I affirm in all my truth and wisdom I decree and devote my all for this cause. Divine plan. Together with your own co creative abilities we can continue to grow and manifest a destiny of harmony peace abundance blessings miracles and without all hostility in being human I pray we can all manifest our dreams of becoming a better planet never ever going against the grain that is not true reality. with truth and wisdom warm regards Mi Jo


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