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Weekly Navigation Report

For the week of September 20 - 26, 2021

Via Planet news by Zoe

By: Christine Clemmer

The week ahead is a magical orchestration of divine possibilities that arise from the infinite realm when we’re aligned and in tune with our heart. Anything is possible when we practice trust and faith in the unseen, allowing a higher vision to manifest and take shape beyond our mind’s current template of understanding.

Our logical linear mind on its own can only take us where we’ve gone before, while the heart is guiding us in synch with the universal realm of oneness and divine timing, into new dimensions and new possibilities. The heart holds the roadmap, the blueprint, and the higher lens of vision that allows us to navigate the periods of uncertainty without losing our center. When the mind attunes to the visionary channels of the heart, we begin to see clearly and observe the new possibilities awakening through our higher channels of divine communication.

When moments of uncertainty challenge our capacity for trust and faith, the logical mind can spin out, trying to figure out the next move and coordinate a plan of action. The problem is, the mind can only comprehend what it has seen before, based on past experience. The mind can’t compute new consciousness or unfamiliar terrain that has never been explored or considered. The Pisces Ocean of limitless possibility contains every thread of potential, every spark of creative brilliance, and every imagining – including what’s never been seen before. In order to harness that universal creative visionary potential, we must surrender the mind to what we don’t know, what we don’t yet understand, and what we can’t yet see. That’s the only way to invite and allow the magic of the universe to reveal itself fully, as we take a step and trust.