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We Have ALL Entered A Collective Timeline of "Not Knowing"

By Amanda Lorence


We have ALL entered / are entering a Collective Timeline that has the effect of producing a HEIGHTENED state of “NOT KNOWING”. This is part of a Collective Timeline, yet the “NOT KNOWING” is each’s unique experience, born from their OWN individual life just now.

Whether people are consciously aware they are in a space of their own “NOT KNOWING”, or whether they are unaware of this and just feel confused, everyone is in it / shall enter an acute experience of it.

This is part of the Grander Lighted Design; the Bigger Picture design.

There is a CHOICE: To find peace within you, in accepting “NOT KNOWING” or Allow any fear you hold within you, to drive you, by your mind’s reaction to it.

To find Peace in any “NOT KNOWING”: Acknowledge you DON’T know. ACCEPT you don’t know. Accept no there knows best for you either! Only YOU experience your perspective. When we just ACCEPT the “NOT KNOWING” within our OWN storyline, total peace, through acceptance enters our being. We then FEEL the ever present inner Peace (a Higher hertz vibration). Because we’ve LET GO of any RESISTENCE (a Lower hertz vibration) and inner fight of “NOT KNOWING” this or that. You are then in that release, a pen inner calmness, in acceptance of “NOT KNOWING” within your own CURRENT timeline (current reality/life).

When in acceptance of “NOT KNOWING”, there can be (if you allow development), an APPARENT TRUST in any “NOT KNOWING”. You are trusting the GRANDER DESIGN or Bigger Picture of this lighted design, that shall unfold at IT’s aligned Collective timing. All is not what it seems for now. When we choose to TRUST the Bigger Picture and accept our own “NOT KNOWINGS”, we can walk in peace, within ourselves and so without.

But when we DO NOT CHOOSE to accept our own “NOT KNOWING” we can feel our own resistance (an energetic vibration within the body), and an action of FORCE may well be taken. Force, is Universal ANTI-FLOW. Where, there is the absence of inner peace, absence of inner acceptance and absence of our OWN inner TRUST in God’s/Source/Creator’s Lighted Design. The individual will walk in fear, speak from that mistrust, act by forcing.

And so THIS TIMELINE heading towards Solstice and the coming week, will allow each their choice and experience: To trust God’s Grand Design, be in peace, expand, or Experience an absence of trust, feel a vast array of lower energetic frequencies, via their own energetic contraction.

When we are in peace and acceptance and TRUST, of any and all “NOT KNOWINGS”, we walk together. When we do not trust the “NOT KNOWING”, we walk in fear, can pass on fears and can possibly feel alone (separation).

That CHOICE, is within each to decide for themselves. There is no right or wrong. But the Timeline presentation is actually a GIFT, for people to SEE DEEPLY and THROUGH. To hold compassion and FEEL the COLLECTIVE all walking through “No Man’s Land” individually, and yet it is a WALK...Together.

BELOW is an excerpt from my 19 February 2021 WAYSHOWERS POST shared again: “ADDITIONAL ENERGY DATA: Last week I was also made aware that 21 June 2021 (Summer Equinox), shall deliver the ENERGETIC FREQUENCY of 528Hz. This frequency equals in labelling terms to: LOVE.”

Finally, I don’t like giving any advice, but if people felt they needed it, and if this resonated: To walk this next week SLOWLY. In order to feel the incoming vibrations, in peace and joy, and in that high vibration sustained, receive the higher frequency DATA given directly and individually to YOU, by YOU.

One Love Amanda Lorence 18 June 2021

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