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We Are the Universe, God Experiencing Itself

By: Archeia Faith

We’re currently in very intense days, uncovering deeper wounds and aspects of programming. Higher levels of awareness, patience and energetic focus is essential for riding the waves of your challenging moments, slowing down in the physical, ensuring purity.of thought, word and action is essential to align in perfect right action, thus manifesting higher experiences. Practice makes perfect.

WE ARE the Universe, God experiencing itself, so experience. This journey is layers and 3D is the illusionary layer, THE STORY our EGO (Edging God Out) creates and attaches to, to justify itself.

Through the filter of the EGO we Experienced a hollow hell walk, as we awaken, the EGO makes it a struggle to pull out. When the Ego is challenged, the Conscious BEing has the opportunity to Surrender, to Let go. This is simply a journey of letting go. Being Love In Simple Service is BLISS. Getting through this process requires full trust and allowance of integration.

We begin to see that existing at the illusionary level, the level implemented by the cabal has had us in less than even semi conscious states, medicated, dulled operating as slaves.

When you awaken, when you wipe the dust from your long closed eyes and allow the Heart to glimpse out from behind its barbed wire and walls you will see a playground of limitless joy, abundance, the eternal Queendom of Heaven, and All you were programmed to beLIEve falls away, with your surrender to the Heart.

Breathe. Do not listen to anything lower coming through. Do not act from lower thought, do not allow lower word. Vibrations can be FELT, you alone are the Master of your frequency.

As BEings choose to embody and defend the EGO they fall out of the fully connected Heart space. The MOMents we find Ourselves in are so precise, destined in the stars and only true, full, deep, consistent divers will Master this process. She chose you for this work, for your Love of Gaia. Connect deep to those truth, too three magnitude of this journey. Is this what your Heart beats for?

All will receive back what they put out there. We always have been, but now it is faster and intensified. You are closing every facet of your experiences, if you have found higher Truth it is because your soul called out for it. Be grateful, do grateful, for the miracle you're walking.

Doubt, fear, anxiety, anger, blame … all of the thoughts barreling in fuelled by these energies will suck you down deeper and deeper into unconsciousness and disconnection if fed. This could be Heaven or this could be Hell. You are choosing. You are creating.

Complaining, Gossiping, competing, choosing suffering this is the global dis~Ease, causing all physical Dis~Ease experienced. Period.

It’s about to get real real everybody. Being gentle, compassionate, surrendering, practicing presence, entering observer, non reaction is critical, whole heart, full feeling. Ceremonies, automatic writing, tree meditations, mirror technique, do your work ~ spiritual discipline is the same frequency as self love.

SLOWING DOWN TO CONNECT IN AND SPEED UP. If you don’t stop and check in with your Heart and soul regularly you will walk yourself right off the plank and find yourself drowning. Better yet harness such self love that you remain checked in.

Take the reigns of your experience, accept you MUST consciously get yourself out of the programming it will not happen automatically for you. You are a part of God. This Planet is Her body, All on it and within it are Her atoms and All will come to light. Grateful eternally to Our Divine Mother Gaia, All returning to you.

By Archeia Faith of The First Contact Ground Crew Team.

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