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By: Ramona Lappin

The Collective Field feels soooo much lighter and clearer, although there's still rubble so we will see it all being cleared up now and we are taking an active part in this. This is also a reflection of our own fields that require clearing out of any old rubble/ energies/ density that's being released as part of this Divine Healing Dispensation by Source, returning all back to Perfection, to Purity and Innocence. Bodies get hit hard as we release the old grid system/ hologram from our and the Planetary Template along with the old outdated programs/ belief systems. Deep clearings, upgrades and recalibration to allow for the Integration and to come to homeostasis. Allow for much self care, nurturing of your vessel and relaxation!

After yesterday's massive Planetary and personal Activations, Clearings and Healings, as we activated, anchored, locked and sealed the QUANTUM LEAP to The One Organic Ascension Timeline, the old Matrix hologram is now going to visibly dissolve! It's funny because it's this HUGE event that has happened yet also a non event. What I care and appreciate most about it all is the peace arising from deep within, the conflict and noise subsides, like when you finally get to your holiday destination and start to really relax from every day stresses but still need to get used to your *new environment*! Like retraining our brain and nervous system to a new environment. I see what is happening as a merging and blending as the new Crystalline Diamond Rainbow Plasma Grid/ Tri-wave/ Unityfield takes over.

After yesterday's Activations I was left with a feeling of spiritual PTSD, of consciously clearing 'paranoia' and truly it isn't paranoia but what I call spiritual PTSD. Those of us who have been more consciously aware of and been targeted by the massive levels of spiritual warfare and interference playing out at this level, know what I'm talking about. I am given the visual of coming out of a trench at the end of a war. The end of the war has been announced but you come crawling out and it takes you awhile to TRUST THE PEACE, nervous about possible bullets being fired at you because your nervous system is so used to it after years and eons of war but that's healing now! So that's where we're at. The Field is being cleared and the message is that WE ARE SAFE! It's DONE! THIS IS HUGE!!

Now that doesn't mean we're complacent or no-thing can ever happen to us ever again. We will always be tested in our discernment and boundaries and we're never done done, there's always more, thank God, or we'd get bored. But now we know better, now we've learned from our experiences and are shifting from an overall Frequency based in fear to that in Love! Because that is what the new reality vibe is my friends. We can't stay in fear and expect to attract peace. It's all cultivated, activated and anchored from within! Ultimately, it's important to understand that our thoughts create the monsters in our life's, or another way of looking at it is that it's a frequency match in our template that attracts them like a magnet, seen and unseen. Entities for example are ultimately negative thought forms having taken on a clue of their own. If they match with ours, well it's an energetic match. Fear is the main attractor, paranoia is an expression of that. Most of our thoughts run on autopilot in our unconscious (until now) so that's where our response-ability lies, where we can change it all around! Becoming conscious and aware of how all is created, taking full responsibility for healing our own shadow aspects, self sabotaging behaviours, thoughts and beliefs. Humour and humility serve us well as we navigate this final release of the old programs.

Once we truly know ourselves as God Source and have reclaimed our power through our healing and whole-ing process, we are no longer afraid of anything. Or rather we face any remaining fears and do it anyway, unless of course our guidance tells us otherwise It's important we understand how to tell the difference between old, self sabotaging programming and trauma triggering our fear or our higher guidance and intuition warning us. We only learn that by following our guidance, becoming aware and mindful of our thoughts and beliefs that create our realities, by making experiences to be able to tell the difference between the two. 'Mistakes' have so far been one of our greatest learning tools for us, it's been a crazy experimentation for sure