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We Are Manifesting Heaven On Earth!


Heaven is the perfect life that we all are seeking & creating. A Peaceful Life, Harmonious Relationships, A Healthy Body, Abundance of Wealth, No More Negativity, Non-Violence, No More Animal Slaughter, No More Wars, No More Poverty, Pure Food, Pure Water, Healthy Climate & Environment, Disease-Free Body, Free Energy, Advanced Technologies, Energy Med-Beds, Interstellar Space Exploration, City's of Light & Islands of Light & 100% Freedom. No Human Being was born to live a life of poverty, pain and suffering. However, as we started experiencing duality/darkness and the so called quantum primary anomaly on Earth our situations in life, started compromising with our own ability to create what we truly desired. In many ways this has slowed down are Manifestation and Ascension process. At the sametime unfortunately, we forgot that just by a shift in our own thoughts, thinking patterns, consciousness, and thus vibrations, we can get all that we desire by the Universal Laws. We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience. Everything is energy and has its own specified vibrational frequency that sends into the Universe, our thoughts, words, emotions, actions, etc. We are Multi-Dimensional Beings. Light and Love is Energy. Everything is connected. We are all One. By the Universal Law of Cause & Effect, the energy that you put out will be returned back to you. So anything in your 3D reality is a reflection of your inner self. As within, so without. What's inside, must manifest outside. As you become a more positive thinker and vibrate more positively, you are surrounded with more positive life experiences, positive people, positive circumstances. These are the physical manifestations. You are creating them. You are accessing them. Manifest your kingdom realm, and cause your every purpose to be fulfilled on earth, just as it is fulfilled in heaven. This is all about light – becoming our most illuminated, most brilliant and beautiful light beings that we are, so anchor in the light, pull it down from above. Anchor the light into the center of the Earth and envision the most beautiful expression of Heaven on Earth that you can possibly imagine. The vibration of the Earth is shifting, we are all becoming more and more aware that the planet and ourselves are all Ascending to a Higher vibrational frequency. Since one positive thought is more powerful than hundreds of negative thoughts. One person who is spiritually awakened is more powerful than hundreds of others who are not. Due to this fact, there will definitely be a point in this world when the goodness / heavenly-ness in the Energy (and of course lifestyle) of spiritually awakened people dominates / supercedes / overtakes / takes-over the negative Energy of the rest of the people in this world. That is when, as the inevitable physical manifestations of the positive energy begin to occur, there will be no room for the existing negative manifestations to prevail. It’s all about coming back into love, coming back into the heart center, coming back into the heart wisdom because the heart wisdom is one of the highest wisdom that there is. The truth is you can create heaven on earth or hell on earth simply by what you choose to focus on and the actions we make. For example when you see a rose bush, do you focus on the flowers or the thorns? We can free ourselves from our entrapment, our imprisonment. By making empowered choices, we can make those walls dissolve, and see the Heaven that actually exists all around us. The gradual shift in consciousness has already begun, and we are actually seeing the quality of our individual lives improving. We know that in Ancient times thier were Highly-Spirtual and Technologically Advanced Civilizations that existed in & on this world and still present today, they just remain hidden. We also know that a Rise of a New Humanity will come back into this world. Heaven is real and it is something not just in the stars. We are here to anchor in the higher vibrational frequencies, so that we can create Heaven On Earth. We can do something that’s never happened before in the History of Earth and Humanity. You could aslo think of Heaven and Hell as two different states of awareness. Each can affect your perception of reality. It is a matter of conscious choice of thoughts, emotions and beliefs, NOW. Many of us allow ‘outer forces’ and authorities and religious beliefs to mold our perception of ourselves – and to define who we are and why we are here – on all levels of existence. The way I see it, Heaven is created on Earth when you are in alignment with your source: fulfilling your desires and dreams, living your full potential and creating consciously by knowing what you want and who you are. Heaven is when you understand that you are a deliberate, conscious creator of your own reality: manifesting for the joy of it, living from a love-based perspective. Heaven on Earth is essentially this state of bliss where everybody is operating in this higher vibrational frequency where love and freedom and harmony are the norm. Hell is the opposite. It is when you are out of alignment with your source: ignoring your dreams and passions, not living your full potential and not knowing what you want or who you are. ‘Hell’ on Earth is perpetuated by a negative state of mind nurturing limiting beliefs that ‘tell’ you that you are insignificant and that the reality ‘out there’ is dictating the way your life unfolds. Hell is living in a continuous state of fear. If we can simply approach our lives and believing that it is POSSIBLE, To create the life we desire, we are already half way there. Harnessing the energy that exists in the quantum field is the quantum mechanics in physics that proves our thoughts really do create our reality. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it, if you can dream it, you can become it. We are in the midst of an unprecedented time in history – at the brink of the dawning of a New Golden Age, one where we have the capacity to create Heaven on Earth, a Garden of Eden, A Utopia. Mother Gaia & our Galactic Brothers & Sisters have been patiently awaiting this moment, the moment when Humanity would Awaken & Remember that we are The Children of God & Goddess. We are co-creating our Earthly experiences through our thoughts, words, feelings and actions. Mother Gaia has been longing for the time when Humanity would shift into a Higher state of Unity Consciousness, & Lightworkers & Lightwarriors would be able to reactivate, maintain & sustain the Sarcred Blueprint Patterns of Heaven on Earth, The New Crystalline Grid & The New Atlantis. This is that moment & Now the physical & spiritual manifestation of Heaven on Earth is up to all of us. We create our reality, whether it’s conscious or unconscious. When we become conscious of this truth, we can then become conscious collaborators – conscious co-creators – of the world we wish to live in – of the reality we wish to experience. Personally – I choose Heaven on Earth. I choose love, light, joy, abundance, freedom, bliss, harmony, prosperity and peace. I Choose The New Golden Age of Humanity. I Choose The Age of Aquarius & I Believe it is Possible That We Can Manifest Heaven On Earth.

- Order of the Star

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