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We Are Blessed Beings Indeed

By: Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.

We lightworkers are also told a tale that is not true. How many times have we been told by the truth community to expect certain events on specific dates.

How great has been our excitement and our expectation as we wait for the next date and the next date and the next date of universal revelation.

And yet, nothing happens and we are disappointed. We too are being fed untrue news. We, too can only comprehend that which we are told. We too need to live by the precept "never believe anything anyone says, unless you have more than their words to go by."

It is time, dear hearts, dear lightworkers to stop listening so intently to the videos that talk of dates for the takedown of the deep state players. It is time to stop speculating on arrests, clones, executions and events that may or may not be happening behind the scenes.

For we are now moving up in frequency, we are moving back into the love vibration where we are in touch with our soul and our divine intuition.

And this constant speculation, this concentration on what may or may not be happening, is keeping us in a low vibration.