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Update with Message from Ashtar Sheran

Channelled by: Sharon Stewart

August 12, 2021 Pt1

Obviously, the goal is to reduce the DS's power on planet earth. It's being hit on many fronts: financial, legal, political, big tech, big pharma (vaxx), DUMBs. Obviously, minimizing the impact of their aggression towards people of earth is important.

•I believe that there is a catalyst point, and that point is the amount of Light we can hold as a planet. I think we're near the 50% point (remembering that stronger lightworkers are able to hold more light than earthlings. They're the holders of most light, the earthlings who are still here who are not going to go through the ascension process hold the least amount of light. I believe timelines are splitting along those lines and every point in between. That's why you have horrendous break-ups with people due to differences of ideology (and frequency). (Simon Parkes has confirmed this in his August 8th Connecting Consciousness video which is on his website: the Alliance is waiting for a quorum – a certain number of people that must be awake in order to consider the job finished and to start with the new world. For anyone looking for up to date intel, Simon has provided it in this video and it's well worth watching).

I'm trying to find one thing that will push us over the edge, but I think it has to be a collective progress on points below. I don't know if the below points are indicators of progress or instigators of progress; maybe they're both.

•Financial reset – QFS (Quantum financial System – a sentient conscious computer system that can track all electronic activities) instituted, 4,000 bankers arrested for criminal activity, reduction in credit card rates beginning (debt forgiveness). FIAT banking system failing. Some banks “going out of business” in anticipation of future losses. I think this is the big kahuna right here. The main point. By taking money away from the DS, they will not be able to buy off people or companies, and will lose all control over this planet. With the banking system in our hands, we will be able to go forward. However expect retaliation, because the DS still has a few tricks up their sleeves. Also expect more dark attacks. Watch Ivo and my video's on sensing energy in order to understand when you're under attack please.

•President Trump cannot take office again until the military has finished all initiatives to take down the cabal. The military is in control of the U.S. Right now, and it will turn over leadership back to the public when it is finished dealing with the DS. (Simon Parkes)

•implementation of GESARA law – Initiated and publicly declared in several countries.

•removal of DS – Heads of state removed or have capitulated to the Light. British Monarchy to give up commonwealth claims of Australia and New Zealand.

•American trials – Arizona virtually finished. How much more is necessary to confirm Trump win? cessation of Covid programming/vaxx – some wins but many still cooperating

•removal of dark forces – All chimera group removed from planet, clear out of DUMBs, most in astral plane not on earth (COBRA intel). Flooding of parts of Europe, Asia and more are being carried out so that the DUMBs can be flushed out of dark entities AND THEIR EGGS, for the ones who lay eggs. (Ivo, Ashtar)

•clearing out of DUMBs – much accomplished across the world, but child trafficking still being carried on over the southern U.S. Border, not yet entirely stifled.

•Project Funding – Issued for all but Tier 4b. Simon Parkes calls it Tier 5 but it's us, the project money holders he's talking about. Parkes indicates that Zim redemption will be carried out within the next couple of weeks, so good news, watch his website and Dr Charlie Ward's. Parkes admits to being an Alliance member, so he's obviously the man to follow. I like his humble style as well. Instructions will be given in a couple weeks on how to redeem.

•MSM – As fake as ever, total lies – Das Bild in Germany started to report the real news, but most are not cooperating. Alternative media via Truthers continuing despite Big Tech censorship.

•Big Tech/Social Media – Trump initiating class action lawsuit, Truthers finding sites to continue to work on unimpeded by censorship

•World “leaders” politicians – many are actors or have capitulated and are working with the Light forces either by choice or not

•Dissolution of DS organizations such as CIA, FBI, IRS, World monetary fund, United Nations – probably one of the last to go because these are their last resources. Cutting off DS funding might help to starve them out of money. I intuited that there is a central hub for the DS in Switzerland and this hub is under attack now by Alliance and GFL forces.

•Increase in Incoming Light – The Lion's Gate 8/8 has brought on many changes for some of us, personally I notice my multi-dimensional skillset increasing.

•Benjamin Fulford talks about this as the war that's almost over. I feel that progress is being made against the vaxx, but since there are people receiving the vaxx, they are playing into the controllers of the lower timelines' hands. This lower timeline will continue to exist. Perhaps med beds will be able to reverse damage done to the spiritual link that the vaxxes will cause. We can continue to expect to be able to rescue people on the lower timelines. For them, it's a question of “When is it enough? When will you admit that your starseed friend was right? How much are they willing to take?” •I believe that the 5D and 3D/4D timelines will begin to split out now, so hold your light as much as possible.

Your intuition tells you a story and it can be peace meal. Bit by bit, that's why you have to be alert to how it functions. I was wondering this morning, wrote a list of things that would influence a win on this dark/Light battle on earth. Okay, I posted that. Ivo then told me and I posted: I finally got an intuition about that post I wrote about what is going to be the factor that pushes us over the edge into freedom. I just got, "It's got to do with the number of people who are awake and who are asleep." Makes sense, that's the end result of it all." Then I read COBRA's post and he said that it's a battle now between negative and positive timelines. Yes, that's it. The people of earth are influencing the timelines and what gets carried out on each timeline has to do with our will and what we want or don't want. It's the timelines.

We have to disempower them, like they did us. That's how this will play out. It's all got to do with influencing you because you are the creator of your timeline. What you believe will position you on a specific timeline. So do not fear, otherwise you end up on the lower timeline.

Channelled by: Sharon Stewart


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