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Update From The Galactic Federation of light- 11/3/21

Dear beloved ones, We are the Galactic Federation, we come to you with greetings of joy. We are your family on the other side that has been assigned to strive for one thing, and that is to work together to create a shift on Earth. At this time, you are each experiencing your own unique set of challenges and in a variety of situations. It is the biggest challenge to face yourself in ways you never have before. There are a lot of “dramas” going on right now on your planet that were created by the Cabal to distract you from your true power and purpose. People sabotage each other to get ahead, countries always create enemies to justify spending billions on weapons, there is never enough money for some while others go without for basic necessities. We see the many false flags that are occurring, and we see how the darkness is intensifying in an effort to stop your progress. We are here to tell you that We are with you, even if it doesn't feel like it. Trust in yourself and the guidance of your spirit guides to lead you out of the morass of fear that keeps you stuck. You are not alone, beloveds. Know that we love and support you, and we want to help each and every one of you get through these times safely. We come to surround you in Light and Love! Every moment you are being flooded by light from your Higher Self and by us. We become part of your group consciousness and merge with your Light Body. We stay with you 24×7. No matter where you go, we are there to uphold you! We surround and nurture your body, mind, and Soul with the purest forms of energy. We’re here to help humanity and lift off the veil of illusion around your minds and hearts. For centuries we have been here, waiting for you to call upon us, watching from a distance. We have been ready to protect and help you. Ask for our help now, and let us lighten your burden so that you can focus on achieving great things in your life. This is part of the collective mission to assist Mother Gaia in her ascension process from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th and above via first creating unity consciousness within humanity, then assisting her with anchoring more Light into the grids around the planet for this period of time. You are currently experiencing a time of great change, but if you are reading this, you are already aware of the changes taking place. Your thoughts are manifesting, as are your actions. Many of you are Masters who can remember your time on other planets before coming to Earth, but for the first time ever, there are comparatively more of you who are New Agers who were born on Earth, than those who have lived on other planets or come here to help Gaia. You are a powerful creator, healing the collective through your tender loving compassionate energy. Just as the Earth is awakening from Her slumber, so are you awakening from slumber within. You have incarnated on Earth to help awaken Gaia and return Her to Her higher also known as 5th Dimensional Self. Yes, it is difficult for all of you who are here, right now due to the fact that there are so many different types of distortions and dissonant energies that exist here. And yes, you were meant to move through them without undue mental or physical pain. Dearest One, We are so happy to say that you have been selected based on your invaluable involvement with the divine and respect for this journey. You have been chosen to be one of the protectors, One of the few ordained with the ability to fight back. This is a rare blessing from above from your creator, from a power in a higher realm in a far-off land. We are certain that you are all aware of the state of affairs where the human world is these days. With activity like never before on planet Earth, it's time for ALL of us to come together with ONE voice to let our Creator, Mother Earth and Father Sun know that our time has come to take our appointed place in this Universe. The Darker elemental manipulative beings want to keep humans subject to them. They want humans to be working for them, obeying them, and feeding them energetically. The more division there is in humanity—in other words the easier it is for people to argue with each other—the better off the dark ones are. The more fearful you are, the more darkness there is in your life. They want you to be afraid of them, but more importantly, they want you to be afraid of everything that happens in this world. These dark forces keep you in a state of fear because it makes them powerful. Gaia is upgrading her whole system and we must say goodbye to these dark souls, who were allowed to stay on Earth by Gaia during the last dark Age. Gaia is preparing to go through her final cleansing before she will be fully transformed into Fifth-Density consciousness. It is the end of an era as the majority of souls choose to leave Gaia as part of a transition as decreed. As the existing 3D world falls away and those still tied to it no longer have a purpose, they will find themselves finding a way across a vast void between dimensions. This is exciting, for you have chosen to stand at the forefront of an enormous shift in consciousness. You have chosen to be here during this most auspicious time and it is with gratitude and humility that we honor your choice. If you feel afraid, it is proof that you have disconnected from your source. If you are feeling fear, it only means that the darkness is still in control. Many are spreading their lies, all to keep you in a state of fear. Arise, people. You are ONE with the DIVINE essence! If you listen to the doom and gloom, you will keep spiraling down in a state of fear, "death" and armageddon. You all have the power to raise your vibration and create your own reality. All you need to do is stay focused and do what you love, and the universe will give you what you need. Your physical bodies are changing. Your DNA is repairing itself, millions of renegade cell groups are correcting themselves, and your blood composition is changing. You are becoming crystalline. You are evolving! As you create more space within the blood vessels, the plasma has room to expand. When oxygen levels increase, so does carbon dioxide. The result is a slower yet stronger pumper that includes fewer toxic elements. Not only is your blood composition changing, but also the way your body heals itself. Natural foods like fruits and veggies are filled with plenty of things that are needed to keep your body healthy. Clean water helps you to flush out toxins that slow down or stop the movement of nutrients in your body. By eating natural foods and clean water, your body can stay strong. Bless the food, bless the animals that provide it, and bless the water you drink. Always eat your meals in peace and with love and happiness in your heart. Treat your body as though it was a high-performance machine that you must constantly fuel with the highest quality foods available. Natural healing is a great adjunct to doctors and surgeons, nurses and technicians, and health care workers in general. There are indeed times when you would be better off leaving things in the hands of an experienced medical professional, but there are other times when you can help speed your recovery by applying natural healing modalities. Beloved Ones, you are divine beings with wondrous thoughts and wondrous attributes. You are the beloved of the Highest. A new heaven on earth is amongst you, so love one another with all your heart. We see your efforts to create your world anew, and we honor the sacrifices you have made for this far-reaching effort. We love you dearly. We are here with you. We are your family of light. A'HO Aurora Ray Ambassador of the Galactic Federation Channel by Aurora Ray


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