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Uniting Together

Written By: Shernice

We are all aspects of Source/god holding a beautiful spark with us. We have gifts to share. Each one of us has it ready to shine. Once we come together, the old crumbling systems dissolves. Game over. We are all a galactic soul family--angelic beings having a human experience choosing to forget who we are before getting back up again in remembrance. Now it's the moment. Many beings are waking up and will soon remember. Have noticed them mention coming together, that we're all brothers and sisters. In the illusional matrix we were taught and programmed "not to talk to strangers" as this would keep us safe. After having the experience of responding to questions from beings who would ask for assistance to find a location, realized they too are having life experiences on Earth, unaware of the matrix. Imagine majority of us visualizing paradise on Earth. Imagine us all standing up and saying NO to the illusionary system and NO to following the rules.

There were well known beings--for instance Bob Marley, MLK, now Trump and many others who stood up for LOVE. Even in this lifetime, a beautiful  being walked on her planet also stood up for LOVE. Yes. Our beloved Mother Gaia/Prime Source Creator was here and she did. Grateful they showed us and rehearted us of would we are and that we could do this too with our brothers and sisters on Earth. We've all had the experience of going through the illusional of what living wasn't together. NOW we have the power to get back home together and bring in paradise on Earth.

Much LOVE to you all and unity forever! Mom's dreams coming true.


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