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UNBREAKABLE, by Bryan Metoyer

If you ever feel as if you are broken, maybe because of poor choices or just life in general seems to not let up on your struggles...DONT...BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT BROKEN..there is nothing wrong with you! There is no “good” or “bad” sin...the mind tells you that because that’s what you were taught. You feel it so deeply within when you choose to do something that may be considered “bad” because your true self...your Higher Self (also known as your Inner Being), not your Ego, responds with love when it comes to others as well as yourself, while the ego reacts from a state of fear (fight or flight). That uncomfortable feelings out get within is comparable to the cartoon Angel that sits on one shoulder (your Higher Self) and the little Devil that sits on the other shoulder (The Ego) battling it out and that’s what causes discomfort, confusion, anxiety and depression causing the mind to spin out and attach to situations which can lead to an array of poor choices and even poor health as a result. That is the true Spiritual War within.

Karma....which is also neither good or strictly the energy you give out, you get back. Depending on what you give out will result in either a lesson and/or blessing. Karma, unlearned lessons and unhealed trauma from past lives have also carried over into this incarnation so it can be balanced out and cleared. History really does repeat itself on an individual basis as well as a collective basis...because we are ALL ONE and connected through energy, vibrational frequency and consciousness. The blessing is that lesson being learned which afterwards, the Universe will reward you with increased abundance and prosperity for that leveling up. When you clear karma it acts as a positive ripple affect throughout humanity. I feel this is why everything playing out on this Planet currently appears as a complete “shitshow”, seemingly unending struggles, and at times it may feel unbearable on extreme levels for some. It seems as if nothing at all makes sense. We are going through massive transformations (Ascension of Planet Earth/The Great Awakening). All lower energetics (density) have to be cleared in order for The Ascension to continue its leveling up into higher realms.

If you don’t learn the lesson you repeat it til you do...and each time you repeat is highly likely that lesson gets increasingly difficult to overcome. Once the lesson is learned you level up on all levels. The more you have to do repeats, The Universe will throw a pebble, then a rock, then a bigger rock until it’s Boulder size ...on and on til an avalanche falls on you and you hit rock bottom. In some rarer cases near death experiences may occur. Most people that experience this finally wake up on a spiritual level and boom lesson is learned...Earth is one BIG ASS school for our Soul’s growth and evolution. Every experience is just experience! Everything happens for a reason and some of those reasons we can’t wrap our heads around because we weren’t meant to understand it on that level. So no, you are not broken. You are just living, growing and evolving through life experiences! You are actually UNBREAKABLE, especially if you made it this far!



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