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To live in Love is to be Alive again

I Am Not Afraid To Tell You, I Love You

Your mind may say,

"How can you Love me. When you don't even know me?" I don't need to know you. I don't need to Justify my Love. I Love you because this is my Pleasure. Love coming out of me makes me happy, and it's not important if you reject me because I don't reject myself. In my story, I live in an ongoing Romance, and everything is Beautiful. To live in Love is to be Alive again. When we recover our integrity, we always follow Love. We live our life as an Eternal Romance because when We Love Ourself, it is easy to Love Everyone else. You love so much that you don't need anyone else's Love to make you happy. Happiness is the Spiritual Experience of Choosing to live each moment with Love,Grace, And Gratitude.

To see and appreciate the Soul of others is a Higher state of Awareness. To see only their Outer Characteristics provides a Limited and incomplete Perspective. Their current personality, just like their current Physical Body, is a Temporary Manifestation. They have had many bodies and many Personalities but only one Enduring Soul, only one continuous Spiritual Essence. See this Essence and you will see the Real Person. Have you ever Fallen in Love? Madly, Passionately in Love. Oh, you've got me all wrong. I don’t mean with...... someone else. I actually mean with Yourself. Have you ever fallen in Love with Yourself? If you haven't already, do it now. Fall Madly, Passionately, Deeply in Love with YOURSELF. Fall in Love with your Flaws. Fall in Love with your insecurities Fall in Love with your imperfections Fall in Love with your quirks Fall in Love with your idiosyncrasies. Fall in Love with your Fears. Love Yourself just as you are. Love Heals us. Love Transforms us Love is the cure. Love makes us whole. Be Love. Give Love. Receive Love! Oh what we find, When we stop Searching. Oh what we feel, when we stop forcing. Oh what we receive, When we stop fearing. Oh what we become , When we just Love.. When you Love what you have, You have Everything you need. Love Yourself Fiercely from the Inside out.. Let everything we do and say, be an Expression of the Beauty in your Hearts - Always based on Love. ♡ ℒℴνℯ♡ ℒℴνℯ♡ ℒℴνℯ My Mission: Oneness My Reality: Truth! My Church: Nature My Religion: Love My Faith: Empathy My Practice: Respect Birth Place: Earth. Race : Human. Politics : Freedom. I Am Love. I Am Light I Am Divine Purpose I Am Pure Consciousness. Sending All Infinite Love enfolded in a Heart~Hug...….

Love you all~ways

The Greatest Gifts are not the Material things we Receive, But the Love we Give and hope to Inspire.. Copyright © Creator Writer Author Mike Harrigan. All Rights Reserved I Am. You Are. We Are. Oneness. Universal Consciousness..


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