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This is the Earth Intelligence Report #41

By: Leonie Arries:

The Earth is going through a powerful transition as if it were a snake shedding its skin. The skin being shed however, is the skin that was once in decay. As this old skin of decay sheds, everything representing corruption and control will be going with it. We are at the point now where approximately ¾’s of that skin has been shed. The final shedding of the skin is likely to occur right near the end of the 2021 year.

Those whom this channel has termed as the dark players are seeing the ones they once called allies turning against them. One could say that the walls are closing in on these dark players that once felt they held the Earth in the palm of their hands. They are continuing to recycle old plans and agendas from the past to try to buy them time in conjuring new plans that would intend to spell a massive fear regarding extraterrestrial life as well as control the weather cycles of the planet to employ further agendas surrounding climate change and global warming. The counterforces are aware of these plans and are already working to dismantle the last-ditch efforts of a dying cult of dark players and conspirators.

Many leaders from all over the world have been removed from power, and most of them are replaced with what could be termed as decoys or doppelgangers. The purpose for this is to keep the intention of their removal quiet so that these current leaders can complete their respected terms or experience a transition of their imminent removal. Once the old skin has been removed, new leaders will be elected into power and there will be a greater reform in manmade systems that once fed the corrupt with unequal and unbalanced advantages. All the ‘jewels’ in their kingdoms are being stripped away from the ones who refuse to concede. They truly have nothing anymore and continue to strip away value by scheming plans to create further fear as a means to usurp resources and riches from others to keep themselves on life support. Their pillars of authority and rule are continuing to crumble, and they are overusing what small tools they have remaining to keep preservation of their empire going. It is safe to say that the last bit of fuel they have left is ready to burn out.

This summer will prove to be the most intense of all spans of great awakening that have occurred in the recent past. There will be threats of power outages, food shortages, weather manipulation, protests, riots, earth changes and public upheaval worldwide. This is the end game as the old skin of the Earth goes into its most intense phase to shed itself of the debris of corruption completely. Those who know and who do assist must continue to do so helping those who do not yet see. It is through the heart of compassion and love for others that keeps the light shining upon this world. There is far more goodness and generosity upon this planet than anything that is corrupt. The old is dying and it is important to let it die and not attempt to bring it back to life. Do not attempt to resuscitate what is unnatural and only brings pain and suffering. Let it clear itself from the face of the world. Do not support corruption, mistreatment, misdeeds, lies, deceit, and untruths. To do so will only cause yourself to be flushed away with it.

These things must come forward, reveal themselves and be exposed for the world to see. The ugliness of the corrupt and everything hidden under the feet of the people needs to portray itself only to then be cast out, as those who are called will make the call to choose better and refine the planet past old ways that are going extinct and will not last. Keep each other close. Embrace with love, support, and compassion. Know what your dreams and passions are and pursue them as this gives you strength to not only ground and stabilize yourself, but offers inspiration and encouragement to others, This grand orchestra of great awakening is reaching its third and final act.


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