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The Veils Are Thinning

By: Grace Solaris

The veils are thinning as the light frequencies are rising with the speed of light. To those that are extremely attuned and aligned you get increasingly telepathic, which allows you to pick up frequencies, voices, images... from both sides of the veil(s), both from higher dimensional realms, dreamtime as well as lower astral realms. Thus it is increasingly and cannot be highlighted enough, vital, to be cautious and very discerning on what you pick up on AND engage with. This thinning of the veil is of course used by both the light as well as the dark forces. And yes dark forces may dress up in sheep´s clothes hidding its true intentions. But no need to fear. The light in you is able to identify true from untrue and your heart is capable of picking up on the true intentions of others. Yes you may hear voices and see fractals, images, visions.... some beautiful, vibrant, radiant of the new earth reality, but also dark subliminal manipulative energies of the lower astral realms emited by the dark forces. So it is highly recommended and paramount to keep your auric field clean. During sleep when you leave your body, you are open and vulnerable and can pick up a lot of lower frequencies, that you might or might not be conscious about when you wake up. This can influence your thoughts, your emotions and generel state of being. Using the violet flame, smudging or any other cleansing methods is vital to maintaining a high frequency. And if you are a lot amongst people during the day, do the same cleansing when you come home. It is extremely important to stay aligned and attuned to your higher self and keep emotionally balanced and aligned. Particularly this last year there is a lot of electromagnetic instability as the gradual pole shifting is picking up momentum and are shaking the tetonic plates. Eruptions and earth quakes are both a deep cleansing of the massive amount of built up frustration, anger and pain of the collective, but also part of the naturel poleshift, that is happening gradually. To maintain your alignment and balance ask your higher self to adjust you to the earth's poles on a daily basis and you will instantly feel like a "clicking into place", and a sense of overall balance and feeling attuned and aligned is setting in.

So as stated above it is vital that you keep your tempel clean, be mindful what you give your energy to and engage with. If you doubt.... there is probably a good reason. Trust your gut... take a deep breath and ask your heart if this energy or this message or person honors your highest good. Even lightworkers are increasingly getting somewhat infiltrated by lower entities if they are not diligently mindful and keeping their vessel clean and high vibrating. Your heart knows and feels what is compatible with your inner truth. Listen and trust. Be mindful and discerning.

Personally I am being kept from absorbing too much "new" information. I am guided again and again to be empty and not get indulged into too much theoretical spiritual noise of which there is a lot right now. More and more what counts is PRESENCE and this is in my opionion the most powerful way you can serve. It needs no words, no explaination, no analysis... which bottomline is mostly coming from a linear mindset... ego wants to know things and have things explained and cut into bits and pieces. However spiritual truths are often amputated when put into words... in other words the wholeness and holyness is fragmentented into pieces and the purity and essence is lost. Now we have reached a level of telepathy that allows us to communicate in different ways and more advanced way. It is called the universal language of the heart thru pure energy exchange from heart to heart, soul to soul. This is the new way of the new earth multiple dimensional beings of light that we are becoming. Words starts to become obsolete, I notice when I write especially when writing with my beloved.. sometimes in a sentence every 2nd or 3rd word is missing, but we can still read each other. I often hear wor