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The Twin Flame Confusion Story

By Aurora Ray

It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved.

Someone once said...

If you're going through heartache when hearing this quote you might think that it's not helpful at all, maybe true but still, not helpful at all.

It happens so often. You meet someone special, it feels right, it's so much deeper than you've ever experienced hence, you think you've met your divine romantic match made in heaven, -your twin flame.

You read everything you can find, consume every video and teaching on the topic of twin flames. You compare the "signs of true twin flame" and convince yourself this is the one.

None can blame you. We live in a third-dimensional matrix construct world that is based on fear. Where there is fear love cannot exist. And thus, we crave for love. We yearn for unconditional everlasting love so badly that we're over-willing to give the highest title of a true romantic companion away too quickly.

And then there's also the ego trap. The ego does not want to admit it's wrong, not ever. It's gonna