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The Solstice Slow Down!

By: Celia Fenn

The Solstice Slow Down!

The Solstice is essentially a kind of timeline "sling shot" thing where we slow down, round a bend and hurtle off on the next phase of our planetary journey around the sun. Right now, we are in the "slow down" phase, and you may feel heavy and sluggish, or just tired. Sunday and Monday are the balance or fulcrum point before we slingshot off to the Planetary New Year (26th July) and the Lions Gate (8th August). The whole point of this years cycle is to level up as fast and as far as possible so that we land firmly on the New Earth timeline...facing forward and ready to create. The lower level "goings on" recently...and now...and in the next few weeks will be designed to pull us down and back and keep us from ascending, so we must be careful to keep our New Earth focus. The New Earth is about living our original purpose as Human Angelic Co-creators of Reality. We see ourselves as Beautiful Beings of Light with a purpose...that is to manifest the Planetary Sacred Space and the Garden of Eden that was the original purpose for the Planet. The lower energies will ask you to see yourself living in a dystopian Earth in a broken body that needs to be "fixed" by intervention by so-called "authority" figures who claim to know better than you what is good for you! Remember that your body was designed as a perfect self-healing biological organism. It has an innate intelligence that heals and balances, and when you access that intelligence, you know what is best for your body. Solstice Season is the perfect time to allow these incoming Solar and Diamond Light Codes to heal and balance your body and to allow you to claim your birthright as a Human Being of Light on a Planet that is a Paradise garden waiting to bloom forth in the New Earth. Have a great day everyone!


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