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The Schools Of Lemuria

Lemurian society was less technical than our society today; however, Kryon has said they were incredibly advanced. How did this advanced society function? Lemurian society functioned in ways that would appear to us like “out of the box” thinking. For example, their approach to education was vastly different to what happens today. As Kryon explains: Let me tell you a little more about Lemuria and some attributes of their society. You might say, “Why would you do such a thing?” The reason is so you can start to “connect the dots” as to what else is happening on the planet. I now speak of the Lemurians way back then, in a land that was beautiful before the ocean covered it. Let me tell you about their children. Schooling was very, very different in major Lemuria.

This was before Atlantis, and it went like this: The teachers were called elders. They were greatly respected, for they dispensed the knowledge of the culture. They were all seniors and represented some of the highest attributes in society. Yet, they didn’t run the schools as your teachers do, or have anything to do with day-to-day business. There were no administrators or administration buildings in the schools, either, and the buildings were all small, isolated, and unconnected classrooms. There was no linear system either! Instead, the elders would get together and decide what the children should learn and know by a certain time. The parents would send their children to the local classrooms at a certain age.

In a typical classroom, the children and the elder [teacher] would all decide together what had to be learned. The children would then take over and collectively decide how fast they could learn it, and report this to the elder. The teacher would be flexible and go along with the children’s plans. Then the children would often choose a leader among them, or a rotation schedule of student leaders, to help with the tasks of maintenance and administration of what their goal was. So the elder was there to dispense the knowledge and make certain the children got the appropriate knowledge. But the children had high conceptual ideas and could often conceive of the entire project of the year’s learning in one day. So even without the actual knowledge, they would lay out what they felt was the best way to learn it, the quickest method, and how to best “plug it in” to their schedule in class. When they felt they’d learned it, they would request to be tested. If the class passed, they would all earn the end of the term.

Then the vacation would begin (the real goal of the children at that age). So, instead of a common term of duration, they’d start at the same time, but there were no set ending points. So, the children would determine the term’s duration by how fast they’d learn. This was conceptual and reflected their ability to understand what had to be learned, without actually knowing the information. There was no school year or grades – only the goal of a certain degree of knowledge, and the goal to get it done so they could play! The children were in charge, but they absolutely understood that they had to learn what was required Now, many might exclaim, “No, this is too unusual and odd. It couldn’t work. Human nature wouldn’t allow for it!” My reply is this: Perhaps 4D Human nature would never allow for it, but a conceptual, multidimensional child could do it easily.

The reason I’m telling you this is that this is the beginning attribute of the Indigo Child that we channeled many years ago. It’s very Lemurian! Even some of the “labels” of the Indigo Children were listed as multidimensional. Back to Lemuria: If there were slow learners in the class, the children would see the situation immediately and tutor them! What you now call homework was, instead, an assignment for each student to tutor another so that they could all keep up with the class. But the only things they took home were other students! The faster they learned, the quicker the vacation. It made sense to the kids. You might say, “Well, what about those who were troublemakers? Were there any of those in this great land of Lemuria?” Of course. Make no judgments as I reveal how this was handled. The children would handle the discipline themselves – oh, not by the bully system, for that’s not in the consciousness of a conceptually-minded child.

Remember, in this type of consciousness, the overview is the goal of the group, not individual power. The children would handle it logically. If there was another student getting in the way of their vacation, they would tutor them in the best way they could. If some didn’t respond or were troublemakers, eventually the students would cast them out. Anyone who was cast out of school by a consensus of the class could never rejoin that class. Instead, they had to go to other classes that were not in major Lemuria. This (of course) created another complete society, one which was dishonored and often didn’t live long, since they didn’t earn the right to go to the Temple of Rejuvenation, which was a huge part of the health system of Lemuria. Harsh, you might say? Indeed.

Within the evolved standards of today, perhaps it was. But this is how the schools worked. Your society has progressed in ways that it did not because you’ve worked on other parts of your enlightenment. These explanations may help you understand why school is so difficult for the current Indigo, for the Crystal, and for all children of the new Earth energy. For, within them is a layer of DNA that’s activated and ready to work. And it remembers. I’m going to tell you about that in just a moment. Kryon live channeling “The Lemurian Connection” given in Mt. Shasta, California – June 20, 2004, How do you feel about what you just read? Perhaps you have children or grandchildren in school. What are their experiences? It can be incredibly challenging to navigate parenthood today, but, at the same time, a bright future is coming.

Slowly, education will change to meet the needs of our children. It is truly uplifting to discover that some schools are resorting to meditation instead of detention and the results demonstrate the positive benefits from adopting this approach. It is extremely encouraging to know that there are educational institutes taking new approaches that are designed to empower children. What about the children? Is there any evidence that their consciousness is shifting? Yes … and Kryon tells us to watch for changes in children.

Dear ones, there is going to come a time when the education for your children is going to be revamped from top to bottom. It will become totally and completely different from anything that exists on the planet right now. This concept creates a comment: There will be those of you who say, “Well, I expect that could happen, but the challenge of making it happen is almost insurmountable because an old Human nature will not let you change things.” The opposition to this whole idea is enormous. If you start changing the way children are taught, you’ll have opposition from those parents who say, “Look, we know how to teach our own children, so don’t tell us something different.” You’ll encounter the opposition of ego, of seeming common sense of the way it used to be, what people have tried and failed to do, and many of the things that we have told you, which don’t apply any longer in your new energy.

Dear ones, there has to be a new system, and it will reveal itself so profoundly by the results it creates in the children, that there will be no question that the old system no longer is viable. It’s not going to happen all at once, and it may not happen here first [referring to the United States]. Here we go [Kryon’s way of saying that this is controversial]! There will be schools starting up that will be revolutionary in their methods but doing everything that children of a new consciousness relate to and love. The results of these schools will be profound for the students, as measured by educators.

. . .

Monika Muranyi, The Women of Lemuria: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times


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