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~~ The Divine Feminine, Sophia, Mother of the Universe is on the move! ~~

Are you feeling a change in the spiritual energy on our little blue planet? Humankind has gone from ordinary people to super enlightened beings, creating books, movies, and lectures on many of the hotspot topics that we have dared not to address in the past.

Topics like women's rights, sex trafficking of children, and the possible destruction of our planet.

Most important, people are beginning to question the creation story that has been passed down for centuries, by the patriarchal religions. At the base of this mystery of creation is Sophia, *Mother of the Universe* ... and why she has been purposely annihilated from the creation story?

Sophia, Wisdom, has been known for eons by many cultures, and by many names. She has been called, Breath and Light, Love and Light, Great Goddess, Mother of all Creation, Pure Light, Holy Sacred Sophia, Life-creating Sophia, Mother of all Gods, and Wisdom of God.

The Gnostics (pre-Christian) called her the feminine aspect of God, the syzygy of Jesus Christ (The Cosmic Bride). Jesus called her The Holy Spirit of the Trinity, Expression of the Emanation of the Light of God, Holy Sophia, Creator, Ruler of both Heaven above and Earthly realms below. Sophia was recorded in ancient documents as being embodied in Mary, Mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene.