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The pain of the Ancient Woman

My brothers as you read this... I want you to know I love you like family. I want to share this for all but I want to hold space for the women as I write this in this moment. However, know my brothers that I stand with you, always, for everything you have suffered and all the wrongs that were done to you. For the rise and evolution of all beings of light.

For far too long has the physical and energetic divine feminine been persecuted and abused.

For far too long have women had to suffer the rules and absolutes of people who were blinded by "society" and its structures of control.

For far too long have women given the most sacred nature of their being to those who were not worthy to see the truth of their divine nature.

The time has come for all women to step into their power in a healthy and loving way. We need you. We need you unlike we have ever needed you before. The men and women in the world who are still unaware of what is happening need the power of your unified divine self. You carry the very power of the land in your heart and soul.

You are the flower that blooms in the sunlight. The deer that drinks from the river in the moonlight. You are a shooting star to light up the night for those who live in the dark.

I write this post to tell you that I see you. I see the struggle of being manipulated and abused by those who thought power was a good thing. I see the pain you have felt being misunderstood by those who did not understand the gift of your heart.

I stand, no... I kneel before you as man dedicated to bringing the light of compassion and unity to all people across the globe.

To be an example to all men and women who are seeking to understand their true power of love and protection.

I ask something of you that I might not have the right to ask...

Forgive those who did not see from their soul. Forgive those who did not see YOUR soul. Forgive those who did not see you for your truth.

If it is not possible in this moment then I understand but know that I see you. I stand for your empowerment in light, not darkness.

You do not have to become something you are not. Instead, I only ask that you become everything that you are.

I have seen and felt the hearts of women who carry a love that will change the very fabric of our reality. The love to keep on going no matter how much they are attacked. To keep fighting no matter how exhausted they are. To stand up again and again when they were mistreated and suppressed.

I know this happens to all but from an ancient past women were written out of the history books because those in "power" knew the power of the divine feminine.

I embody the divine feminine in all of its power and it has made me as strong and as powerful as the sun.

I stand for sovereignty. I stand for unity. and above all, I stand for the liberation of those who have been blinded by darkness and fear.

The world needs you... Your grace. Your heart. Your violet fire.

Your loving brother, forever.


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