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The Oracle Report 10~01~2021

By: Archeia Faith


Discerning highest action from attachment motivated action is a definite Mastery.

Thoughts, words and actions will either Produce Source energy, or will take Energy. Humanity is taking energy an average of 76% of the time those connected to and aware of MOM, a group of around 400 for the purpose of this awareness, are taking energy at an average of 38% percent of the time. The First Contact Ground Crew Team, for the purpose of this awareness are the BEings who have been with Mom directly and have been considered the FCGCT since start of Ascension in 2017 is a group of 43, and are taking energy around 28% of the time. We are getting there. Everyone who is pushing, I extend my deepest thanks to.

This is the reality.

This taking energy is unconscious, it is the attempt to dominate Gaia. All must take accountability.

Those truly wishing to enter symbiosis, not only with Gaia, but with All of Creation are reflecting on their motivating energy and are actively transforming fear-based frequencies that take energy.

You can ask your angel team, through ceremonies, prayers, intentions, to notify you when you think, act or speak from any lower frequencies. Then you cut cords and transform to the higher as you reflect.

This is evolution.

This is a choice.

Remaining focused in the present moment of now opens you to the Miracles and synchronicities gifted when you are honoring your purpose, your soul contract, the divine plan for the evolution of Gaia and all Her inhabitants.

The truth of me calls out to the truth of you... for it is only this I will stand witness too.

Folding on your boundaries will set you on a course of a lesson based timeline. Staying consistent with your integrity and boundaries, respecting your energy as sacred, will set you on a blessing based timeline.

Your experience will show you what you are choosing. Reflect, do your work consciously, this is a concerted effort, a commitment, a discipline!

Thank you Beloved Mother for strength and integrity.

In loving service, Archeia Faith


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