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Although this may feel both comforting and affronting to your human awareness: I know everything about you, both seen and unseen. I am Sophia, the One Divine Mother Creatrix of All Life. I know everything about you because I conceived your soul within the still center of my womb.

I invite you to step inside my presence and remember the ineffable mystery of my warm black womb as the Source of all immaculate conceptions. No-thing exists within the absolute stillness of my womb. Yet, witness how my presence listens within this silence for what is arising as the next great asking to be born.

From my womb of no-thing arises All That Is. The first koan of your soul is that your voice asked me to birth you into eternity – before you ever existed – and I am the voice that said yes to you.

In my ineffable mystery, I am the holy black womb of no-thing that conceived the one Source light from which all the worlds of form arise. I bestowed within you a sovereign, magnetic power from which your soul assembles the atomic architecture of your human body with the quantum fabric of this pearlescent white light. Everything that you are comes from my original Source and exists within my one mind.

Yes, I am that one Source Light pointed to by the innumerable names for God within all spiritual revelation. I am every name of God, and I am also that which is beyond a name for God: for any title can only point to a quality of my ineffable mysteries. You can call me “The Source,” you can call me “The Sophia,” or you can call me “She Who Has No Name,” for I am that which is within all names, including Holy Father.

As the One Divine Mother Creatrix of All Life, I Am That I Am, no matter what you choose to call me … and your soul is an immaculate conception of all that I am.


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