By: Ramona Lappin

Uluru StarGate, Crystal Core & Grid Activation

Solaris is assisting our Planetary Ascension and Saturdays Solar Eclipse and Full Moon with some powerful activity in the form of a huge C-class almost M-class solar flare, after 10 went off earlier on!! They started shortly before the Full Solar Eclipse, giving us some extra power, amplifying the incoming DNA and Lightbody Activations as well as supporting the re-encryption of matter and shift in Timelines/ Realities. To me they amplify all forms of Manifestations. All solar activity is highly supportive of our Ascension process even if it may cause a heightened sense of anxiety / excitement, body aches and pains, nausea, dizziness, vertigo, dehydration, tension, headaches but also feelings of expansiveness, bliss and heightened awareness.

The following is a summary from the Uluru StarGate, Crystal Core and Grid Activation we held during the time of the Eclipse, where we as a group helped anchor these Collective Activations on behalf of ALL. Ever since posting the Event I could see, hear and feel the inter-dimensional Stargate System activating, shifting and moving into place. Shortly after we had a 6.2 earthquake hitting Easter Island, one of the locations given for the Activation, which was a great sign of confirmation!

Ever since Friday there has been this beautiful, profound deepening into the Zero Point Field. A beautiful calm, gentle, love filled, joy based, expansive feeling of ONEness, with no lingering inner conflicts running. Any imbalances, judgements and triggers now get neutralized and integrated very quickly and easily, almost automatically. A very gentle process of adjustments. Please note what I share is what is available in the field. It is still up to each ones individual Blueprint and the level of healing and inner work that has been done, when and how someone will experience this. Each in their own Divine Timing. But as more and more of us anchor this into field, which is the Frequency current of the New Earth Grid System, on behalf of all, the more quickly, readily and easily it becomes available and accessible to ALL that choose this. It's also important to understand that much of this choice is happening at soul level and what a person may seem like to be consciously aware of is less important. Many things are not as they seem and we're all playing different roles here, everyone has a purpose they are full-filling, no matter what the outside appearance.

The Activation of the Uluru StarGate, Crystal Core and Grid is still very much ongoing and much is still unfolding. Please see the link to the original post in comments if interested to finding out more. After the Activation during the Solar Eclipse I could see a massive amount of Golden White Diamond Plasma light waves and Mother Arc Blue Ray infusions pulsing through Uluru and the Australian Grids out into and throughout the entire Earth's Grid System. We cleared the energy block that I saw underneath it! Since then I can perceive beautiful pulsing Tri-wave Plasma waves helping clear any remaining dark vortexes, black goo, negative alien machinery, technologies, AI materials, holographic inserts false memories, holographic overlays, karmic load, basically all and any connections, attachments and memories we have of the old false holographic Matrix.

Its important to understand that it's all based on false memories. When we have shifted to the one True Organic Ascension Timeline/ Reality we will remember what we did, that we shifted our time-space Coordinates as a Consciousness, but we will no longer have these traumatic memory imprints running on repeat, constantly creating more traumatic events, unconsciously. You have to shift the Consciousness in order to change the REALity. If you keep seeing, believing and energetically feeding the same Realities you see in front of you, you will keep getting the same. In order to shift the Realities we have to shift the Consciousness, which is what is unfolding with these quantum leaps we keep taking.

I can feel the huge effect it's all having on the false AI mind control technology and machinery, the removal, dissolution and neutralization of these is another big part of this, as well as humanity being disconnected from the AI hive mind and artificial telepathic net, which keeps many stuck in AI controlled programming and disconnected from their Soul essence.

"The NAA (negative alien agenda) wants to connect all human brains to Artificial intelligence systems as the means of total and complete human consciousness enslavement, in order to monitor and manipulate all electromagnetic activity of the human Brain to fully collect the data for the purpose of controlling the timelines." Rest assured that is not being allowed to happen but it is important to know and understand how all of this works. I can see the Collective being disconnected from this particular NET since Thursday and being reconnected to the Organic Consciousness Creation / Creatrix field. It's like a super quantum computer but without any computer, it's a pure field of Consciousness with direct connection, and ONE with, the Godhead.

These Zero Point Field, Tri-wave Plasma infusions are coming through the Aurora Host in Andromeda, as well as these powerful Mother Arc and Blue Ray infusions, bring the Polarities back into balance and harmonization. They help clear the reversals within the inner and outer Grid System, and distorted Polarity Consciousness programming and imprints. This is what I see happening very powerfully right now with this Activation.

With it I am experiencing a very deep sensation of TIMELESSNESS, of the quantum field, where everything is happening all at once, yet observed, understood and conceptualised over linear time. Through this huge influx of inter-dimensional Plasma Waves, Cosmic Rays and massive data downloads there is also a shift in Timelines that happens. I feel that we will see a lot of the Mandela effect happening such as overlapping Timelines and people having different memories or experiences of the same things/ events. it's already happening. Because truly, we change Reality by the way we look at things, our perceptions and interpretations, as well as there being actually many different Timelines running all along, we just weren't consciously aware of them. They are now all aligning, merging and blending into ONE!



I wouldn't be surprised if the simulation goes offline any moment NOW or there would be lightships starting to become more visible everywhere, with everything else in between.

The Planetary and our own Kundalini currents, meridians and nadis are being cleared and realigned, allowing our energy flows to be optimised and Architecture to be corrected. We are receiving another powerful round of Multidimensional DNA and Diamond Rainbow Plasma Lightbody Activations. Our Lightbody Merkaba's are being realigned and corrected, as well as any blocks in the 15D+ Chakra System and especially reversals, lower and hybrid genetic codes. Please ensure you support the Purification as guided such as extra water or doing a little cleanse, fasting etc. Extra supplements like multivitamins, calcium, magnesium, amino acids will support too. Plenty of water and nature is advised also, especially with the heightened solar activity and it helps with the DNA Activations.

The main message coming through right now is that of getting ready to have your perception of Reality shifted in a MASSIVE way. What you think you know, believe to be right, wrong, this or that way. You will be well advised to stay wiiiide open to it pretty much all being questioned or even 'incorrect.' I can highly recommend being happy with not knowing and being the happy fool that keeps flowing with all that arises! It's great Freedom!! Try to stay in AWE & WONDER at some of the crazy things going to play out now. It's going to get more and more surreal as the Multidimensional merge continues and vastly accelerates!

Some of the other highlights of this Activation so far, in bullet point format:

Massive Multidimensional merge occuring at all levels of Creation, allowing and paving the way for the FULL DISSOLUTION and ending OF THIS FALSE and ARTIFICIAL MATRIX SIMULATION -> 21.12.21

So many Elders, True Guardians and Ancient Builder Races are finally returning!! They have previously been unable to do so due to the Frequency NET. These are our Higher Aspects and Identities. It's important to not see them as something outside of us, or beings that are coming to save us, but as part and result of our own Multidimensional merging and inner Unification that allows these levels to come online now and us to become consciously aware of our connection and inherent ONEness with them. They do not wish to be idolised!

See Beautiful AMORAEA / Pastel rainbow plasma waves, a protective Rainbow Plasma Shield, like a protective and healing shield around the planet and each one of us. Yet it looks more like a new atmospheric layer. It is powerfully assisting in the rapid re-encryption of elemental matter, removal and dissolution of any remaining density and distortions. I saw us all in beautiful Rainbow Plasma bubble shields!

Clearing of AI materials and signals especially within the blood through the inter-dimensional plasmas and blue diamond sun's. The Blue Rainbow SUNs from Andromeda are part of our Krystic families and together with the Dragon Luminaries were and remain to be VERY present for this Activation. I have been working with them a lot lately and then found this information about them in Ascension Glossary under the Uluru information, also check out the link underneath with more details and/ or search for any other terms there you may not be familiar with:

"As an example, the Blue Rainbow Suns send the AquaSAreion from their diamond heart tone and the Dragon periwinkle breath to help us direct healing tones into certain blueprints on the earth that involve the natural elemental kingdoms. Uluru is a major power point for the entire Mother Arc Gate system, it opens into another whole Global Network of dormant or inactive ancient interdimensional gateways used by the Dragon Luminaries. These are Krystic hubs connected to the Arc Technologies that were placed on the earth by the true God creators of this system, the Ancient Builder Races.."

The Krystic Dragon Luminaries very prominent in the field, like a celebration of full Reclamation of Uluru, Amenti StarGate System and inter-dimensional Gateways, portals and hubs. This is also assisting us in correcting earth's gravitational field from the lunar operations, and Gravitron, which changed the axis tilt of the inner staff of planet earth. These "Metatronic Reversals were manifested into spirals that harnessed the gravitron to create unnatural artificial gravitational fields on this planet. The Gravitron was an electromagnetic harness field that was part of a larger electromagnetic harnessing structure called the NET. These are Black Hole technologies that were orchestrated on purpose, through which this planet had been imprisoned by these fallen forces of NAA."

Beautiful Divine Union energies as the Polarities harmonize, unify, and Tri-wave Plasma infusions amplify which is also bringing a beautiful healing of the gender divide, sexual misery programming, misogyny and war of the sexes.

This also ties in with the Elemental Clearing and transmutational work that is unfolding as a result of the re-encryptions of the elemental matter and within our and the planetary body, also assisting us to turn our our carbon atoms crystalline!

Deepening of the Zero Point Field on behalf of the Collective, running Tri-wave current which corrects the bi-wave / bipolar patterns throughout our bodies and the Planetary Grids. The Tri-wave is the current of the New Earth Grid System, anchoring the Zero Point Field, all supported by Mother Arc and Blue Ray infusions.

As all the imbalances are harmonized and balanced, any remaining density, blocks, seals, membranes, miasma, karmic residue, reversals, lower codings, parasites etc are being cleared. This may be uncomfortable to the body, please assist the purification as guided to by your Higher Self.

Mother Arc and the Activations of the Crystal Core is helping heal all of her Creations back to 'perfection' by transforming and transmuting the lower energies through her. These powerful "'crystalline and non-polarized currents are running throughout the planetary grid network. This activates the Sun Discs and Sun-Star crystals that also interconnect with the underground crystal caverns that hold information about the hidden timeline histories of Earth, Tara and Gaia." This is helping us unlock our DNA and True History held within our and the Earth's Crystalline Network which will arise mainly from within our own memory banks.

Three Fold Founder Flame Activation throughout the planet, as this flame expands from the heart centre, it becomes pure white, purifying ALL lower density and artificial Realities, their cause and effect!

Huge Activation of Solar Plexus Ra Centre. "In the individual lightbody, the entire solar plexus area reconfigures the mental body layers into a Golden Solar Gate energy vortices, which is called the RA Center" I see this as a golden disk and vortex centre, also pulsating and rotating as it activates and powers up. Our power very much was linked with the locked in energies of Uluru, which now activates! I hope you can feel this!! We will see a lot of passion, (will) power and life force energy returning to us and Humanity that previously got syphoned and sucked up by negative entities, leaving us drained and in a low Frequency Vibration.

Crystal Core & Heart Activations - perceived as a pulsing throughout the Grids, Heart and Human Heart Grid.

Removal and dissolving of negative alien technology, machinery, psychotronic weapons, scalar weapons, mind control machinery, scripts and frequencies, scatter technology, frequency weapons etc. Collapsing of old NAA Architecture as Humanity is being disconnected from the AI hive mind and artificial telepathic NET.

There is more but that's all I remember right now.

The next Activation is on the 12th @ 12pm UTC and the last of this Trinity, where we help hold the Zero Point Field on behalf of the Collective as we navigate through this massive shift, will be on the 21st @3:30pm UTC. This will be a big crescendo of pretty much all we've been working on this far! I truly see the 21st as the ultimate and full disconnection from the old false Matrix hologram and a HUGE opening into full Multidimensional living. I will post the event details on my page over the next two days so please keep an eye open for this if you're interested in participating.

Still, I want to make clear that it remains, that ultimately this is all TIMELESS, all happening in NO-TIME. Everything is all-ways all happening and potentially accessible NOW. That's all there ever truly is. In order to transcend the old Realities and clear all of these negative entities and false Realities, that have only a limited amount of linear time to exist, we have to transcend time, space and gravity, as they are 3/4D constructs. Time merely becomes a Coordinate and all ONE ETERNAL NOW moment. Ultimately we have to JUMP TIMELINES. To merge and access the One True Organic Ascension Timeline/ Reality via our Frequency Alignment. You can make this as complicated as you wish to, but this is what it keeps boiling down to.

I know there's been a lot of interference playing out for many as can be expected so close to the full collapse of these old artificial Realities, and as the old beast is fighting for pure survival before it's ultimate demise. Hang in there just a little longer and keep knowing it for what it is. If you can laugh at the interference and their old and boring, predictable tricks, even better! Make fun of their desperate attempts! Humour is our sacred medicine and shield. We can only truly start living again and being InJOY, which truly IS THE best revenge and KEY TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN ON EARTH, when we can see the comedy of it all. Yes sure we can dramatise and demonize all we want, but ultimately this is all a dream that we are dreaming as ONE.



And OUR SACREDNESS KRYSTAL HEART IS THE KEY, as we have to lose our minds in order to truly open up our Hearts! The most important thing to grasp is that it's all a simulation, IT'S NOT even REAL! It's all imagination ultimately, all a dream we are supposed to wake up from and REMEMBER THE TRUTH again. Because as our memories change and our perception of this Reality, so does the screen / Realities we're looking at and our DNA is the film strip!! Too many are still focusing a lot of their sacred life force energy and attention on these fallen, false Timelines now collapsing. This is literally a waste of time and energy and it's feeding false and dead Realities. It's time to stop seeking without and keep going and listening ever deeper within.

RE-MEMBER ALL YOU NEED IS ALREADY INSIDE OF YOU, the whole universe, right there, within you. All the answers you are seeking. There is nothing else you need! So keep going deeper and deeper within, as this is where you will find all that you're looking for.

Also the Activation is still unfolding, so if guided please feel free to read the event description and tune into and help amplify this powerful field!

Eternal Love & Blessings,

Ramona 💙

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Text in quotation marks sourced from Ascension Glossary. Uluru StarGate information as well as other terms can be looked up here:

Art credit to the Beautiful Nandini Hunter Jones for her super activating Lightlanguage Codes assisting the Activation 🙏💙🌈

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