The Most Intense, Powerful & Emotionally Charged New Moon

Shared Via Alex Myers

We are currently in the energy of the most intense, powerful and emotionally charged New Moon of the year, bringing a magnificent shift and new beginnings that will significantly alter many aspects of our lives.

Not only is this New Moon a Super New Moon it is also a New Moon Eclipse, with parts of the world experiencing a total eclipse. This means we are now in magical Super Moon and Eclipse energy cycles, which both bring about a series of epiphanies and dramatic, wondrous events.

This New Moon falls in the sign of Sagittarius and we may have noticed this heightened energy has been causing us immense internal confusion. We may have been feeling a mixture of wanting to escape and be in solitude, and at the same time craving affection, intimacy and connection. We might also have been looking for validation from external sources, while at the same time knowing we are responsible and fully capable of nourishing and validating ourselves. Overall, we have been in a mixed up, muddled up energy space, with Sagittarius’ passionate and fiery energies coursing through our soul.

Fortunately this solar eclipse brings a surge of awakening energy that helps us analyze in depth, clear out old cycles and reinvent ourselves, which could bring about major life-alterations, renovations, restructuring, the ending or beginning of a relationship or a job, or spontaneously making plans to relocate.

During the eclipse it is as though the Universe takes a snap shot of our lives, and the scene it captures sets the tone for the next 6 months. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that while in this eclipse energy we hold a firm visualisation of what we want our life to look like and then remain focused and clear about the intentions we wish to set and exactly how we want them to manifest.

Something many of us may have been noticing is that we have been holding ourselves back from living the life we dream of purely because deep fears have set in, and these fears have prevented us from accepting the opportunities and blessings that have passed our way. We may have been so blinded by both rational and irrational fears that we haven’t even been aware that we have been offered numerous chances to take the reins and effortlessly create the life we have been dreaming of.

This Sagittarius New Moon is here to teach us an extremely valuable lesson, and one that we won’t be able to run or hide from. It will expand our awareness to heightened levels and prompt us to see with such extreme clarity that it forces us to reevaluate what and who we want in our lives. There is no escaping this quite volatile energy that will be pushing and pulling us in every direction until we finally awaken from the slumberous state we have been in.

Sagittarius brings in an air of authenticity, wisdom and most importantly gives us much needed insight so we can recognise and embrace endings and welcome magical new beginnings.

This eclipse wraps up an 18-month Sagittarius/Gemini eclipse cycle that started in June 2020. If we look back on the past 18 months we may become more aware of patterns of behaviours, or a certain theme that has been consistent throughout.

It is now time to make the decision to break any unhealthy beliefs, patterns or habits that have been a recurring theme and to finally learn the lessons that have persistently showed up. For many of us the Sagittarius/Gemini eclipse season has mostly highlighted how we communicate and connect on deeper levels with those around us, so we can use this rare opportunity to recognise where we have been out of alignment, and to start compassionately speaking our truth and make necessary changes.

If we are not quite ready to speak our truth then it is essential to start setting clear and precise intentions and to take steps to ensure they manifest. Many of us have been believing we were sending the right signals to the Universe, but when we take a closer look we will find that we have been taking various twists and turns, thinking one thing but believing and doing something entirely different, thus causing cosmic chaos and confusion for ourselves.

The reason for this is mostly due to outdated stories we have been telling ourselves that cause us to fear change and worry that we aren’t good enough in some way and that we don’t deserve whatever it is that we have been hoping will actualise. Sagittarius offers us a huge chunk of courage and confidence, and will help us ascertain not only what we want to manifest but also how to take direct action so that it naturally comes to fruition.

Some people believe that intentions or energy work should not be carried out during an eclipse, as it brings a wild card energy and unexpected happenings can occur, however, for that exact reason eclipses can be the ultimate time to fully set out to the Universe what it is we want for our life, in the most unfiltered, daring and courageous way. This opens up a rare space for unexpected blessings, sudden breakthroughs and incredible opportunities to come through. Although it can feel quite terrifying and daunting fully letting go and trusting the Universe with our most intimate and sacred wishes and dreams, it is for certain that the Universe and everything within it always supports us and has our highest good at the centre of all that occurs.

Eclipse energy is the time to throw out the energy of everything we no longer want, need or desire and to call in the most spectacular and divine energies so that we can revamp and recreate a life that resonates with what we know deep down we deserve.

If ever there is a sign to stand up and declare that we are ready for a fresh start it is when we are in empowering, change-seeking, unapologetic Sagittarius, particulary during a New Moon, which is always a time for new beginnings. This weekends energy is going to be shaking us from our comfort zone and cascading us directly into a new reality, one that will be rewarding, transformational, fulfilling and that will help us reach our greatest dreams, aspirations and goals.

The only thing Sagittarius asks of us is that we have the faith and optimism needed to allow this transition to occur, and that whatever challenges we face along the journey, we never give up on our heart’s innermost desires.

Sagittarius is the sign of future vision, and it is going to mentally take us on a wild and transformational adventure, where we will witness extreme abundance, realignment and rediscover our free-spirited, charismatic nature and fearless desire for life. Sagittarius has done the hard work, showing us what we are capable of achieving, it is now up to us to remove all the obstacles we have placed on our path and to accept now is the time for transformation and evolvement.

Overall, we couldn’t ask for better New Moon energy to lead us to the end of the year and to then be prepared to welcome a new, high vibrational year that is full of exciting possibilities waiting to be explored.

All we have to do is set the clearest of intentions and wait with patience, gratitude and faith while the Universe works its magic - and then to fearlessly accept the offerings.

Collective energy has been intensely charged and somewhat unpredictable and volatile recently, but thankfully this divine solar intervention will reset the frequency by burning through anything that no longer energetically serves. This is the last major cosmic call out before 2021 closes, reminding us to cut cords with whatever continuously disturbs our peace or causes emotional chaos.

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