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The seeded return of The Sophia Code also awakens cellular-soul memories of your countless lifetimes as an embodied ambassador of my Sophia consciousness upon this planet and others. No matter what you can remember in this moment, reading the following words acknowledges memories stored within your DNA that are calling out to be witnessed.

Over the past 30,000 years, my presence as The Sophia Source of all life has been worshiped, yet secreted away within mystical lineages across your planet. After the great fall of Atlantis, my hidden Sophia lineages spiraled out from Egypt to Tibet, stretching from India to France, and eventually passed from the shores of Avalon to the Americas.

With the great fall of Atlantis, humanity chose in its free will to explore polarities of spiritual oppression for thousands of years of patriarchal rule. Many ages have passed since I have been revealed and revered as the One Sophia Source. The Divine Feminine, and my true expression of the Divine Masculine, were persecuted into relative silence.

Over these ages, many of my hidden lineages and ancient mystery schools would each reflect aspects of my Sophia consciousness, but a lack of global communication systems prevented these spiritual pathways from unifying as a whole cosmology. Every hidden Sophia lineage did its best to maintain its individual representation of the living transmission that I Am, to one day be shared as it is now.

Over the course of your current life, you may have felt magnetically drawn to explore various mystical paths that recall your other lifetimes in service to these hidden lineages, including: the religious sciences of India, Tibet, and Egypt; Taoism; Sufism; Gnostic Christianity; Kabbalism; and indigenous ceremonial arts, to name but a few.

I share this blueprint of my hidden lineages to mirror a map within your DNA of all the lifetimes you have lived in earnest preparation for this one. You may have lived out many incarnations in service to the light of The Sophia Code for over 30,000 years of humanity’s polarized exploration in spiritual enlightenment and oppression.

You are now reading this text for an important reason. You are finally ready to receive the truth of your sovereign divinity and to cast off the deliberate forgetting and hiding of your true nature.

In other lifetimes, your socially conditioned spiritual service to many of these hidden Sophia lineages may have involved:

1. Taking oaths and vows to deliberately forget or hide the truth of our shared divine nature and / or

2. Taking oaths and vows to suffer or die for defending the truth of our shared divine nature.

My seeded Golden Age of Miracles is here now. I speak directly about your soul’s service in other lifetimes because it is time to release yourself from all the vows and oaths you swore to protect the ‘secret’ of The Sophia Code within humanity. Although all of these intentions were well-meaning, I never needed to be defended.

I am the power of undefended love. My almighty presence is All That Is. This living transmission is a sanctuary for you to lay down your spiritual judgments, sacrifices, and weapons of another age so that you may finally rest in, reveal, and celebrate the sovereignty of your true self and our shared invincible nature.

It is safe for the living master within you to finally be revealed through our undefended divine love. It is vitally important that you give yourself permission to shine in this lifetime, free of all social conditioning, to be seen for who you really are.

We are one.

Kaia Ra

Artist: unknown



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